Miyamoto Bringing Link To The Past Or Majora’s Mask To Nintendo 3DS

During a recent interview, Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed that Nintendo is preparing the next Legend of Zelda title for the Nintendo 3DS. Fans of the franchise will have to wait “just a little while longer” for any specific details regarding the game. Nintendo is still deciding which Zelda game – Majora’s Mask or A Link to the Past – would be a better fit for 3DS users.

Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has shown interest in developing a remake for The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, while Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed that he would like to make a new Zelda game “based on, or starting from” SNES classic A Link to the Past. Which Zelda game would you want most on the 3DS: a remake of A Link to the Past, a sequel to A Link to the Past, or a remake of Nintendo 64′s Majora’s Mask?

“We haven’t quite decided yet, whether we’re going to do A Link to the Past, because there’s also the possibility of doing a remake of Majora’s Mask. This is something we’ve certainly been talking about and doing a little bit of experimenting with, to figure out which way we’re going to go.”

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  1. I am all for Link to the Past since that was my first Zelda game, and one of the first games i ever played. :D

      1. A LINK TO THE PAST!!!!
        Here’s why:
        1. MM is already a 3D game, having better graphics won’t change the experience all that much, whereas aLttP in 3D would be amazing.
        2. aLttP will be a new experience for more people, being older
        3. aLttP set the standard by which all Zelda games are measured, all Zelda games since have followed it’s item and dungeon progression formula. It deserves a complete make over

          1. Good question.
            If it was just overhead still (maybe like Pokemon BW), probably not worth it. But if it’s a complete overhaul then definitely. It would be a big job, but no bigger than making a new game.

            1. I love overhead play, the problem is they may have exhausted all the ideas with the combination of la, mc, and the oracle series. I know four swords was a new overhead concept, I don’t want that. They may be forced to a 3d world compared to stereoscopic overhead

          2. Thats a good question.
            Are they going to make the graphics like ocarina of time with a 3D overworld or are they just going to make the pixels and spirits pop out.
            I would preferr a ajoras Mask because, even though it wasn’t my first, I love how hard and how wierd and dark the game is. <3 skull kid :3

            1. The 3d nature of MM would translate well to the 3ds. I would prefer wait to see a spectacular remake of LTTP on the new Wii U.

        1. Miyamoto said “based on or starting from”, I don’t think he’s talking about a remake when he said A Link to the Past, remake for Majora’s Mask, yeah that’s a remake, but if it’s a new Zelda game based on or starting from the A Link to the Past timeline, then bring on the new. I would much prefer a new Zelda game than a remake. I already played MM recently and completed it again. I’m not up for another go.

    1. First game I ever owned at 6 years old. Started my love affair with Nintendo. I would love to revisit the game that started it all for me those many years ago

      1. A link to the Past for the true Zelda fans!

        3DS already has the Ocarina of Time..given time the Majora’s mask will appear too, this could be the last chance for a Link to the Past and in 3D people, a classic SNES game in 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Link to the past is like the fallout of the Zelda series, I would love it on 3ds but I would also love it more for WiiU to be made in a full blown game that has the size of fallout in both worlds.

      I would also love a full 3d remake of Secret of Mana

      1. LTTP would be to short, lots of peolpe, (myself included) can easily 100% the full game in less than 4 hours… I would get it though

  2. Personally I’d rather have a Link To The Past sequel. But I wouldn’t lose any sleep or tears if they made a remake of Majoras Mask either lol

      1. Really bro? Chill out. The guy just says he wouldn’t mind a new title (which probaby would come anytime soon anyway) and you snap thinking you need to defend those two Zelda games? It is pretty much confirmed that one of them will be remade so what is the point of attacking someone’s opinion with your own? No need to be an ass.

        1. And i’m right with him. I want a new Zelda game to but when they decide what game they want to remake they are probably give it ti Grezzo, And Nintendo will work on the new Zelda Chill.

      2. Why dont u shut the fuck up instead?i always wanted a link to the past remake or sequel instead of majora mask remake sorry i was with operation moonfall but not anymore also there would be a few changes like oot3d ik that we got ss but why not majora mask on Wii U or work with 2 titles i mean Alttp Remake Or Sequel And A Majora Mask Remake?look at the NSMB Teams NSMB2 And NSMBU Look at creator of ac Ac3d And Nintendoland Look at Super Smash Bros Team making both on 3ds AND Wii U AND Dont Forget 3ds And Wii U Version can connect together that more than making a remake or sequel or a remake but just one so why not both?

