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Crytek Says Consoles Are In Danger Of Falling Behind Upcoming Tablets

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has warned that current video game consoles face the danger of becoming unused as higher spec tablets become more and more mainstream. Yerli says that this generation has gone on too long, and there’s an increasing likelihood that gamers will reach for their ultra-powerful tablets, rather than traditional video game consoles.

“The current generations are drying out, and the longer we wait for the next generation of consoles, the higher the likelihood that they could fall behind tablets in terms of being the first thing people reach for when the time comes to play games. Tablets are putting pressure on the gaming industry, and taking over in some ways, so that should be kept in mind.”

165 thoughts on “Crytek Says Consoles Are In Danger Of Falling Behind Upcoming Tablets”

        1. Enjoy it when mobile takes over and publishers will focus on mobile devices. Sega is going down that route and doing pretty well :D

          1. Support all forms of gaming, and a problem becomes a plus…so, uh, its only a problem if you make it one.

            And I sure as hell don’t have a problem over anything here. XD

            1. um, sega has started to put games on mobile platforms……im not supporting aeolus, but he’s not lying about sega putting games on mobile devices

              1. Yeah because they’re shit games have sold like crap on consoles, if they we’re $5 on a console I probably them to.

          2. Okay man if your okay with playing angry birds and temple run with waterd down game loft games you go ahead. But am i mad no. Do i care hell fucking no

              1. Probably because they’re smart, and would spend their money on something that actually has more than 3 games that’ll appear to their kid.

      1. peteriuss evil back up clone

        You are such a smart person for commenting thank you sir for sharing your mind with us :]

        1. no problem ;) even if it was a sarcastic comment. Sarcasm does not work on the net… but I tell u what does

          FACT and not a black random dude video telling us about the future gen consoles…. isnt that right DRAGON?

              1. You want to hear a FACT? Things will prevail as long as people enjoy it, video games and video game consoles are now a norm, and families, individuals, and even couples enjoy them throughout the planet, enough to become an industry that is now thriving and is only slumped by the fall of the Dollar, which will either get fixed soon, or replaced by a greater currency, leveling things out once again. Who comments to themselves? It’s like you want people to respond to you, are you that lonely? Is there nothing better to do than to come anonymously online and state your opinion and hope someone agrees? Is your life that pathetic that in actuality you have no sense of purpose and no clear understanding if in fact the way you think is correct? You come here and try to spell doom for what many people gather to enjoy, you hate humanity, you would wish for a nuclear holocaust, or a zombie invasion because you just want things to end. You’re a sad soul with no clear meaning of what to do with your life, or what it is you’re good at, and that drives everyone you know away, and stumps your personal growth into oblivion. Stop being such a sad excuse for a human being, and if you want to be sad and hate life, then do it on your own, else just kill yourself and end it all, but I bet you’re too pussy to go through with it.

          1. Thought you were just merely myopic, but ignorant and stupid at the same time. Wow! throw in race will you bill gates. That’s the problem with nerds with Small brains and that thrive on racist unfair business tactics. Thus I thank Jesus for allowing Nintendo to smack xbox’s xenophobic behinds on their home turf fool.

      2. Erm, you do know that if mobile takes out, only playstation and xbox will go, right? Nintendo will always be in the console race, even if theyre the only one, because thats how they work, theyre that big, theyre that popular. It’ll be PC’s, mobiles, and Nintendo. Because Nintendo actually offer something different, and good, amd have their exclusives, theyre going nowhere

        1. your saying nintendo is bigger than ms and sony?


          i GOTTA PASTE THIS ON NEOGAF!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Microsoft could drop out of the console race and not feel it.
            Sony need the playstation brand, and thats not doing so fine.
            Nintendo are fine, and have only ever had 1 loss in their entire lifetime, due to wiiu production, ect, 3DS being sold at a loss, and wii getting less sales.
            Nintendo will ALWAYS be around, and making consoles, they could survive on Japan alone, so they’re going nowhere.

          2. They are when it comes to the videogame industry smartass. They could live on Japan sales only if it started to go really downhill here in the west.

