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Eurogamer Says Mario Has Become “One Of Those Factory-Made Annual Franchises”

Eurogamer weren’t particularly enamoured with New Super Mario Bros 2 for the Nintendo 3DS. The publication believes that the New Super Mario Bros series has now become a factory-made annual franchise which is sorely lacking creativity and originality. Here’s a few choice extracts from their review.

The shocking thing isn’t that Nintendo’s Super Mario series – once the byword for creativity, a sacred cow of game design that could reliably be expected to change everything, every time – has become one of those factory-made annual franchises. It’s that the developers working under Shigeru Miyamoto at the company’s Kyoto headquarters – the team that made this latest outing on 3DS – is now the reserve squad.

He hops and bops through retreads and remixes of his 2D heyday to a recognisable, jaunty tune, occasionally flashing a gimmick to earn the disingenuous prefix of the game’s title – but it’s Tokyo’s Mario that’s really new. Like its predecessors on DS and Wii, and surely like the Wii U version that will appear in a few months’ time, New Super Mario Bros. 2 is an old dog doing old tricks.

But the problem is that it’s not one of a dozen such new ideas in New Super Mario Bros. 2. It stands alone, exposed, and as such starts to look like a gaudy distraction from the sad truth: with this series, Nintendo is overworking one of the all-time great game designs to the extent that it’s starting to wear thin. This is a high-quality game by anyone’s standards, but that doesn’t change the fact that I spent a good deal of my time playing it feeling blasphemously bored.

303 thoughts on “Eurogamer Says Mario Has Become “One Of Those Factory-Made Annual Franchises””

      1. This is so funny, clearly Nintendo continues to make NSMB titles for the casual gamer. They are trying to gain lots of attention from casual gamers for the 3DS as well as for the Wii U. They’re probably working on ideas for the next Mario game for hardcore gamers. Think about it, my family members who are casual gamers absolutely LOVE playing NSMB Wii, they love the old school side scrolling 2D aspect of the game. I then tried to get them to play Super Mario Galaxy and they all pretty much said the same thing, “Ay, it’s too complicated, too hard, blah blah blah.”
        Because of the NSMB series, my mom, 2 sisters, and uncle own a Wii and DS, and now my mom and uncle are getting a 3DS for NSMB2. So, Nintendo pretty much figures they need to keep that “casual gamer” market by satisfying them immediately with titles, where as us “hardcore gamers” are used to having to wait to get a product. It sucks, but think about it, casual gamers are more likely to put down a handheld/console and never play again if there aren’t any games to eir liking, but hardcore gamers will not hold a grudge for very long because we live, eat, and sleep video games, we’re more likely to forgive them for taking so long and pick back up their console and keep playing.

          1. Sure, I play games 5 hours a day, write about it in a gamer blog, talk about it with friends the whole day, but I’m totally a casual gamer.

          1. This difference is, you can’t really point out “rehashing” in a military FPS when they all have the same basic premise no matter what.

            This is a platformer, which should be doing something to stand out from the others.

                  1. What do you mean “Uncharted and Tekke don’t fall into those categies?” They’re more rehash than any Mario game.

            1. God your a complete fucking idiot who gives a shit if its a platformer and shooter the point is its all the same shit all the time!! Damn sometimes u have some good points but ur a fucking idiot

      1. The thing is that we never expected much from Modern Warfare 3. From Nintendo, a company that has been making top-quality games since… well, forever, our standards for them is higher.

        That or they have something against Nintendo. (which is unlikely)

        1. “That or they have something against Nintendo. (which is unlikely)”

          hardly… this game is almost the same as the DS and wii Mario. The level design looks bland and just boring. Also dont forget the OVERPRICED pricetag on THE ESHOP. Nintendo playing it safe with Mario their mascot. Bad move. Mario games were brilliant but Nintendo lose it since 2000. Especially the gamecubes lackluster sales compared to it’s competitors.

          1. I thought sales didn’t matter? wtf.
            Super Mario Sunshine was one of the best 3D Mario games ever, the freedom and originality in that game were amazing. Galaxy on the Wii was a good game too, also pretty original and with refreshing gameplay. Galaxy 2 was a bit of a let down for me, because it wasn’t nearly as original as previous Mario games.

