Square Enix Teams Up With Nissan To Make Dragon Quest Themed Car

Dragon Quest X for Wii released on August 2nd in Japan. The game’s publisher, Square Enix, has teamed up with Japanese automaker Nissan to produce a car that features Dragon Quest artwork. The car, which is shown in the image above, is a Serena S-Hybrid mini van that will be showcased during upcoming Nissan events.



      1. Try one out before you call it crap. I picked one up and absolutely adore it. The games for it make great use of the gimmick and the majority of them are very good. If you can play the 3DS in 3D, you can play this thing just fine without headaches/nausea/whateverpeople’scomplaintsare.

        The major reason it failed is two reasons:
        1. It was released before it was even completed to make room for Nintendo 64 development
        2. It was advertised as a portable rather than a console. Although it IS portable in the sense it can use batteries optionally.


      2. The Virtual Boy itself is shit, period.

        The 3DS just has two layers of screen to make it 3D, the Virtual Boy has this horrid red-black palette for EVERY SINGLE GAME.

        Even good games like Virtual Boy Wario Land are made horrible by the Virtual Boy,.


      3. I highly doubt you’ve actually given it a try. It’s an impressive piece of hardware considering the time it was made. It’s a 32 bit console that runs on 16 bit graphics and 8 bit music. They can use this to fit more into a game and have plenty of processing power leftover.

        As for the reason there’s only 4 colors: At the time it would be impossible to do so given the type of hardware. Now, the graphics, if anything, should be MORE appealing and easier to view. First of all, the Gameboy uses a SIMILAR type of graphics display as it can only display Black and Green. So, tell me, what makes the Virtual Boy look worse exactly? The only difference is the choice of color and that the Virtual Boy is backlit. Let me explain why it’s back lit and why it has its colors.

        The graphics are ACTUALLY in 2 shades of grey, white, and black. The image is shot out as light and uses rapidly spinning mirrors to reflect the image from the processors to the lenses, which are Red. It’s easier to view because the light is being sent straight to your eyes, not to mention Red and Black is MUCH less straining and easier to view than White and Black.

        Now, comparing it to the 3DS is unfair. Because rather than having the 3D come at you, the 3D brings you IN using Parallax: your ability to see depth. As mentioned before, it has rapidly spinning mirrors to reflect images toward the lenses. The mirrors are reflecting several different images at once to simulate depth using parallax. And frankly, it looks VERY good. I feel like i’m there rather than it being displayed to me. You can’t tell me without trying it that the 3D isn’t impressive. That’s just being a bigot.

        So, I can conclude to either You tried it and you’re being unreasonable because you can’t possibly handle the 3DS’ 3D either, you were uncomfortable with the stand (which to be fair, I agree is annoying without a proper table), or you didn’t do your research and automatically assumed AGVN, a person who EXAGGERATES everything, was 100% correct.


      4. I was saying apparently because of reviews that I have seen. I would like to try it though, I’ve heard of a few games that work well for it.


      5. I’d literally suggest most of them actually. Not to mention that if you get a Flash Boy +, you can play the custom games made by the community at Planet Virtual Boy.


  1. Hey, SE…, why dont you spend your money, i duno, making a good game? You know, like Versus 13, which you cancelled, or Kingdom Hearts 3 which you conpletely ignored, or just a good game in general -___-


    1. Agreed. I don’t even like how they’re carrying out kingdom hearts to begin with. The story is a jumbled mess and Sora, to be fair, is one of the most annoying characters they ever made next to Titus- I mean, Tidus. It feels like they’re getting lazy with their RPGs because they KNOW people will automatically pick up a KH/FF game before they even know it’s a quality game.


  2. Before all the trolls come rushing in, you guys do know ignoring them is the best way of killing them off right? I mean it can’t be that hard to ignore the few dumb@sses that likes to talk Shit, just try this out for a few days and see….. Remember just ignore the idiots….


      1. You just have to not give a fukk what the idiots post, and pass the word on about ignoring the clowns, real life sux for them that’s why they become cyber dicks….


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