      3. I would also like to thank the potato-emulator playing gentleman for the deep and thought provoking comments.
        Steven Hawking has met his match! :]

    1. Hey, sickr or whoever moderates these comments. You should obviously ban him. It’s obvious he’s a troll.

        1. peteriuss evil back up clone

          You are so smart man I wish I were like you I got banned nce and I couldn’t come back in till I Emailed Sicker….

          1. spam? I tell you what spam is. Porn links from your fellow immature Nintendo baby gamers. Least I actually contribute and give sickr a hit on his website :P

        1. If console gaming dies no one will give two shits about developing for pc and will go to mobile knownwhat caused the console down fall. And this is coming from a pc owner and multi console owner.

  1. Crytek are right, the sooner the specs and features of the next consoles from Microsoft and Sony are announced the better for everybody. The next-gen hype train can start rolling, PC owners will know what gimped spec versions of games they might get in the future and the spec rumours about Wii U versus Durango/Orbis can end.

  2. 1. Next gen consoles are coming out over the next 3 years max. This shouldn’t be a problem.
    2. Current-gen consoles are built with 10-year-old technology, so of course newer tech is going to eventually out-do them.
    3. Controls are horrid on tablets. I will never pay more than £1 for a tablet game because of that, and a tablet will NEVER replace a console or even a handheld because of that.
    4. Not everyone can afford a state-of-the-art $600 tablet, and the current gen of consoles is getting cheaper and cheaper all the time.

        1. Not everyone can afford a state-of-the-art $600 tablet, and the current gen of consoles is getting cheaper and cheaper all the time.

          Ipad has sold over 10million in a year. 3ds only several million


          1. Do you really think everyone who owns a iPad plays games? Many iPads and other tablets are primarily as word possessors and for educational use.

          2. Also, quote from Eurogamer:
            “17.13 million 3DS consoles have now been sold worldwide, Nintendo has announced. The figure covers all sales up to the end of March 2012.”

            March 2011 was the launch of the 3DS.
            17.13 mil>10 mil

          3. 3DS has sold 19 million since it launched in march of 2011.. Im pretty sure it’s as popular as the ipad. idiot.

      1. Says one of the many Aeolus-clone trolls who has never given a good argument of his statements. If you think I am wrong, back up your argument with some proof.

        And by the way, I own a PS3 and will start PC gaming once I get a better laptop later this month. I am by no-means a fanboy.

        1. I am not a mobile gamer i am a REAL gamer but u cant deny mobile gaming is where the money is at.

          Mobile gaming is cheap to produce and therefore more profitable for a business…epic games made the highest profit with their mobile software…

          1. Is mobile gaming really where the money is at? Mobile games are very very cheap, so unless you sell millions the profit can be low. Full retail digital download only blockbuster console titles, no retail space to pay for, no distribution, packaging, no sales lost to pre-owned transactions. That sounds like where the money could be at.

              1. If Sega et al. are selling millions then they will be doing ok, but it doesn’t mean that’s where the money ‘is at’. Revenue comparisons between console/handheld and mobile clearly show that most of the revenue is still in the former rather than the latter.

          2. Ur not a real gamer! A real gamer would own every platform available so he can play all exclusives available including nintendo’s. I’m a REAL gamer cause I do own every platform available. Get a life and get out of here ur just an idiot fanboy that posts annoying comments.

      2. *COUGH* *LOSER* *COUGH* GET A JOB! You honestly have nothing better to do than troll in your mothers basement! Go and play one of your stupid PC games you idiot! Oh and scrape that CRAP OUT OF YOU’RE EYES those are all FACTS YOU MORON!

    1. 1. They should bring them out in the next 18 months to make sure.
      3. Yes, they really are but with Surface coming out soon tablet gaming could get a whole lot better (keys and USB for controller) – although it’s a Microsoft product so it could be branded as Xbox gaming on the go I guess
      4. Tablet costs are prohibitively high, for now, but as tech improves even the cheapest tablet could have great graphical capabilities compared to current gen consoles.

