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Over 10 Billion Coins Collected In New Super Mario Bros 2

New Super Mario Bros 2 players in Japan have already collected a gargantuan 10 billion gold coins since the game was released in the country nearly two weeks ago. The collective total of New Super Mario Bros 2 at the time of writing is 10,537,297,374 coins. Another interesting fact is 242 players have obtained one million coins.

116 thoughts on “Over 10 Billion Coins Collected In New Super Mario Bros 2”

    1. 242 players got one million coins…

      wait only 242? LOL seriously? is it that hard or are Nintendo gamers lacking the skills?

      1. This coming from the troll that can’t play the games to save his life and is too much of an idiot to recognize anyone who plays Nintendo games as a gamer.
        You just keep right on thinking that, kid.
        Because no matter which way you cut it, you’re still looking at 242 players who are better than you, both at Mario and as gamers in general.:P

        1. better than me? the game isnt even out :P and I dont buy rehashes sorry…. maybe in the bargain bin in a Tesco supermarket for my siblings…if I am feeling generous :P

            1. Great games and great online. ;) Online is fundamental. Too bad smash bros failed in that department hahahaha

          1. Says the guy who has probably fed more into CoD or BF than anyone else here.
            Any game with more than 3 titles to its name is a rehash, and if you play sports or most fighting games then you’re already guilty of playing games with rehashed mechanics by default.
            At least the rehashes coming out of Nintendo are still entertaining enough to give sales numbers higher than anything you ever predict.:P

              1. Doesn’t explain how you’re still playing a rehash while looking down on a rehash, hater.
                Also, I said “higher than you would ever predict”, not “higher than CoD”, so you auto-failed by default on that one because you never predict high sales from anything Nintendo.:P
                Can you still see the sky from that deep hole you’ve dug around yourself?XD

                1. I am not playing cod i am just telling u that cod smashes Mario :P and the News and sales records prove my point.

                1. excuse me? Cod broke sales records.

                  Please read the news outside of my Nintendo news. Sickr and Ambar always distort the news to make the fanboys happy sigh read the fifa article and you will see.

                  1. Yeah, it broke week 1 sales records. Lifetime sales are a different kettle of fish, and COD on multiple platforms is yet to match what Mario can do on one.

                    It must suck to have someone who actually knows these things responding to you.

              2. Cod sells about twenty million across all formats. 2D Mario games can sell that many on a single format, if not more. Try again.

            1. HEY, battlefield 3 is still kinda fun, its not that much of a rehash. at least they upgrade things in the game like game engine, gun specs and in genral try to make it a more realistic shooter than COD. imo cod = arcade shooter bf3 = real time war simulator

      2. after reading a review, the player only had 60,000 coins after she unlocked everything. it takes a long time to get to a million.

      3. It’s been reported to take a lot of playtime to get to 1,000,000.

        I suppose if there was a story about 242 players getting to Level 70 or whatever in (insert random RPG here) in a week, which is something that would basically require them to play 24/7, then we’d see the same response.

        1. It’s been also reported that the game is virtually the same as the wii and ds one including the BAH BAH music.

          Poor effort.

                1. you mentioned a debate. a debate involves more than 2 people. I was talking to YOU. so hardly changing the subject. Also I am posting to other people ABOUT THE SUBJECT so i am hardly changing the subject

                  fail special needs kid

                  1. Where on Earth did you learn that a debate is with more than two people? Your old English teacher wants firing.

                    You can debate with yourself. For example, I’m debating whether to continue proving you wrong or to finish early and go for a quick drink.

                    And you quite obviously went off on a tangent (you may need to look this word up) when you realised that it takes a bit more than one playthrough to get to 1,000,000 coins…

      4. It seems like you just have to put a lot of time in to get to 1,000,000, and only a few people so far have made that time investment. Like when a new update for a skill or a quest on an MMO goes up and someone has finished it by the next day.

      1. Aaaaaaaaaaaand once again, the one with no room to talk squeezes in an inappropriate dig at his betters.
        You must love digging holes for yourself, Failus.

        1. betters? How is the Wii doing with third party support? ;) oh wait there is none apart from dragonquest x ONLY in japan :P

          sucks for Nintendo to favour the japs over the west :P

          1. Riiiiight, no third party support.
            The tens of thousands of Wii’s sold with nothing but first-party exclusives.
            All those casuals must be playing those games, instead of third party offerings!
            What you gotta understand is that casuals are still gamers, and they are still better than you, and always have been.
            Japan or otherwise, the Wii sells to Gamers who like what the system offers.
            You’re a vocal minority member, buddy, and your kind isn’t driving sales enough to justify your superiority complex.:P

            1. better than me when most of them only play wiisports or zumba? riggggggggggggght!

              you’re right… they are better at dancing games but am better at the rest ;)

              1. Sarcasm aside, you actually got it right during the first paragraph.
                Then you tripped up during the second.
                They’re more open-minded, they have wider experience with more kinds of games, they’re capable of moving between core and casual games seamlessly due to not having a narrow minded opinion of what constitutes a gamer, and to top it off, they drive sales a thousand times better than you could ever possibly do with your little minority group of buddies.
                So, yeah, they’re better than you. As consumers and gamers, they trump you in all the important areas.
                Not even your precious CoD sales numbers can justify your narrow focus in the gaming field.
                You’ve lost this battle before you even started it.

