GAME Lists Majora’s Mask For The Nintendo 3DS, Then Promptly Removes It

UK video games retailer GAME listed The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask for the Nintendo 3DS earlier today on its website, and then promptly took it down. While it could be a simple mistake, we do have a Nintendo Direct tomorrow which is focussed on Nintendo 3DS and Wii. Miyamoto has previously said that he’s still deciding which Zelda game – Majora’s Mask or A Link to the Past – would be a better fit for the Nintendo 3DS.

155 thoughts on “GAME Lists Majora’s Mask For The Nintendo 3DS, Then Promptly Removes It”

    1. i have hope, but im trying not too.
      ever since what square did with that countdown for TWEWY, i dont beleive anything thats not confirmed

    2. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH. witht the AMAZING 3d graphics of OOT 3d ??? YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. i just finished oot for about the 6th time. and boy , that game is one of the most beautifuly designed games ever. the way they have updated the graphics is sublime. its subtle but also really blatently better.
      its one of the best ‘looking’ games i have ever played. just pure ART.

      majoras mask 3d (with some sort of masterquest) will be a true god send.

        1. what ??? yeh the old version looks dated. the new 3ds version has been totaly graphicaly overhauled. it looks AMAZING. you need to see it on a 3ds in 3d to believe it. its stunning.
          the old n64 version does look really dated now i agree with you there. still a perfect game.
          but the 3ds on has amazing graphics and amazing 3d. nuff said . every surface and detail has been re worked .

          cough ten times better than any ps vita game cough

          1. I own the fucking game. I’ve completed the fucking game. Those graphics are by no logical means “good” by any handheld/mobile standard today.

            It’s a jaggy mess with slightly better character models and textures in a few areas. There is nothing significantly better looking about it.

            10 times better than any PS Vita game? Lol, GTFO:


                1. Hey idiot, if graphics really mattered then people would be flocking to the Ps Vita, but the thing is that it’s too expensive. Nintendo can make capable hardware that is cheap and efficient, Besides, there are hardly any games worth owning giving you a way to interact with it. Not to mention the younger crowed will be attracted to it because of Mario. But it also brings in a variety of games, something the Vita lacks. No matter how power power it has, a console will take a while to start selling if it’s expensive and lacks games…. Look at the PS3 it’s started to pick up recently.

                    1. Your argument summed up:

                      ‘Your game doesn’t have as many polygons and lighting effects as my PS Vita game? LOL ENJOY YOUR SHITFEST OF A TRAINWRECK JAGGY MESS NINTENYEAROLD HURR”

                      Remember that time OoT came out in the 90s and players and critics flocked to it despite the myriad of far better looking PS1 games?

                      Yeah. It means fuck you and your graphics hard-on, and open up that narrow-minded shitbag of a head of yours and accept that video games is not, never has been, and never will be about the size of the processor you can jam into a console.

              1. There is no significant difference there to make the game look better. It is still an ugly mess by today’s standards. No amount of sarcasm is changing that.

            1. Bitch be happy with what you got, other bitchs aint this shit. And trolling is so mainstream now ;) Newbies joining and yelling ”OMG GSBNYIDDUBSAU SHIT” ruined it.

        2. When OoT first came for N64 everyone shit their pants at those graphics. I know i did, and i know quite a few others that did too.

            1. How old are you? You really need to learn the virtue of accepting other people’s opinions. Lol, coming here and trying to impose your views and insist you know it all, then trying to act tough on the internet. Amusing.

            2. Show me a game from the 90’s that, in your eyes, has stood the “visual test of time”. What does that even mean? How can a game’s visuals from the 90’s compare to visuals today? Why does that even matter?

        1. Didn’t do amazing??? It got a 10/10, which only like 2-4 games have ever gotten (on ign) its sales didnt do bad either.

    1. First to get fucked in a gang banged with no ky jelly. Take that! take that! We’ll call it majora’s gang bang in 3D. Coming soon!