    2. In addition to your comment, with WiiU’s Tablet play ability, when people want to game, they will have the option of their iPad games, or console games on their Wii Gamepad.

      Making console gaming convenient without having to monopolize the TV all the time will make WiiU as easy to game on as an iPad, only with games containing the same, or More content, including non-emulated and new Nintendo IP’s.

      1. Oh no aeolus he may have won most ignorant comment of the day but you won ICOTY ignorant comment of the year 5 years in a row. You wanna cookie

  3. Gawd I’m sick of ppl talkin bout this stupid “tablets will wipe out the consoles” mess. As long as there are true gamers out there like me and all of you, consoles arent goin anywhere.

    1. far more mobile gamers than “true gamers”

      Sales do the talking. Even EA want to go into mobile…its called running a business

      1. So what are you, you hate nintendo and just talk shit and now your on mobile gaming side? So you prefer mobile gaming over your ps3 or xbox or whatever it is you own or what the hell is wrong with you???

      2. That definitely doesnt mean the consoles are gonna die. That’s like when they say that the casual market matters more than the hardcore market when it comes to the Wii outsellin ps360. Yet you still defend the latter. So now with you sayin this, you are justifyin us Nintendo fans when we say that it’s the mass majority that decides our future for gamin, and the casual market is whats keepin Nintendo strong and on top, much like how they are doin the mobile market. So what will there be for you and your precious 360 fanbase since it’s obvious Nintendo isn’t goin anywhere and tablets definitely arent goin anywhere? You just put yourself in a really hypocritical and embarrassin spot

  4. what a fucking bullshit, i have playing on a tablet, but i never gonna do it again, it socks!!!!!!!!!!
    give me a wii u, that is a better tablet combination with normal joystick!

  5. Yes… Tablets…. Thos gizmos use as a secondary to laptops or desktop computers… The thing I’m using right now to post a comment… The thing that sucks for games and despite buying some I rarely use it for such… It’s a post pc device that happens to play games for speedy 10 minute enjoyment… Yeah… That’s taking over in gaming…

  6. Seriously, the amount of Aelous’s here is getting out of hand, I can’t even tell who’s the original anymore…

        1. Yea some but when most of the time its just here just to start shit you cant help but just not take what it says seriuosly So its still an idiot in my eyes

    1. I change my (gr)avatars all the time for giggles, but I’m still around every now and then.

      Anywho, yes–new consoles need to show up and demonstrate why gaming on them will forever be a superior experience compared to mobile platforms.

      Too bad that can’t be said for handhelds, the 3DS only really sells well in Japan and iOS is slowly chewing through that mobile game market share like no tomorrow. I seriously wonder what Apple has in store for their next iPod Touch. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they opt for the Vita’s GPU just like the iPad 3 did.

      1. PS: I do not consider Wii U to be “next gen”. It’s more like an extension of this one. That console is in no particular way doing anything meaningful that the current crop of devices can’t do.

        It takes more than a silly screen to be a generational leap.

  7. Yea did you see the new gaming tablet with standard console controls, can run battlefield 3 pc on Max settings. Consoles can’t do that….

      1. I know, Right?!
        The WiiU Gamepad! The Tablet with buttons and a joystick, capable of running (streaming in faster than tv render speed) full console / PC games!

        All in a tablet device!

    1. What gaming tablet can run BF3 PC on max settings? I would love to see it as my PC can run it on max settings and it’s graphics card is the size of a house!

    2. Of course consoles can’t. They can’t run Battlefield 3 PC. It’s for the PC. XD. On a serious note, that tablet probably costs more than a gaming coumputer

  8. Out of the 3 companies, Nintendo is the one who fears this the most. They’ve already revealed how they feel about the likes of Apple entering the gaming realm.

    In fact, the Wii U’s Gamepad controller is a result of their fear. One, and just one of it’s purposes is to counter the threat of tablet gaming( It’s a tablet controller after all).