    1. I’ll go with Majora also. My first Zelda was Ocarina of Time on Virtual Console, this was my second :) I haven’t played A Link to the Past yet and I would like to see it made into a 3D Classic.

        1. It would be easier and cheaper for a majoras mask remake. since mm is after ocarina of time (and is also very similar) it might appeal to more people. Also, mm is so complex that it would be easy to combine with the 3ds fratures, like the home menu internet browser.

  3. Nearly every Zelda game since ALttP has been based on ALttP. An entirely new game built from scratch would be nice.

  4. I’m a huge LttP fan, but I’d rather see a game based around Majora’s Mask. Though with the given three choices, I’ll have to say sequel to LttP since the other two are just remakes.

  5. a link to the past sequel, majoras mask 3ds will be equal to majora mask of n64, and i prefer a new game

  6. I would love to see a majora remake as long as it has a master quest on it maybe a few new things here or there. Ex boss battle mode

    1. I think boss battle mode would be kind of redundant in Majora’s Mask due to the fact that you can re-fight bosses any time you want already thanks to the time traveling mechanic.

  7. Remake or sequel of A Link to the Past, in full polygonal 3-D a la Ocarina of Time, with Circle Pad Pro support so we can finally move the camera with our right thumbs, like every other game of the last 10 years!

    1. I liked the way the 3DS camera worked in Ocarina of TIme, so I don’t think the circle pad pro will be necessary

  8. A Link to the Past, a sequel… or Link’s Awakening remake! :P I know, that won’t ever happen, but i can dream, can i…?

    1. hey your not the only one. Links Awakening is my all time cup of tea. But a Link to The Past Sequel sounds more legit

    2. Shocking how good links awakening actually was. The game boy had weak power, but it was hands down a masterpiece. Why? It mimicked alttp!

      1. That’s my mom’s favorite game. Yep, she is a Zelda fan too. She is always playing Link’s Awakening, NEVER getting tired of it.

        If a remake for that game happened, she would be amazed haha.

        Now I’ll be in deep love if we get an ALttP remake or sequel. It was the first Zelda game I ever played, which started all my love for the franchise. I’ll be more than happy to buy a 3DS just for these games.

        Oh, I would love Majora’s Mask remake too. Deep game, with an eerie, yet inviting atmosphere. You get curious about the story, shocked about things that happened and you find yourself in the position to explore more and more the places. Definitely worth a remake.

        Go Nintendo. <3

  9. Well, Majora’s Mask seems to be the most efficient choice, since they already have the remodeled characters from Ocarina 3D.

  10. I think a new zelda remake of alttp in a 3d environment like the more recent zeldas with toon link would rock. I think we all know That gamecube-like graphics would work so well on the 3ds, and the simplicity of the artstyle would just make a timeless, and gorgeous game. Then we can start talking about MM 3d. Personally I want both.

  11. Can I get a Majoras Mask and a Skyward Sword HD remake that takes advantage of the Upad. I know Skyward just came out but a lot of people still need to play it

  12. They did such a fantastic job on OoT that it only make sense to remake Majora’s Mask. I’ve wanted it since I first started OoT 3D.

  13. I’m not the biggest fan of the 2d zelda games, I like them don’t get me wrong but I don’t get that exited over them like I do with a new 3d zelda.

  14. Sequel or remake of LTTP in full polygonal 3D, a la OOT. Plus they should include optional Circle Pad Pro support so we can finally move the friggin camera with our right thumbs the way god intended.

  15. I’m pretty sure I remember hearing in an interview where they said they wanted to have a new game between each remake, so I guess the new LttP style game, followed up by majora’s mask 3D

  16. Majora’s Mask is the WORST cannon Zelda game ever. A Link To The Past is the BEST. You can see where I’m going here.

    1. Please watch what you say there, guy. I just so happen to think those two are my most favorite titles with MM bein my all-time favorite. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions but….it like me sayin OoT was the worst (and I’m no OoT Fan either)

    1. Yeah I never got to play it either so I really want to play it especially since I’ve played Oot on the 3DS I really cant wait for the other to come out in 3D. But as long as I can get 3D MM I don’t care which is first.

    1. I agree, both would be a smarter idea. They remade Ocarina of time for the 3DS and then put out Skyward Sword shortly after for the Wii, Why not remake Majora’s Mask for the 3DS and then make a completely new A Link to the Past with new 3 dimensional gameplay? on Wii U?