    1. The thumping noise is merley the pressure variation as a blade passes. This is the same in a small airplane where a large part of the noise in the cockpit is from the prop blades passing the windshield. It is common nowadays to have active noise canceling in your headphones which generates anti phase pressure variations to reduce this noise greatly.So there we were just turning on to crosswind at 500 feet after takeoff with the active noise canceling off when my wife reached up and turned the ANC on. I was looking to the inside of the left turn and didn’t see this. She was impressed by my immediate push to lower the nose thinking we’d had an engine failure. She tells me now before she turns it on.Also around 20 years ago we built some equipment for a RAAF test project which involved flying the aircraft at about 100 feet AGL over a sensitive altimeter on the ground. The pressure increase from the aircraft (Pilatus PC9)passing overhead was equivalent to 1-2 feet of altitude quite repeatably.

    1. I also prefer ALttP, but I think MM needs a remake more. Its graphics are just ugly today… :/ ALttP could be ported directly to Virtual Console and still look great to play.

    2. I partially agree with you, but I think Majoras Mask is more deserving of a remake on the 3DS than A Link to the Past. The first reason why is because A Link to the Past already had a remake/port to the Gameboy Advance, which was awesome, and it had Four Swords to boot. Unlike many other Zelda games, however, Majoras Mask has yet to be brought to a portable, and it rightfully deserves to be.

      Majoras Mask was a very unique Zelda game that abandoned the traditional concept that we are familiar with. Gone were the days of Ganon being revived and the princess being captured, Zelda, for a time, took on a entirely new look, and it worked wonders. But one thing that people forget about Majoras Mask is that it understands how to be truly scary. I’m not saying it was the scariest game ever, but you can’t play it without getting shivers down your spine at certain points. As a guy named JonTron once said, stuff popping out at you is a borefest of snores, subtlety is where it’s at. It was a very unsettling game, but it really did a beautiful transition from tradition to something completely new, and at times I think Majoras Mask gets a bit too little credit than it deserves.

      I think it deserves at least one remake, and the 3DS is perfect for it. A Link to the Past had its time, and I think its MM’s turn. Plus if I wanted to see a game related to A Link to the Past, I wouldn’t want to see a 2nd remake, I’d rather see a sequal to it.

    3. I say give Majora’s Mask a similar remake to Ocarina of Time and make Link to the Past a 3D Classic on the eShop, but that’s just my opinion.

    1. I’m sure they are still working on a new Zelda anyways, even if they are making a remake of MM. Remember, The OOT 3D remake was created by a different company, seperate from Nintendo. I’m sure Nintendo could get them to work on the MM remake, while Nintendo still works on an original Zelda, and besides, you know an original Zelda is on the way. Every Nintendo handheld has about 2 original Zelda titles.

    2. Eh, I’m not a big fan of the Ds Zeldas. I think MM would look even better and it would be easier to change masks and keep up with the days.

  1. I kinda hope this does wind up happening. After playing through Ocarina of Time 3D Majora’s Mask seems like the most logical choice as a follow up. Even though an original game would be nice I feel like MM could sell more games and potentially systems if they do bundle deals like with Ocarina.

  2. I like when Zelda have a DARK feeling like Majora’s Mask, ALTP, and Twilight Princess! It will be a pleasure to replay it in 3D!

    1. Dude!! Ok!….at least it’s not as bad as that guy trying to push those dumb Internet surveys that make you sad little cheques

  3. I’m not asking for a majoras mask remake but If they would remake I would like it to be on the Wii U cause it can be kind of a sneak peak on what features might be in Zelda Wii U and really show of the gamepad and if they like it people will be more exited.

    1. It’s best suited to a handheld with the whole three day story. Nipping in and out on the 3DS makes more sense. The only Zelda remake the Wii U should get is a HD Wind Waker – with the missing temples put back in! Hell, doesn’t even have to be HD as it still looks beautiful today. Still the best graphics in a game in my opinion.

  4. I hope it’s just a mistake… because we already got a Zelda remake on the 3DS, so they should make a new one, not another remake. If they’re remaking Majora’s Mask, it should be for the Wii U.