            I agree with the New Super Mario series… I absolutely hate them, the only part I disagree with you was this:
            ”Mario games were brilliant but Nintendo lose it since 2000. Especially the gamecubes lackluster sales compared to it’s competitors.”

            1. Lackluster sales = NO THIRD party which is what Nintendo WANT (a bit late since they lacked it since the N64 onwards) Vita is suffering from this aswell. If i was a developer and the gamecube was selling shit… I would never go near it. I would develop for a platform where I can make money. dont forget the videogame industry is a business and businesses want and need cash.

              Gamecube had its fair share of good games but not enough to dominate that gen. Ps2 destroyed it with the amount of quality games. Xbox was new to the party at the time and destroyed GC too.

              1. Lol, xbox did not beat, let alone destroy gamecube, the ps2 of course in terms of sales did, even though I preferred the gc because it had some of the best Nintendo games ever.
                But that wasn’t really my point. My point was that whenever someone who doesn’t like Nintendo hears about the sales of the wii, they say it doesn’t matter, while they do think it does with consoles of ”their” brand that sold really well (the best ever in this case :P ).

    1. My exact thoughts. One, in my opinion, lacklustre game that followed the amazing and very original Galaxies and 3D Land, and suddenly the franchise is being milked for all its worth. If NSMBU is the same, then I may agree more, especially if they pump out even more NSMB after that, but no. Currently, the franchise is still outstanding, and even NSMB2 got generally high reviews.

      1. “Currently, the franchise is still outstanding, and even NSMB2 got generally high reviews.”

        So if the reviewers told you to jump off a cliff would you do it?

        On topic: It is basically the same game with unspiring gameplay. Basically a COD for kids and nintendo fanboys

        1. No, it’s a game series that gradually makes improvements allowing people to purchase the choice of which one they want. I know lots of people who didn’t purchase the first New Super Mario Bros, but are planning on getting this one because it fits their current financial position better. If they stopped making New Super Mario Bros games, newer generations wouldn’t be interested in 5-10 year old games, meaning that the innovation from the original New Super Mario Bros would’ve completely to waste.

        2. “So if the reviewers told you to jump off a cliff would you do it?” What the fuck does that have to do with what I said in any way?

          1. Basically they sound like one of those “reviewers are 100% waste of time and you’re a fool for letting them think for you” kind of people. I wouldn’t say a high Metacritic score would be a deciding factor for myself, at least, but I would consult and compare the contents of those reviews and come to a conclusion.

            1. I suppose. I’ve already made my decision, and I won’t buy the game unless it’s really cheap on sale or something. The point still stands though that they can criticize it all they want, but that doesn’t change the fact that people obviously like it.

      2. I don’t really see there being any NSMB on the Wii U or 3DS after this as there has been a trend of one per system. (Unless Nintendo breaks that trend and if they do there will be blood)

        1. Given that, I definitely anticipate at least another 3-year break where no NSMB games are coming out. U’s use of online and 2’s DLC, it may be longer this time. It might even be possible that no new Mario platformer is announced or released in 2013.

            1. That actually makes even more sense. I was just approaching it from one angle, but that’s certainly the better one. Too, with NSMB2’s DLC and U’s online features they wouldn’t need to come out with one any time soon.

    2. What do you mean by not original? Mario is their original game. Of course its original, however its just nothing new from the last game. Not many distinct differences besides the coin gimmick.

  1. I somewhat agree, if Nintendo wants to make these type of mario games feel funnier and so on they must focus more on the bosses now.

    I’m so tired of playing through several levels in one world only to battle a piss poor easy shit boss…
    I want he bosses to have more attacks, you have to jump on them atleast 6 times not 3.
    And a bit more clever.

            1. Or he likes to insult other people for no given reason… or maybe he and his friends are having fun being together… or they are simply drunk.

              1. Well that comment was the most ridiculous thing I heard. I buy a game I expect a CHALLENGE AND NEW (the irony) gameplay. not the same Mario but with a gloss of HD paint

                1. Then why do people play Call of Duty? Or Grand Theft Auto? Or pretty much any sequel in the history of video games? If you’ve never played a sequel of a game for this reason, you’re a complete moron.