                1. minirority? the MAJORITY of people have COD or BF simply due to HIGH SALES hell even under 13s play COD. Hardly anyone I Know has a wii….they prob had a wii but only for PARTIES but not for single player experiences such as RPGs and adventure games

                  The Wii had terrible lineup of software. Skyward sword was the ONLY major game in 2011… nothing else worth mentioning. And your happy with that? That is POOR

          2. Wii u will destroy the next ps and xbox in sales. Dont even try to deny it. What makes you they will be more successful then the wii u?

          3. Hows the 360 doing with first paty games. Get it there are none. Beat it your gone done. You think real gamers hearin your shit come on son.

              1. You do know the only reason call of duty sells is because of online multiplayer and the game of catch up if it didn’t have that no one would buy it.Its true some times mario games don’t change thats what makes them what they are and so many people love the games. Yes nsmb2 could have been better like making the bosses more harder like wii version and adding more areas to the game. They could have done the coin system better in this one by making the koopings turn gold and have harder bodies so it takes more hits to kill them or they could have turn the kingdom to gold and peach as well so u have to collect coins to turn every thing back. Mario bros is game of obstacles and eveyone should know that by know they change the courses in every game and the game play stays along with some new power ups.Some are throw backs (love the throw back galaxy in galaxy 2) .Aeolus is have such a big prob with nintendo why don’t u just leave or do have no life beyond this website and it some how makes u feel good trolling nintendo with one game thats kinda getting old come up with some new crap if are going to do that. Plus where’s ur game aeolus thats selling more then mario bros. In my opinion game sells don’t mean shit to me or anyone else doesn’t change my mind about the game.Have a nice life u life less piece of shit.

  1. *Insert your “in da money”, “Monopoly man”, and “Dollar sign/coin eyes” meme pics here*

    LOL, people be crazy bout dat coin rush mode.
    Sounds like this game is something people are enjoying immensely.

    1. monopoly huh?Well new super mario bros 2 has nothing to do with that,Its fucking great but you get easilly continues.

      1. Riiiiight, any game where you can easily die a ton is considered a hard-core game these days, amirightguyz?XD
        More lives = more play time = more fun.
        Nothing wrong with that equation.

          1. Save your comments for when (or should I say if you ever) actually pick up and play the game, and know how long it is. Mario games are not finished in one sitting, or in a few mere hours.
            But I question if you’ve actually bothered to play anything you so openly attack and mock. Considering most of what you blabber about are things that haven’t been released yet your hate is based on prediction which is just… poor. Simply poor.

  2. Japan got a head start, but it would be awesome if there was a leaderboard for total coins for different regions

  3. I love the “mini goals” mario offers, and collecting coins is something I always challenge myself to do, so to collect a million wil be really fun. Collecting coins was always my favorite.

  4. There are two types of people put there: those who like collect things and the opposite of that. I’m personally the latter, opting for adrenaline inducing quick decisions of BF3. Some people are just sick of side scrollers.

    1. or sick of REHASH NEW SUPER MARIO BROS games :P

      Rayman Origins was brilliant and DESTROYS mario. Too bad its too hard for casuals.

          1. I figured they might make rayman multi plat seeing as the first one was. But what are they gonna callnzombi U U!!!!!!
            try better at trolling man and dont send me links to speculations ok

      1. Ha, this is funny, because it reminds me of an amusing moment with my friends. Some of them are a bit like you, with the whole ‘Mario is a lame and easy rehash these days’ spiel.

        They played Rayman Origins, loved it, but couldn’t finish it. They thought it was too hard (it was the treasure chest chasing levels that they couldn’t handle). Meanwhile, I completed Origins to 100%, including the special underworld level at the end.

        They wanted to know how I did it. It’s simple, years of honing my skills in precision platformers. Like NSMB.

        1. Ive never played a thief game so I wouldnt really care. Also why do you call me a fanboy. I play both nintendo and sony games. You bash nintendo all the time drone boy.

  5. For those of you who think it’s so easy to get one million coins, try to understand how big the number 1,000,000 is. Even if you got 1,000 coins in every level you played through, you would need to play through 1,000 levels to hit the million mark. Not even two weeks have passed since the game was released in Japan, so 242 doesn’t seem like such a bad number.

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  8. Wow that’s awesome!!! Hoepfully archiving coins has some benefits like unlocking levels by reaching a million for example. It would suck just to collect coins for nothing.

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