  17. Combine elements from both. Have the large amounts of side-quests and different gameplay styles from majoras mask with the alttp overhead style.

  18. “If you’re gonna compare a Hanzo sword, you compare it to every other sword ever made… that wasn’t made by Hattori Hanzo.”

  19. I personally want a whole new Zelda game. Yeah OoT was a great remake but you would think they would want to make a whole new game for the new system. I love phantom hourglass because the use of the stylus and wish there were more games like that =\

  20. Why not all three options? Honestly I’d like a new portable Zelda first, then Majora’s Mask. Nintendo could release ALTTP through the eShop alongside the new 3DS Zelda.

    1. Remake the original A Link to the Past in 3 dimensions for the Wii u. and do Majora’s Mask for 3ds. This worked before it wont fail this time.

  21. i say let grezzo do majora then miyamoto can work on LttP. I hope the LttP is remade in 3D and i dont mean stereoscopic 3D

  22. I would like a sequel of ALTTP in Wii U and a remake of MM in 3ds, and then I will like two parallel games of zelda for 3ds, like pokemon games and the oracles

    1. you my friend are so right i would love to see nintendo make 2 zelda games at the same time one for WiiU of course and MM remake for the 3DS all im saying is can we have both not just one also i have that poster of zelda 25 years thanks nintendo club :)

    1. I dont understand why Minish Cap got no love. They had some of the best boss battles IMO. Anyone remember the Sky Manta Ray Battle?

      1. Oh yeah. The Minish Cap is seriously my favorite Zelda game. I love the story line and the bosses are very original and the dungeons are very interesting.

  23. Yea a link to the past was my first Zelda game when I was 6 or 7 years old after coming to america. I got it with my game boy advance at launch, I was sooooooo happy.

    Lol funny thing is I used to hate that game and was scared of it, but then I suddenly played it again and got so excited when I got past the part in the beginning with the forest, too nice.

    So I’d prefer a sequel or a new majora’s mask style game, not a remake but if they HAVE to do it then why not right?

  24. I’d say, A Link to the Past. Majora’s Mask nothing more than Ocarina of Time with a time limit & wearing masks that transforms you into another character. MM’s also kind of annoying & awkward compared to OoT.

      1. You forgot the part about the incredible back-story, amazing music, and detailed characters. Ocarina of Time didn’t have any of that, besides the music of course.

  25. If it were a Majora’s Mask Sequel/Prequel or a ALTTP spiritual successor, I would be torn. As much as I love MM (it’s my favorite zelda), they can always do a remake later. It’s not wise to release remake after remake.

  26. Neither, give us a new freaking Zelda game that shows off what the 3DS can do. No more N64 or SNES remake nonsense.

    1. Alltp 3D classics, an shop sequel, a MM remake, and a new zelda all need to happen by the end of the 3DS life cycle.

  27. I came. A thousand times. ALttP is Zelda perfection; it did everything right, balanced scaling difficulty, items and exploring and had a killer story. Every other Zelda game since then has been a copy-pasta in some form or another of ALttP. Pay homage to the series origins, Nintendo! For love of all that is good DO IT!

  28. Even if I’d prefer a new Zelda, if the choice for a remake is Majora’s Mask or ALTTP, I’d pick MM

  29. Both please! It’s so hard to choose. Two classic legendary installments from the greatest franchise in video game history. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. I may be wrong on this since it seems incredibly subtle, but I think this guy might be a Majora’s Mask fan :p

  30. This is a hard decision… but in the end I gotta go with Majora’s Mask. I reeeaaallly want them to do a remake of that game. It was brilliant. It would be such an awesome experience, playing it on the 3DS.

  31. Both :D make a sequel to A Link to the Past first, and then remake Majora’s Mask, and I’m talking on both 3DS and Wii U, oh gawd that Moon in HD, it just sends shivers down my spine just trying to visualize that Moon in HD

  32. Majora’s Mask Hands Down! I Really Disliked A Link To The Past And There Are So Many Parts Of MM That Would Be Amazing In 3D!

  33. Ha ha, we are all mega Nintendo fans! The concensus is both, and while you are at it a new metriod, starfox and smash bros!

    1. Yes. A new Metroid is something I really want. If they make it like Prime, I only how they do something different with the control. Maybe make use of the gyro sensors? Though, a platformer would be bad either. And yes to Star Fox. With online.