                2. NSMBU does have HD textures ;P
                  And the industry consists of sequels on sequels, so your argument is invalid.

                  I’d love to see TheRunawayGuys do a playthrough of that game :D

    1. I really considered for a long time if I should preorder this, since I already have almost the same game on my ds… In the end I did, hell I love this fomula!

    2. I think Mario needs a reboot.
      Mario is like thw Adam West Batman TV series/movie. Funny, entertaining, way too fucking old.
      Granted, I love playing the original trilogy. I LOVE it, but the newer games need rebooted.

      Give Mario more backstory, Hell, do a Mario: Origins. Tell us how the fuck a plumber ended up helping a princess. Beef him up. Make us believe he was an Ass-Kicker in his youth.

      Nintendo can do better, and this would totAlly breath new life into Mario.

      1. New Super Mario Bros was a reboot of the series. It has never been a story based game, but one where it’s simple gameplay that anyone can pick up and play. Yes, this would be a decent spin-off, but your idea of a Mario: Origins may be a good plan, but not as a reboot of the series.

        1. I know, and am not disagreeing with you, but Nintendo COULD go outside the “block” and build a back-story that never existed.
          It wouldn’t have to be complex, or even an RPG – hell, keep it a Platformer, but start Mario as something else, wearing something else. Tell us about how he got his red hat. Tell us (through gameplay, mini cutscenes) how a plumber got mixed up with Princess Peach.
          EXPAND THE MUSHROOM KINGDOM’S UNIVERSE, like they did with Zelda.

          1. I’m not disagreeing, I’m just saying that it wouldn’t fit the main series. I think it would be great to have as a game and is a brilliant idea, I just don’t know if it would work on Mario, a game that hasn’t really had any kind of backstory for 30 years.

            1. Although I’d like a Mario Reboot, Because of the Coop, I’m still buying this though. :D (NOT from GameStop)

              I wouldn’t Mind blazing through the Mushroom Kingdom again, turning everything in my path to coins! GRWARRR!

  2. Eurogamer is right. Mario rehash… Look at mario bros 1 2 and 3. all with the same title just a different number… ALL DIFFERENT. Nintendo is losing the magic touch which they had in the 80s and very early 90s before the N64 came.

      1. Dont. Mario World was and still is a brilliant platformer. Dont butcher it with a pointless sequel. Do something New and weird. Mario land 2 was weird and was a success… hell even mario land was weird!

      1. Yeah, except that that isn’t something that makes people like Mario at all. It’s Mario that makes people think the game will be good.

          1. Possibly, yes.
            If they don’t really like the game and admit it, then they are regular fans who have been let down by a franchise that has a lot of games that they like.
            If they don’t really like the game, but still say it’s awesome and refreshing and stuff, then they’re fanboys. They just praise the game for the sake of the name that it has labelled.

            And if they actually like the game they like linear, easy, uncreative games and simply have a different opinion than you and me.

    1. But the differences between 64, Sunshine, Galaxy and 3D Land are far more notable than that of 1 and 3 (discounting 2 because it was initially not a Mario game, although that’s not to discredit its existence as a quality, original game) which kinda goes to show they haven’t lost the so called “magic touch” they lost when the N64 arrived (which is a baffling concept, some of their greatest hits arrived on the N64 showing the magic was as strong as ever there). Literally the only way the Mario franchise’s innovation stagnates is in the New Super Mario Bros games, which I’ll concede are wearing thin, but when they sell so damn much it’s hard to blame Nintendo for making so many of the damn things. Yes, it’s disappointing to see them play it safe with NSMB, but considering they’ve lost stocks lately and measuring the Wii U’s potential success is near impossible, then I can’t honestly blame them from wanting to make a safe, guaranteed money maker – an anomaly in the midst of original games they still continue to produce.

    2. > Says Nintendo is losing the magic touch
      > Mario Platformers are Nintendo’s best selling games for a reason

      You couldn’t be a more obvious troll, but I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say you’re stupid.

