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Nintendo Patent Reveals Wii U GamePad Acts Like A Second TV Screen For Multiplayer Games

Nintendo patent reveals that Wii U multiplayer games can take place on two separate screens – the television and the Wii U GamePad. For example, in a two-player game, one player points a Wii Remote toward the television screen while the other points at the Wii U GamePad’s screen with another Wii Remote. As shown in the image above, both screens don’t have to be next to each other and players can be facing opposite directions.

96 thoughts on “Nintendo Patent Reveals Wii U GamePad Acts Like A Second TV Screen For Multiplayer Games”

    1. Sorry for using your post. But wasn’t this obvious? It’s what they have been calling asymmetric play for months now. only difference is that you can use Wii-Motes for the GamePad, but the game pad will still do “asymmetric” play. lol

      1. It’s nothing to do with asymmetric play. Asymmetric play is where the players are playing together but using different types of gameplay (such as ZombiU’s multiplayer or, to a lesser extent, Luigi’s Ghost Mansion). Just using two different screens is NOT asymmetric play.

        1. Indeed.
          I think this is a very neat feature – not necessarily because I’m going to use it – but because it gives me a much better idea of the capabilities of the Gamepad.

    1. Kirby Air Ride is for GameCube. Wii U doesn’t support GameCube… but I see what you’re saying. That kind of thing does get annoying.

      1. The possibility of GC games on the virtual console though means this feature could be included. Unlikely, but I doubt it would be too much work.

  1. One guy gets the 60 inch flat screen and the other gets the 10 inch controller screen. Must be great to be playing at your house in that situation.

  2. Me thinks the Wii U GamePad is too small for something like this, but if we can get stands for it, I may have less doubt.

  3. Before all the trolls come rushing in, you guys do know ignoring them is the best way of killing them off right? I mean it can’t be that hard to ignore the few dumb@sses that likes to talk Shit, just try this out for a few days and see….. Remember just ignore the idiots….

      1. The Only Pokemon Champ

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        bad mouthing them is just gonna make it worse
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          1. That’s how trolling works. They bait you into replying, and the more you take the bait, the more likely they’ll come back and start stuff.

      1. Don’t bother i used to give the same messege (before i could’nt log back in) but someone whould allways take a troll personally and we would be back to square one

  4. I just wanna say one thing to all the people with issues regarding screen-peekers in local multiplayer games; if one person screen-peeking is what got you killed, then your battle plan wasn’t very fool-proof to begin with…XD
    Stealth isn’t almighty, so always have a back-up plan in case that fails.
    Having said that, though, I try not to screen peek because it makes things more fun to not know what’s coming. The tension rises and the matches become more exciting when I have to think and adjust my play style on the fly.

  5. The Only Pokemon Champ

    This would be revolutionary for FPS
    I would have my own personal screen, albeit sometimes smaller than usual
    but it would still eliminate screen peeking
    and is alot more affordable than Sony Simulvision

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          1. Lol, that’s reach coming from so one who uses nothing more than Wii references as a part of a sentence.

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  7. Nintendo’s the only company still trying to deliver. The years of split-screen are over. Thank you!.. Hope it’s $299.00! ALL THESE FEATURES! Sony’d charge $899.00.

        1. are you mad? Nintendo is selling mario bros 2 on Eshop for 39.99… 5 pounds more EXPENSIVE than retail when there are no manufacturing costs…

          Nintendo failed once again at digital downloads… its like they want to fail on purpose!!

          1. Ofcourse they wanted. Nintendo is not exactly a fan of digital downloads.. It’s obvious that the shareholders forced them to add it :S

  8. This is really retarded ..a 2nd player gets a small screen which is shitty and you can’t see shit and another player gets a bigger screen that is HD ..HOW FUCKING RETARDED !! The small screen isn’t even hd which is stupid and the whole idea sounds idiotic SHITENDO FAILS AGAIN !! Shituru gayamotto is the stupidest person ever !! SO SUCK ON THAT NINTENDORKS !!