    The company claims they don’t see Microsoft and Sony as direct competition. It’s not hard to buy that claim when you consider Apple and the impact of tablets/mobiles in general.

    On a personal note relating to the article, I hope gaming doesn’t fall to such a state.

  9. nintendo is taking over in japan like always, i don’t think tablets gonna take over nintendo console’s maybe ps3 and xbox console’s.. but not nintendo!!!!!!!!!..and i say it again, only froot ninja kind of games are nice to play on a tablet, but not real games that sockkkkkks!!!!!!

    1[WII] Dragon Quest X: Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku Online
    2[3DS] New Super Mario Bros. 2
    3[NDS] Pokemon Black 2 / White 2
    4[3DS] Tohoku Daigaku Karei Igaku Kenkyuusho – Kawashima Ryuuta Kyouju Kanshuu – Mono 5Sugoku Nou o Kitaeru 5-Funkan no Oni Training
    6[WII] Just Dance Wii 2
    7[WII] Kirby’s Dream Collection: Special Edition
    8[PS3] Persona 4: Arena
    9[NDS] All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation 2
    10[PSP] Digimon World Re:Digitize

    Nintendo 3DS: 124,415
    Wii: 41,415
    PlayStation 3: 13,944
    PSP: 11,824
    PlayStation Vita: 9,038
    PlayStation 2: 1,154
    Nintendo DS: 1,042
    Xbox 360: 981

    1. Yeah I agree… Games with touch screen controles primarily in ind are the only games good for those things… And you can’t get quality games that way

  10. Mobile gaming and tablets aren’t going to replace Consoles. As long as there is money to be made they will continue to produce on consoles. The problem is the current systems PS3 and Xbox360 10 year plan has back fired on them cause developer to hold back projects for newer systems but Sony and micro r milking their current Gen system for all their worth mainly because they have lost more then they have gained and developers gamble on that tech and missed all that money they could have made on Nintendo. Now they see the same thing going on with tablets and fear not jumping could cause them to miss more and thats why Nintendo release the Wii U now is the smarted move ever, cause developer won’t wait for the next Sony or Micro they’ll drop it on Wii U and you’ll will buy it. Nintendo Fan and every other fanboy cause it’s going to be to good and improved to pass up

    1. I think they are really milking it because they are scared of what will happen next gen. They know it will b too pricey to put the most powerfull specs in their systems esp for Sony since they are still in trouble, not so much Msoft but they had to wait yeeeeaaaars till they were back at no.1 in consoles sold, and it was basically after the wii’s life cycle, they both know it will come down to how unique is your system….neither have actual innovation so they are still trying to push what works for them…and it’s obvious with Sony and what they said in an article I read a while back they are continuing to fix the ps3 so that it’s cheaper to make…(rant mode) my question is who makes 4 to 6 versions of the same console in that consoles life??? Who would support that?! Sounds like money hungry fools to me…Nintendo has one type of wii, two diff colors but no redesigne or anything, who do Msoft and Sony fans jump on their dick so hard??? With all the diff versions of the ps3 and 360 they both could’ve made the 720 and ps4 by now smh

      1. Objection! They have 2. They released a new cheaper one a year or so ago that wasn’t backward comp. That one exist in a dozen of colours.

        Also… 3DSxl… *shivers*

        1. Really??? Guess I didn’t do my research lol, and I was only talking consoles, I kno the DS lines have been….ehhhh idk where else they can go beyond DS, not that I’m doubting them, but my points on Sony and Msoft still remain

          1. Plus Micro was a fix for the red rings of death, too DS was selling like Crack to Tyrone Biggums so plus each insultment offer new things. Back to the point, Sony and Micro gambled and jumped into the depth end of the pool instead of inching out and testing the waters, now their getting ate up by the Shark call “No profit” and to make things worst they proved Nintendo right that the market wasn’t ready for such a leap and had to bite the bullet and take up Nintendo innovation to make a profit and even then Sony thought fanboys would get them over with move and lost more money, then made the biggest mistake and made Vita for Fanboy again and r losing loads of money. Nintendo “being smart” let Sony and Mirco work out the problems of being first the go HD now their coming in when the market is ready and now Sony and Micro are stuck trying to recope