    3. That depends on what 2 we’re talking about. I’m going to assume that we all know why the US 2 is so different.

      As for 3, while it’s definitely not SMB1, I’d call it a more defined and expanded take on 1 rather than merely different. World is most certainly different, though enough familiar elements are there that there wasn’t the same kind of backlash about 2 US or Sunshine when it came out (it’s gitten a lot more love recently).

  3. 3D Mario games aren’t the same as 2D Mario games. Mario Tennis games shouldn’t be counted in the same games as Paper Mario. They’re all very different – in such a way that it just can’t be counted as ‘factory made’.

        1. Lol putting words in my mouth… not surprised.

          Nintendo know if they add mario to a tennis game it will sell more than a game with generic tennis players.

          Same applies to wario land for gameboy.. although the game was 100% wario… they still called it super mario land 3. as a subtitle and Wario land as the main title. Even though Mario appears right at the end of the game for a few seconds

          1. No, its the same thing. From now on, every game that uses the same setting is the same, despite its genre. Games based in New York? All the same. Games based in the Middle East? All the same. In Russia? All the same.

      1. So by that logic, all Pokemon games are completely different games, nothing alike and should all be in their own serieses?

    1. They still have the same gay ass character in the game ..Nintendo needs new characters and franchises …they still re use there old shitty franchises

        1. Only Mario and Mario related games sell really well… then Zelda. Metroid does well in the west but not so good in Japan.

          Pokemon sells well but not as much as it used to with Red and Blue

          Pikmin is a niche audience. Animal crossing sold 7m across all its games… not that much. F zero sells average etc etc etc

          The only really successful NEW franchise they did recently is Wii Sports, party and all that casual crap :P

          Nintendo really need to show their three new IPs they were talking about and pretty fast.

          1. You are really moronic. The Pokemon series has been around for 16 years. Sold over 200 million games.

            The only more successful series is Mario and Super Mario. Mario having sold almost 500 million and Super Mario about 280 million. These series’s have been around for about 30 years.

            Now tell me how Pokemon doesn’t sell when Black and White haven’t even been out 2 years in Japan and about 1.5 worldwide, yet they’ve sold about 15 million copies, slightly under that of Black Ops, the best selling Call of Duty game. Shut up with your opinionated points that aren’t even true.

              1. I know, I personally find some of his comments completely hilarious with how stupid he is. The original Aeolus was just slightly cynical in respect to Nintendo, whereas the copies are just idiotic.

              1. Dude, nothing against you, but stop comparing everything with the Vita. It just gives the trolls more reason to troll.

      1. It was announced in their press conference that they are developing a whole new franchise. So don’t worry, nintendo will be there for you! And so will I….

        1. Wishing cancer on someone is not cool dude. You are a fucking insensitive prick!!!! Go and suck out your stinking mother dry out dead pussy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Piece of SHIT!!!!!!!

    1. I think there’s a milking part, yes. But I think they also greate innovative games on a more slow scale, while keeping the milking on one-game-each-year scale, chich doesn’t disturb me, as long as they keep creating new stuff like Mario Galaxy every five years.

        1. Are you serious? Keep tellin yourself that. Nintendo would not give a shit about cod. Weirdest thing Ive heard all day.

        2. I love that in posts above you were on some ones dick about comparing a shooter and a platformer, look at you now…

  4. Someones already said this but check out Eurogamers review on Modern Warfare 3. They have no right to say anything.

    But the New series is getting old, but, prople keep buying it :|

    1. Cod is still more newer every year compared to Mario ..mario – save princess every fucking time and beat all the stages ..COD – different storylines (even though the story is utter crap) and kill terrorists and troops and cod atleast manages to be fun ..Mario is boring now ..

        1. *facepalm , do you have to deny everything ? COD is still more enjoyable than Mario ..cod is more addictive,fast paced, action packed ..Mario is boring and slow and easy to finish .. And I even think little big planet is better than Mario ..

            1. Why did they add the golden leaf? I broke my original game boy because some games were crazy hard. It’s true they made that game special needs

          1. Personal opinion. Doesnt mean you get to shout it out everywhere.
            Metroid is my favorite franchise, i dont say it on every post, or say every other game is shit. Piss off.