    1. People want it so Nintendo will make it happen. We all know it will happen as Miyamoto and Iwata have both said it will (eventually). And who cares if we’ve already had a remake of OOT? A lot of young gamers are ridiculously uptight about playing old games because the graphics are “poor” by today’s standards, so making remakes is a good way for them to discover classics. It’s happened for years (Super Mario All-Stars, Resident Evil REmake) and will become even more common I think.

    1. yeh its awesome. i was too young to play it in n64 days. about 11. but i got it on gamecube ‘LOZ collectors edition’ . and its hands down one of the most amazing games i have played. in some ways its better than ocarina. in some ways its frustrating and annoying but ultimately rewarding.

      1. 11 was to young? My parents didn’t get the memo I was 8-9 when I played it to death. 5-6 when I played ocarina of time. Good times man

        1. i didnt have a guide , and i found it too dificult and frustrating due to the time shifting mechanics. so i got it on gamecube when i was 14-15 and it made a LOT more sense. it went from being difficult and frustrating , to joyous and mesmorising. its one of the best games ever no doubt.

          every time i hear the song of healing it sends huge shivers through me. toooooo nostalgic for me now :). 11/10 .

  5. They’ve already said that they want to do an original Zelda before doing a remake of Majora, so I’m taking this with a grain of salt and chalking it up to a simple mistake.
    That way, if it happens to be true, I can promptly fan-gasm all over the place with an added dose of uninhibited, surprised delight.

      1. But they’ve said that they want an original Zelda first and foremost.
        They didn’t say anything about an outside party making one, be it remake or original, before they have made one just for the 3DS…..
        Y’know what? It would be a huge kick if they announced the first teaser info of an original 3DS Zelda tomorrow.

        1. Just because Nintendo said something, doesn’t mean it can’t change. Nintendo announced the SNES CD, but that never came. Things can change, and I really don’t see harm in having Gezzo making MM. That would leave Nintendo available to work on an original Zelda game.

            1. No, it isn’t, this is the kind of thing they’d keep hush hush for a while until it was less than a year away from release. OoT 3D was only announced so early to inspire hope and sales in the 3DS, MM won’t have that responsibility…

  6. I hope this is true, seeing that Majora’s Mask is one of my favourite games of all time. What I think Nintendo should do is get Grezzo to remake Majoa’s mask using the OoT3D engine (remaking MM in a very similar way it was originally made); and for Nintendo themselves to make a top down LttP-like game, but as a continuation after OoT to the “Hero fails” timeline which no one really understands.

    But who knows, guess I’ll just have to watch the Nintendo Direct tomorrow :)

    1. After playing the top down level in Mario 3D Land (the one with the Zelda chime in it), a too down Zelda would look amazing on 3DS


        1. GAME isn’t bad overall. They usually have the latest games. Yet it can be hard to find some of the more discreet gems there like Naruto CONR for e.g – and their prices are kinda high compared to Gamestation.
          Well, at least their customer service is good, unlike one other I’m thinking of *cough* *cough*, CeX *cough*

  8. I’d say do a link to the past. Reason 1: majora’s mask is already in 3D, while a link to the past is top down 2D. 2: who wouldn’t want to see the dark world in 3D?
    In all, the game would be about 50% brand new because of its change to 3D

        1. Yeah it does… HD just means sharper visuals, tighter polygons, better colours. It can still have that beautiful cartoony look and feel. Look at Okami HD, for instance.


    1. Gezzo makes MM remake, Nintendo makes original game. It’s that easy. Nintendo doesn’t have to be the one to remake it. Gezzo did a beautiful job with the OOT 3D remake, they can do it again. I don’t see the harm in doing both at the same time.

      Plus one thing to keep in mind is the majority of Zelda fans want a MM remake before an original game. IGN held a poll, if you recall, asking viewers to vote for what type of Zelda they’d want to see on the 3DS first. It was between four choices. Remake of MM, remake of ALTTP, sequal to ALTTP, and an original game. about 50% of all the votes were in favor of a MM remake. The other 50% was divided between the remaining three choices. Plus the Operation Moonfall movement is taken into account as well. It’s pretty clear that fans want a MM remake. Why not make fans happy and do it? With all the support the idea is getting, it would obviously sell boat loads.