  34. Honestly, I want something new. Something fresh. I know I want a boat to be involved. That was my favorite part of The Wind Waker. So something like the Wii games style wise but with a dash Ocarina of Time and a pinch of The Wink Waker would be nice. I guess that’s not fresh? But you get the idea. A new story with a boat.

    I also want a Majora’s Mask remake. I have it on my Wii but I haven’t played it yet. It’s like when I knew Ocarina of Time 3DS was coming, I refused to replay it. I waited and it was worth it. I want to get the full re-experience.

    1. Thinking about it, why not make OoT and MM a trilogy? It’d be a new game. And the other would be available on the 3DS already.

  35. I found LttP a bit dull. I liked Minish Cap better.

    Majora’s Mask is one of my favorites, so my vote goes there.

    1. I wouldn’t be against this at some point. I think it’d look amazing in 3D. But after Majora’s Mask and a new game.

  36. I think link to the past should be done in hd on the wii u and majors mask on the 3ds it just makes since to do them that way

    1. Darkest is up in the air IMO. ALttP is pretty dark in it’s own rights, with the intro to the game startin dark all the way to the dark world, it was immensely dark for it’s time

  37. Enough like these faggots say no more console ports SHIT FUCKING CHIRST its a portable not A console even if ninty games r casual garbage but still live console games for console like these hypocrites say lol

  38. Is this even a question? Majora’s Mask, of course! They remade Ocarina of Time, they can’t remake one without the other. Majora’s Mask is my first and favorite Zelda game, and it deserves the 3D treatment.

    Personally, I think A Link to the Past is overrated, though not as much as Ocarina of Time.

  39. I have an idea: make Ocarina of Time 3D and Majora’s Mask 3D part of a trilogy! They could then make a sequel to Majora’s Mask for the 3DS, and we’d be able to play the OoT/MM Link one more time.

  40. I thought Nintendo said they don’t want to do too much remakes… I would like to have a completely new Zelda for 3DS, please.

    1. you’re right they first want to make a new zelda 3ds game and after that a remake.(so i think the next 3ds zelda game is going to be a new one) They are already making a wii u zelda game and it’s going to be the most expensive game ever.

  41. I pick Majora”a Mask. For me it has more interestning mechanics. Just include a Hero Mode…please? The only thing I don’t like about Zelda games is how easy the enemies are. I feel like Skyward Sword tried to address the problem for real, and that made it my favorite Zelda game. Not to mention its awesome puzzle solving. So, yeah…Majora’s with Hero mode?

  42. Nintendo is fucking stupid
    the obvious answer is umm… BOTH
    one now, one later
    they’ll need to remake MM at some point simple because they remade OoT
    aLttP is gonna take years to remake, IF they do it right, so they should start working on both but release MM first cause it’ll take less time, all they have to do is make it 3D

  43. Majora’s Mask. I’ve never played A Link to the Past, but I’ve played Majora’s Mask, and it was a really good well made game. I think that would look good in 3D =)

  44. Seeing as they’ve already made Ocarina of Time for the 3DS, making Majoras mask would be incredibly simple. They already have most of what they need in the files of OoT3D.
    So basically, If they already consider making LTTP, I don’t see why they can’t do both :3

  45. Majora’s Mask! Not only is it more modern and a better game, but it’s the only logical choice. Sorry but I don’t want them to ruin A Link to the Past by making it in 3D, and that would be stupid since they might as well make a new game because they would have to start from scratch. At least with Majora’s Mask the puzzles are already made for 3D and they can use the graphics and engine of Ocarina of Time 3D. If they put A Link to the Past on the 3DS it should be as a 3D classic, not a 3D remake.

  46. Why did they have to get our hopes up by announcing these two at the same time? If one of them is chosen then some people will feel like they waited for the other one for nothing! It’s sorta like how they announced Super Smash Bros. 4 too early!

    And now my opinion. Majora’s Mask 3D, baby. You can’t lose to that petition signed by buttloads of people who want Majora’s Mask 3D. I never really played the original either, and the concept of the masks interests me. I’ve played Oot for the first time on my 3DS, and now I’m ready for another remake.