            1. “Personal opinion. Doesnt mean you get to shout it out everywhere.”

              You can talk! Preaching hatred towards COD because it broke sales records (you mad?)

              Man you are one big fat hypocrite :P

              1. “Preaching hatred towards COD because it broke sales records”

                Says the hypocrite who criticized Wii Sports further up in the thread, despite being the best selling game in history (excluding the copies that came with the console.

          2. You think cod is harder than mario. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Its not more ejoyable than cod, you must be smoking an illegal substance.

            1. Lets be honest gamer fanboy. Mario3dLand was too easy…seriously

              Try COD on veteran or online with expert players. You wouldnt survive since all you do is play dumbed down games that tell you were to go (Casual skyward sword)

          3. That’s just your opinion. General consensus differs, look at sales. You might want to stop face palming yourself, it may be affecting your neurons…just read your past comments.

            1. Cod Broke sale records. Nobody lines up for Mario at launch anymore apart from Japan. There are plenty of copies when I go into shops or shop online…

  5. Mario is a milked franchise ..Nintendo only makes money off Mario games , other nintendo franchises don’t sell as well as shitty Mario ..the reason that Nintendo isnt changing Mario is becoz of the pathetic fanboys that eat it up and those fanboys that give them good reviews ..Mario games are lazy and the same as the others ..shittendo never does anything right ..

    1. very true. Pikmin 1 sold just about 2million copies which is pretty poor compared to other games of today.

      The only other notable franchise is zelda but SS ruined it for many hardcore gamers who wanted TRADITIONAL controls. Least TP had it for the GC release.

      Also Miyamoto is thinking of putting motion and tradtional controls. Which is why he is the only decent person at Nintendo and maybe sakurai…

      1. Most people welcomed SS gameplay changes as it added a new depth to a combat system, instead of having the same tap A, dodge occasionally. WW included the flashing A system and TP added new techniques, and SS added 1:1 sword battles, that required precise movements. In the end, if someone was a fan of Zelda, they wouldnt of let the controls (which were fine), get to them or have them ruin the game.

        1. I’m a long-time Zelda fan, and I LOVED SS’ motion controls! :D It was a whole new experience, and I actually felt like I WAS Link instead of controlling him. I could never go back to old school button pressing. (traditional controls) It fit in perfectly with the game.

          1. Well I cant. Motion gaming needs to stop. Last thing i wanna do when I am tired is move my arms about like a monkey. Gaming should be relaxing.

              1. There’s a difference between “new” experiences and unnecessary wagglefests.

                Also, calling people “lazy” isn’t helping your argument, they could very well be more fit than you, and that’s probably not hard to accomplish anyway. :)

              1. HAHA and you moan that trolls are childish? Wow just wow. And calling someone fat over the net? Is someone feeling insecure about their own weight?

                Dont bother replying…I can’t hear you very well behind those Moobs and chicken wings of yours ;)

              2. I love motion controls, but some people don’t because they don’t want a “work out”, they just want to relax and play the game. Motion controls aren’t for everyone. Weight has nothing to do with it.

      2. Skyward sword didn’t ruin anything for hardcore gamers, that’s just an opinion
        And I thought you said sales didn’t matter and didn’t equate to quality so just stop please.

          1. You have to take other things into consideration too. Like the economy. Games are too expensive for some people. SS is still a relatively new game too.

          2. It sold poorly because the age of the Wii is over. Don’t say it’s for any other reason, because we both know it isn’t.

            1. ^This too. I know lots of people that sold their Wii years ago. I barely even touch mine nowadays. If I do play it, it’s for gamecube games because they look better on the Wii.

              1. I hate all the criticism that comes to Skyward Sword because of this. I regularly play my Wii, even more than my PS3, simply because of the games I have.

                  1. There are a few, depending on what you like. I personally, play a wide variety and therefore have about 20-30 Wii games and play about 7 or 8 of them regularly.

                      1. Well the ones I play most are Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Super Mario Galaxy 2 (as I completely finished the original), Zelda: TP and SS, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Mario Kart Wii and Donkey Kong Country: Returns.