    1. Would you prefer a controller the size of a tv? Oh, how about the necessity of having two separate tvs? Oh, wait. That wouldn’t work when you only have one console, would it? Be happy split screen isn’t always necessary, you dumb troll!

        1. It’s not the only way to play multiplayer. It’s something nothing else can do. What games do you like to play? Why do you want to trash Nintendo. What sort of online gaming is better?

        2. Online gaming is always much better for people who don’t have friends who come over to have some fun local multiplayer. But if you like talking to your “friends” on the mic, without really seeing them and experiencing the fun together, then be my guest.

          As for me, always played multiplayer with split screen, not beats the hilarity when everybody is gathered together in the same place. Buy some drinks, order some food. There are a few games where you can play online with “4” people, but they are very limited, and msot of these that can be played with 4 players using the same console locally are bad.

          I think that bringing the “asymmetrical” play in our living room in a way that is used locally is so much better (to me). Finally some of my noob friends can “camp” and not blame the rest of us for peeking when they die. Ahhh! <3

          IMO, I am all for innovation. Hopefully Nintendo will trigger some nice competition yet again this generation, who wins in the end? Everybody as a consumer, because that idea will be improved on, prices will be lowered, more and more people will like the idea of gaming and more fresh stuff can be presented to the public.

          So yeah, both casuals and "hardcores" will get a piece of the cake if there is a good competition, no matter what system they use to game. No reason to rage at Nintendo or anything. :)

        3. Online gaming and local multiplayer is two different things if you ask me.. No human contact at all in online multiplayer. But I have to agree that some games still do better with online multiplayer but my default is: Local is better than online. I know that you don’t agree but we have different opinions :)

          Also, the games that support this will propably have other options (split screen which has worked fine for me for 15+ years) so if you find it unfair it’s always other options :)

      1. &AEOLIUS stop insulting NINTENDO or i will go to a XBOX site and troll there or a PS3 site and insult them huuuuuuuuuuu how does that feal if u are really a gamer u can respect another gamers gaming devise not insult it and if it wasn’t for NINTENDO sony would have died before the PS1 because its a NINTENDO devise sony stole NINTENDO tech so sony sucks they have 0imagination they just steal and upgrade stuff that NINTENDO or microsoft makes

  9. That’s what I expected. i’ve got a lot of ideas on things the UPad can do. I want to see what the final product will be capable of. If done right, this will be a revolution in the gaming industry. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Are you stupid or something? But I guess if you want to see two gay guys pointing dildos at each other from a picture that looks nothing like that then its your choice. Sure tells us a lot about you. ;)

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  11. That makes me extremely relieved! If they already thought of using such sketches to explain a multiplayer game by using two screens, then maybe Nintendo already has a few projects with that scheme on mind. I always thought that connecting a GBA with the Gamecube was a fantastic idea! I had too much fun playing Four Swords and Crystal Chronicles, and I always wanted this feature in more games! I hope one of these projects is something made by Retro Studios. Maybe the next Star Fox? But of course that’s just speculation….. But it would be very cool to play a co-op mode of Star Fox, right? right? RIIIIIIGHT?

  12. This definitely helps the rumor that any Wii game can be played using just the Gamepad (considering they have their own sensor bars) and the Wii controllers. I feel like for Wii U games I’ll want the most out of the Gamepad, and will therefore search for big online multiplayer games. But I’ll always be happy to switch back to my favorite Wii games, games I never get tired of going through again.

  13. i dont mind this so long as its with games that just use the wiiupad itself….otherwise it could possibly be too far from the screen if i had to back up a bit to use the wiimote.

  14. Ohhh I wish I could patent my ideas!

    I think the small screen could be fixed by the 3rd Party accesories! Using the “nunchuck port” to make some kind of audio-video out and connect the gamepad to another TV!

    This could be posible as the wiiugamepad has independent video and audio so we only need that “nunchuk port cable”

    0  0

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