    *patiently waits for a bunch of noobs to criticize me*

  47. tough choice, i remember hearing that MM originally was planned to be longer, i think it was something like 6 days with 7 temples or maybe other way round, (i dont know how acurate this is though so dont quote me on it) which sounds pretty interesting in my opinion, i really enjoyed MM as it is now but felt maybe it was a little short, only really 1 main quest instead of the usual 2 parts if u know what i mean. Coulda had some more side quests n stuff which wouldve been longer n somehow, better than the ones in MM which are already some of the best side quests we have come across. Wouldnt mind seeing this as a remake of MM, ALttP i never played, watchd a LP on youtube n it was really good i thought and the new game i definatley would be interested in, never can say No to a new Zelda game :)

  48. Link to the past, because I never played it and never will unless there is a remake. Ive already done Majora’s Mask.

  49. Majora’s Mask 3D? YES PLEASE.
    a) It makes more sense to have the direct sequel to Ocarina of Time be on the same system
    b) the game is virtually remade because of how much it uses from Ocarina of Time
    c) Majora’s Mask has never bee on a handheld system before
    I’d rather have ALTTP as a 3D classic than a remake, and if that’s all they do to it they can easily give us both. I’m iffy about this “new game based on ALTTP” because really, all of the games since have been, with possibly the exception of Majora’s Mask.

    1. So if they make a new game, can’t it be based on something NEW instead of just being another ALTTP rehash? I get it that Miyamoto loves that game but come on.

    2. I agree with you, because there is a younger audience that has played OOT3D, and some of the people in the audience haven’t even heard of MM, and it works the same way with the originals because if there was no MM, then OOT would have ended on a cliffhanger

  50. A link to the past is one of the best titles of the zelda games, WE WANT NEW GAMES, the better way is make a sequel to a link to the past, I have played a lot of times Majora’s Mask. It’s time for nintendo to do something new, A LOT OF ZELDA FANS DON’T WANT REMAKES, we want new weapons, new dungeons and a new HISTORY.

  51. I do like a Link to the past…However…
    I’ve been waiting forever for Majoras Mask 3D to exist, please bring it to us! <3

  52. Really? This should be a no brainer. Nintendo already re-released A Link to the Past on GBA. Why do it again in 3D? Ocarina of Time 3D was amazing. It took advantage of the capability of the 3DS in both the gameplay department, as well as the beautiful 3D. Personally, I think a re-amped version of MM would be so much cooler than another Link to the Past.

  53. I want something new to be honest. I know you will probably bash me for this, but I think Nintendo’s kind of half-assing their work by porting a lot of stuff recently. I want something totally new. Don’t get me wrong, these would be great and I’d get them, and if anything, I’d MUCH prefer an A Link to the Past sequel, and, just in my opinion, I’d love it if they gave it the Twilight Princess look and feel. And if they decide to remake A Link to the Past, I hope they actually do it in a 3D Zelda fashion. That would add a lot new to the game. But I’d personally like to see them do this remake on the Wii U if they do it. Just because there was a lot of overworld and it’d be great for them to give it an open-world feel – probably something the 3DS couldn’t handle as well.

    1. If they were actually going to make a high quality MM remake like this one than by all means go for Link to the Past 3DS and leave MM for the Wii U. However, this is a fan made trailer. I doubt Nintendo is willing to spend the time to entirely recreate Majora’s Mask as this person has portrayed it. MM was much more dark and twisted than OoT and even though most people have never played MM Aonuma may not want people to remember how dark it really was. .. The mask guy in this trailer is perfectly twisted…

  54. If they did A Link to the Past, they should include the Super Famicom Satellaview-exclusive Zelda games as extras.

  55. As much as I love ALttP and would love play it again in shiny new graphics…No, MM is the way to go right now. They already have an engine for it, it’s a continuation of the recently released OoT, it’s more a more “fresh” experience than ALttP and OoT and the cost of making it would be substantially lower than a new ALttP since they’ve already got most assets ready for it and tons of support online. It seems to me like MM3D is a cash cow waiting to happen.

  56. MAJORA’s MASK!

    ALttP would be a great with a 3D reboot. But only if the reboot was actually in 3D like Majora’s Mask or OoT. There is really no reason to make a 3D “port” of the game just because the top down would be cooler in 3D. Most of us, myself included, already own Link to the Past on our Wiis (or our SNES).

    Majora’s Mask would be just as good as OoT 3D. In all honesty it doesn’t really matter which one they recreate, personally. They would both be reboots of games I currently own. Either one would make me happy, but if I had to pick a simple 3D version of MM with better graphics would be better; especially so seeing as most people never played Majora’s Mask.

    If they are going to re-create Link to the Past entirely in 3D like OoT/MM than please do so over a MM update.