                        1. Thanks for telling me. I’ve played TP, watched my brother play Galaxy 1 & 2, and own SSBB and SS. I gave DKC:R and MK:W a try, but I couldn’t get into them. I’ve always been interested in FE, but never played a game in the series.

                          1. You’ve never played a Fire Emblem game?! For a first timer, either Sacred Stones for GBA or Path of Radiance on GC are best to start with. Sacred stones being the easiest, and PoR leading onto the Wii game.

                            1. My brother owns FE: SD for the DS, and I watched him play a little bit of it though. I’d probably be more interested in PoR I guess.
                              Thanks for taking your time to talk with me. :)

                              1. No problem, it’s always nice to chat with the limited amount of pleasant people on this site.

            2. Sadly, I somehow have to agree. The newest Mario games just don’t offer the creativity Mario games used to offer. The recent games are basically the same, just with slightly different level design (New Super Mario Bros., New Super Mario Bros. Wii, New Super Mario Bros. 2 for example). Comparing those with games like Mario Sunshine, Mario 64 and Mario Galaxy 1… Well, I don’t know…

            3. I couldn’t agree more. The whole game is a gimmick. T_T
              I’d be better if Nintendo released a new Mario game maybe every 3 years. That way, they could spend as much time as possible creating the game and working in their Nintendo magic. :)

              1. They need to stop making sequels too.

                Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2
                New Super Mario Bros. Wii, New Super Mario Bros. U
                etc. etc.

                Original experiences are better than sequels. >_<

                  1. Trouble is Nintendo lovers WANT NEW EXPERIENCES…its only fanboys who dont want change and cry when they dont get their own way…scared of change. I am glad I broadened my horizons. So many great games not on a Nintendo platform even though Nintendo have SOME (4 or 5) great games… but too much shovelware

                          1. It’s a collection of minigames when people ACTUALLY WANT A FULL F ZERO OR STAR FOX OR METROID GAME… Nintendo OBVIOUSLY want to release it at fullprice but scared it would cause a backlash..since most people think it is just a collection of minigames

                        1. They haven’t been revealed. I don’t think you understand the way businesses work with jumping out with bright new ideas and shocking the world.

                      1. Breath of life? You think unnecessary motion controls is a breath of life in a series that has not substantially evolved since OoT?

                  2. Thank you for not being rude. ^_^

                    I only play Mario 64 and Sunshine. I’ve tried New Super Mario Bros. Wii and couldn’t get into it. :(
                    I want a new experience.

                      1. Thanks for the reply, but I watched my brother play Galaxy 1 & 2 and never really felt like playing them myself. I don’t like the setting.
                        I liked Peach’s castle in 64 and Isle Delfino in Sunshine but outer space is not for me. At least not in a Mario game.

                        1. I want a new format. The next main Mario game (64, Sunshine, Galaxy, etc) should be completely different. I don’t want those games all over again but just in a different location.

                          Super Mario Diver – Super Mario Galaxy all over again, but this time instead of space, this game takes place underwater! Collect 100 Ocean Sprites , fight Bowser, then rescue Princess Peach.

                          Please don’t do this Nintendo. >_< (I dislike water boards in games too)

                      1. There were no complaints before Super Mario 64. Shut up and enjoy what you have, not complain about what you want.

            4. Ness, siegfried and wiiU's supporter had gay butt sex

              Eurogamer might be right but they are cod worshippers why don’t the say the same thing of their precious mw3.

            5. Eurogamer should check the meaning of the word annual… It will still be fun and make lots of money so Nintendo would be stupid not to do it. Some older game reviewers should realize that young starting gamers need good games too, not all of them will be eager to replay games from 20+ years ago.

            6. At least Black Ops 2 changes CoD. Sure after 5 years, but you know how they say. Better late than never. And the multi player in BO2 is also improved.

              1. Im still iffy on Black Ops 2, the E3 footage just looked boring, but the multiplayer trailer did peek my interest, with the new gadgets and equipment ect. But i duno, and i cant trust reviewers seeing as most of them gave MW3 8 and above, even though fans hated it

                1. Don’t get me wrong. I hate MW3 as much as the next guy, but what I am trying to say is that Nintendo should take a break ” New” super Mario bros games.