        1. The point is that Nintendo can say to another dev, “Hey, remake this for us? Thanks, here’s the original, go for your life.” And then put their own resources into a different game, and have a small team to oversee the remake. What, do you think OoT 3D and SS were being developed by the same company at the same time? No, that’s how they could be released so close together.

      1. Like every Sony product post-PS2 has?

        Enabling compatibility with the games I have downloaded is now suddenly something to dislike since I can now transfer them over to that device?

        Are you stupid? I’m going to guess yes.

    2. Uh. What? When has this been done before? And how do you define “before”? The last Zelda game released was Skyward Sword, that was original, before that OoT 3D, remake, before that Spirit Tracks, original… was OoT a remake before an original because it came before SS or was it not because it came after ST? Help me out here.

  10. Oh wow I really hope this is true, I do hope for a new original Zelda for 3DS too, but a Majora’s Mask remake would be amazing too! I want both! I think they should announce MM remake soon, but focus on the new Zelda first if that makes sense, like maybe say they WILL do a MM remake, but not for at least 1 or 2 years, that’d be good enough for me!

  11. Even though Nintendo said there was going to be an original Zelda before a MM remake maybe they changed there mind as it is easier to make and they can release it around the holiday season this year as they don’t have many great games for 3DS coming out this year at around that time apart from Paper Mario & Prof. Layton and it will bring in a lot of money.

  12. The current generation of gamers are too stupid to appreciate ALTTP. Anything that has to do with that game would not do well with anybody but hardcore Zelda fans. MM would be better just for the reason that OoT is already on 3DS.

  13. I kind of want it to be ALTTP just because I’ve never played it, and the original is my favourite and they seem relatively similar.

  14. We fear any large comment one makes upon a game that demonises and villainises the moon could be taken greatly out of context and entirely misconstrued, so we shall simply say this:

    ” One has hope that the correct decision is made, and that gamers are made happy! “

  15. YES this is wonderful news if it’s true! Majora’s Mask is my favorite, I would LOVE a portable version with improved graphics!! I will wait with my breath held for the Nintendo direct. I hope I’m not let down!

  16. I’d love a Majora’s mask 3d but I’d rather see an original title to the 3ds library and save majora’s mask fir Wii U. But if they make a 3ds zelda I hope the graphics are similar but better than the completed image in the puzzleswap Streetpass games. Could you imagine that? It sounds heavenly. But actually there is one thing I’d want even more than that…Mother HD collection 3ds. The songs that have copyright issues could just be removed or adapted. Just do this Nintendo and you will swim in all of our money. I’ve never played mother, but I really want to.

    1. They won’t do that because they have no intentions of altering something they consider ‘perfect’ as-is…japanese game developers hate to alter previous works, and see it almost as a matter of pride over profits, which is actually of utmost importance to them.

      Long story short, this is something that just won’t happen considering the traditional Japanese culture and lifestyles that apply in both lifestyles and business practices. THAT is seen as something even bigger to concern themselves with than anything the consumer asks for.

  17. I’m not going to listen to rumours from a company that just went out of business. I’ll wait for a more reliable source.
    And personally, I’d rather see Majora’s Mask on WiiU.

  18. A 3DS remake of MM, would be cool I think. But I’ve already completed it on GC :P A whole new Zelda for 3DS I think would be more exciting

  19. I’ve reached out to the chaps at GAME and they’ve said that, while the listing was indeed placed on their site, it was designed to foreshadow a game that is likely to be announced at any point in the future. Another example they gave of this was their listing for Pilotwings Wii. Following changes to their online structure, such listings have been removed and preorder deposits have been returned.

  20. A Majora’s Mask sequel for Wii U where you can change into a Zora, a Rito and Wolf Link would be insane! I’d buy that over a remake…

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