    1. Same here. I think MM would be better because OOT3D was actually brought to a younger audience that have never played OOT before and that young audience most likely has never played, let alone never heard of MM, so they don’t know where it leaves off after OOT, so I think MM would be a better pick though ALTTP would go well on the EShop virtual console.

  57. they should make both of them , i love them both so much and there both fun playing with too! I would pay for them both too! :D <3

  58. Yo boto por que salga the legend of zelda majora’s mask para 3ds y un unico zelda para 3ds
    Hazlo realidad por favor

  59. majora’s msak on the wii u will be cool and playing that remake of the game will be beter then a link to the past you nintendo should put a link to the past on the 3ds mabe?

  60. I would love majoras mask for the 3DS. It would make sense to have it on the 3DS since ocarina of time got the treatment. Leave a link to the past for wii u.

  61. Majoras mask on the 3DS
    Link to the past on wii u. Thats how it should be.
    If majoras mask is on 3Ds, it would make sense since ocarina of time is on it.

  62. both games for 3ds and WIIu because we can experience both in hd and in 3d! I think that’s the best choice. and if they have a link to the past, it should come with 2 game cds. we can have alttp ans alttp pt.2.

  63. 1st – New Game in OoT/MM timeline to make a trilogy (same graphics, gameplay)
    2nd – Majora’s Mask 3DS

    Reasons for not redoing A Link to the Past yet…
    1. It was already re-released / upgraded for the Game Boy Advance (it was not just a port)
    2. Ocarina of Time is already pretty much a 3D version of A Link to the Past (not exactly, but very similar)
    3. remaking this game with 3D graphics would take a lot of time and money because it wasn’t originally made that way (like OoT or MM) which = a waste of development time
    4. 3D version of the original top view gameplay/graphics would be lame compared to Majora’s Mask. Nintendo has already milked their old gameplay styles with too many New Super Mario bros games, don’t ruin it with Zelda by making it the easy/lazy way

  64. I hope so much that Majora’s mask would be made for the 3ds. And if not mm i hope a entirely new zelda game for the 3ds. Since a new game is mostly better then a remake. And i think mm(an already 3d game) in ”3d” would look much better then a link to the past(a 2d game) in ”3d”. But wouldn’t it be great if a 2d game would become 3d like alttp would look like mm?

  65. But why are people saying the 3ds isn’t HD it got great vieuws but it needs a cool realistic looking game to let people see the 3ds can have great looking games. So i think they could better do a entirely new game no sequel or something with the style of twillight princes or skyward sword. With an great story, bosses,dungeons and of course soundtracks. If the 3ds got a great-looking new zelda title i think lots of people who haven’t bought the 3ds yet would buy it.

  66. I would have to say that i have played all the zeldas games over the last 14 years, and majoras mask is a good game and has a good story but problem is to short in terms of dungeon and a link to the past perhaps doesnt have the graphics the all of you mm fans say but its longer in terms of dungeons and has alot of action and it would be great to have it 3d because majoras mask is already in 3d, there wouldnt be much changes in the graphics. and for link to the past it would be great a remake or a sequel.

  67. es el mejor game es link to the past de la saga de zelda, es el numero uno , se merece su lugar que lo sacen en 3d, por que majoras mask, es bueno pero no tanto, y parte majoras mask es muy repertitivo y se empieza comvertir un juego aburrido, y a link to the past , debe de ser el ganador, por que al contrario esta lleno de accion y mucho misterio, y es mas es oscuro.

  68. I love both games but i prefer a sequel to the link to the past because a remake of either game pretty much woul be the same.

  69. I personally want Majora’s mask for 3ds and A Link to the past on the wii-u. Because i think mm will do better on the 3ds and alttp would do better on the wii-u. Altrought i think the next zelda isn’t going to be a remake.

  70. Well the more i think about the more i don’t care which it is. I just want any (yes really any) zelda title on the 3ds just because they are one of the better games and never disappoint you (at leaast not me) and the 3ds is a great console (good graphics+ 3D). But i am really wondering when we hear something real beside the qoutes on top of this treat and some reumors. Well that swapnote was something but still not really something. the last thing we heard was already like a half year ago and we never heard a real leak/trailer or qoute which is usefull. I and i think lot of other zelda fans are really waiting for the next zelda!!!

  71. Well we got real news lttp 2 comming!!! yay.
    I gues lots of lttp fans are happy including me.
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