            1. See people fail to realize that and I’m glad u brought up this point, tech. ALWAYS gets better, by Nintendo not jumping the gun on HD they had time to wait for better tech to come out,which I think was the reason for wii (have some sort of profit out while they work on something big (wii u)) I don’t think they were really banking on it selling like hot cakes, I kno people harp that wii u has old processor in it but even the supposed processor it has exceeds in certain areas that supposedly the 720 and ps4 have, I think nintendo is all around the smartest company because they know what A TRUE gamer wants (obviously why they r putting so much into 3 party support) they actually take time out and listen to the game *see revised wii u game pad* on paper as of today it’s almost inevitable that Nintendo will sell again and Sony and Msoft will b stuck in that mindset “every gamer only buys one console so u should pick mine” and their consoles will still do pretty much the same thing like this gen

  11. I’m sorry, mobile gaming will not destroy microsoft sony or nintendo. Anyone who thinks that is a complete idiot, most likely they will adapt to whatever they need to do to keep being new, like making a tablet that wirelessly connects to a tv and a controller, so its the same as a console, but I doubt that’s going to happen anytime soon. The only reason consoles are dying now because it is the end of this console generation. Barely any new games are coming to them. But as soon as next gen rolls around with the big three, oh they’ll see. Poor ipad/phone gamers. They’ll be getting the same old outdated shovelware. While we get amazing games with better graphics! Unless of course nintendo decides to have bad graphics again. But I doubt that. But yeah say bye bye to smartphones “beating” consoles next gen.

    1. While I agree they won’t destroy none of these companies themselves seeing that both Msoft and Sony have tablets themselves that they can implement into their gaming devices and Nintendo being the only actual gaming company with actual innovation (new ways to experience/play games gimmick or not coughs *powerglove*) I don’t think the gaming industry as a whole will b destroyed, at the most Msoft and Sony will drop out, and read this carefully, because their tablets and other devices are selling so well while their consoles are selling at a loss-is it possible? Yes am I saying it will ever happen? No. Nintendo has the nitche between the 3 in the consoles game as being the only gaming company and because of that they will probably be the one to stay around the longest-Sony and Msoft have other things they can do and to b honest if their sells start to drop like that, especially Sony, they will def jump out of the race…all my opinion tho

  12. ultra powerful tablets? oh really, if tablets are overheating now because of these Dinky Processors they have, what makes anyone think they’ll be able to carry an Ultra “Powerful” Tablet any time soon? not to mention that the more powerful they get the more battery is consumed XD

    oh you silly you, you just, just stop it XD

  13. Am I the only one who thinks that eventually the mobile gaming bubble will disastrously burst, like the Wii bubble burst (though not to the extent that Pachter seems to think it did)?

    1. It will burst. It will burst harder than Pachter thinks the Wii bubble bursted and Apple will be destroyed in a worser manner than even Pachter could predict.

  14. I disagree with this article… till I see stats for console gamers moving to the tablet (worse yet apple tablet) then I will believe. Being gaming capable (the tablet) does not mean a migration of gamers to a new platform. Nor does tablets sales number proves that its average consumer is a gamer or getting it instead of a console.

  15. People criticize us for being fanboys and defending Nintendo while this kind of news spread through the net, but they forget that it’s because us, fanboys, that Nintendo will continue to exist! Indeed, with tablets and iPhones the market and industry of games changed over the years, but it doesn’t mean gaming consoles will cease to exist. While people who play games only because they are in the reach of their hands (on their cell phones and tablets) do raise the industry of tablets, we can’t forget that there are still those who prefer a console that can give a different experience. Let’s use the Wii as an example: no other device other than the console can give the same experience as the Wii’s given us. No matter how much of movement sensors tablets use, they can never achieve the same feeling of the Wii Remote in your hands as you move it to execute the commands for each game, as they differ greatly from one to another! With the Wii U, we still can only imagine what kind of experiences we’ll have.
    Saying that game consoles will cease to exist just because of smartphones and tablets, without looking at what gamers really want is pure ignorance!

