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Wii U November 18th Release Date Denied

Earlier today word spread that a gaming peripheral manufacturer at a GameStop conference said that they were releasing their Wii U accessories on November 18th. Speaking to Kotaku, PDP community manager Candace Hinton said that the firm didn’t mention a specific date, and that she’s genuinely a little baffled by the rumour.

“At this time we can’t confirm Nintendo’s dates and we don’t know exactly what was heard, but we simply do not know that this point.”

“We are launching accessories, but the date for the accessories doesn’t mean a confirmation on the hardware. If you seek confirmation on the date that is something that is going to need to go specifically though Nintendo, but we can’t confirm or deny dates on any of their hardware.”

41 thoughts on “Wii U November 18th Release Date Denied”

  1. I m done with “speculation.” September 13th(or 14th?) couldnt come soon enough.

    On an related note, in love to see Minecraft implemented on the Wii U. Having your whole inventory with touch controls on the Gamepad would be awsome

    1. I’d like to see Dungeons & Dragons on the U. The U-pad is the Dungeon Master’s controller and character creation station. The other four players use other controllers to control their characters and whatnot.

    2. Ive never played Minecraft, but ive watched the Lets Play videos of it on Roosterteeth xD but i can see how the gamepad would help out. Plus, mine Minecraft in the palm of your hands? People would go crazy for it. Thats it Mojang arent still sucking off Microsoft -__-

  2. That headline is a bit too misleading for my tastes. It made it seem as if Nintendo denied the date.
    At best, it’s currently in the air as to when it will come out. But in no way is this any proof that it won’t be released on the 18th or sooner. If anything, it’s still only an unsolved rumor.

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  4. Davin (aka Platinum Lucario)

    In your dreams everyone. It’s too good to be true that release dates just because accessories are announced… would also be too good to be true. Look, Nintendo SAID that they’re releasing the Wii U NO EARLIER than Holliday 2012. Holliday Season means from Thanksgiving in November to New Years Day.

    Please get it into your head!

  5. Davin (aka Platinum Lucario)

    Also as a matter of fact… the games haven’t even been announced to be in their final release stage yet, the games WILL look different from what they were at E3.

    And guess what? I doubt Pikmin 3 will even be released at the same time as the Wii U, even though they DID say that it was. It’s too early in development, it would take them at least a whole year to finish a big big game with such high definition graphics. Oh yes it would.

  6. Ban TheUNation for being a emmo-raging 5 year old!

    LMAO. Yeah, as if they’re going to release the peripherals much before the console? I mean, a week or two MAYBE, but Nov 18th is definitely very close to the release date. This is just Nintendo putting pressure on them to backpedal.

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