  16. The Nintendo Reviewer

    As long as there are dedicated fan bases for Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft consoles, then console gaming will never die off. I love Apple cuz I’m a Mac user but to say that games on Tablets and iPhones and such will wipe out console gaming is a very unrealistic statement. I’ve used a lot of apps on my dad’s iPad but I never use it for gaming. For that I turn to Nintendo hardware.

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  18. Tablets are cool devices, but my GOD are they expensive. Ipads are $500-$600, for the latest and greatest. Oh and by the way they will make a newer one next year that costs more than that. They are not made to last and will be unable to allow developers time to develop compelling games for them. Not to mention that the controls on them for intense gaming are just not good enough. So, to me, tablets just can’t offer the same type of gaming experiences that consoles can, nor will they be able to.

    1. nope, they live alongside consoles in a healthy competition. At this rate smartphones and tablets will not overtake consoles as game machines.

  19. The day tablets become the main gaming platform is the day I stop gaming. I don’t see that happening with the way tablets are now. There would have to be major changes to the way tablets work for it to be a legitimate gaming platform. Leave luck to heaven.

  20. I don’t even really know what a tablet does and they’re expecting it to take over consoles. BULLSHIT!!! It’s like saying increasing sales over toasters are gonna run microwaves out of business because they are both kitchen appliances.

    1. Such is the power of statistics and human stupidity combined. Once statistics point out in a direction, no matter if a relation between the studied factors exists or not; common sense will go flying off the window.

  21. Sad, but I think this is the truth. I seriously hope tablets do not overcome consoles. Video game controllers were what made video games mainstream. I don’t know how touchscreen gaming is dominating consoles. I think it’s because IOS games are cheap that people would rather pay for those than expensive, quality titles on consoles. And maybe because touchscreen is less complicated than buttons and sticks on a controllers.

    1. You are overlooking the functionality of tablets as working tools. Nintendo doesn’t cover that market. Nintendo products are purely for entertainment…at least until recently (Wii fit and the like). People use tablets to manage their lifes, because in all truth it becomes much easier; especially for people that have busy lifes. Tablets aren’t overtaking consoles as gaming devices. Tablets are emerging/have emerged as efficient working tools.

  22. Yes, because every single person that buys a smartphone or tablet buys it solely to play games.

    …seriously, has it NOT occurred to these people that people are buying tablets/smartphones for work-related or even just general usage reasons, and not the latest Mario or Metal Gear Solid?

    As long as Nintendo consoles still have Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon, they’ll still be around.
    As long as Sony has God of War, Uncharted, Gran Turismo, and LittleBigPlanet, they’ll still be around.
    As long as Microsoft has Halo, Gears of War, and their Indie Games, they’ll still be around.

    Will tablets/smartphones gain popularity? Sure. But not every single person that’s buying one of those is buying it to solely play games. It’s like comparing cars to bicycles. Just because one sells better doesn’t mean the other will go extinct.

  23. I should write an essay on why tablets and smart phones, as they are now, will never take out consoles. Seriously, I don’t even have to read the arguments in favor of smartphones to know they’re already going to be stupid and/or uninformed arguments.

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  25. I have always said this: Mobile electronics like smartphones and tablets, will never, ever gonna make me abandon the Consoles. I grew up with then, I will die with then.

  26. I’d like to see Tablets give consoles a run for there money. Why? More competition will mean companies will have to try to innovate and attract us consumers back. I don’t see why people hate mobile gaming, I mean it will never replace consoles or PC for me but there are some pretty damn awesome games for it :D

  27. Wow, these comments have got to be the most idiotic thing I’ve read in a while.

    Even if tablet ‘gaming’ dominates console gaming, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo will just find ways to attract more people to the console market.

    Besides, this shouldn’t really affect you. Any major game company isn’t going to ditch the console users just to satisfy the psuedo-gamer who uses a tablet for their ‘gaming’ needs.

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