                    1. Yeah. I’d like to see SMW3 done in the style of SMW. Too bad Nintendo will just keep milking NSMB games because they sell so damn well.

                1. @Gamer:

                  I love the fact you completely dodged Ness’s remark. Goes to show you have nothing good to say so I recommend you shut the fuck up and finish your preorder for Mario REHASH bros 2 :P

                  or even better buy the game 10 POUNDS/DOLLARS MORE EXPENSIVE ON THE ESHOP

                  1. Im not getting new super mario bros 2. Fail. Secondly why would you compare PCs to consoles when PCs get updated all the time. Consoles get updated every 6 years or more. You fail once again. You are seriously retarded.

                      1. It’s funny aint it Ness when the WiiU was shown and fanboys were like OMFG the graphics are amaziiiiinggg better than PC

                        Then I forgot they were stuck with the Wii with a really bad video card and resolution :P so of course a lil bump in graphics made the fanboys nerdgasm, Least motion gaming kept you fit haha

                        1. I don’t recall a single person comparing the graphics of any games console to that of a PC. It’s like comparing the size of the Earth to that of the sun. It’s preposterous.

                          1. You dont even know if it will be successful seeing how its never been released. You got a source that says you can change the specs?

                          1. ironic. You told everyone omg the wiiU graphics are amazing better than current hurr hurrrrr…

                            and you call me a graphic whore? HAHAHAHHA

                            SILLY BOY

                            1. It is going to be better than current. The next playstation and xbox will have slightly better graphics again but I dont care cos im not a graphic hore. Fail.

            7. I’d have to agree as far as the 2D side scrollers go. They’re not so “New” anymore. Nintendo is making them too often. I want to see more open world Mario games like Sunshine, Galaxy, or 64.

            8. Why can’t they make a game about Waluigi, Toad or Bowser?
              Or a new game with Yoshi?

              Waluigi’s game : Something like a monopoly platforming game with a thief’s mentality.

              Toad : Considering he is like a Mini-Hulk why not build something upon that?

              Bowser : Maybe a game where he seeks to expand his kingdom into a new world ruled by a rival kingdom from some Bird like species maybe, like Rawk Hawk?

                1. Sadly, you’re right. :(
                  I don’t want to see another Mario Party game again. T_T It sells, so they’ll keep making them.

                  1. After Mario Party 9. I don’t want to ever play that trainwreck ever again. Staying with 4 and 6 until I get an N64.

            9. Mario is definitely the face of video games, but by Eurogamer stating this, it’s really no difference of a CoD or Madden game being released year after year. Now, I’m a huge Mario fan and I like to see new things in a Mario game. NSMB 2 is pretty cool, but why in the living hell would they put millions of coins in the game? It ruins the challenge for me. I want a Mario game that is at least very difficult. Most Mario games from the past have proven that. Hell, even NSMB on DS and Wii are amongst some of the most difficult titles in a Mario game.

              But that’s no different from a Sonic game. Every Zone 1 stage is generally tropical island-themed (e.g., Green Hill Zone, Emerald Hill Zone, Angel Island Zone).

              1. Good comment. Someone who tells it how it is but I disagree with the difficulty bit. Ds and Wii games were so easy. Try mario bros 2 lost levels :P hell even mario bros 1 was challenging from world 7 onwards

                    1. What the heck are you talking about? Super Mario World it’s 100 times harder than Mario 1. SMW it’s one of the hardest Mario games up there.

            10. Ugh.. they’re right. As much as I love the Mario franchise, I’m not interested at all in the NSMB2 and NSMBU. They lost my interest after playing 3D Land which was WAY too easy. They’re just throwing out games too often. They’re becoming just like CoD

              I do have to agree that they either have to gives us an actually new experience regarding Mario games.

            11. To be honest, Eurogamer is somewhat right on this one. Mario is amazing, don’t get me wrong, but there are simply too many Mario games being released recently. But I do understand why Nintendo are doing this. Nintendo makes games to make money, if every Mario game sells over 5 million copies, they would be insane to not make more.

              But this leads to a lack of innovation, and therefore complaints of games being too similar to another. This is exactly what is happening to CoD and unless Nintendo makes some changes, it is going to stay that way.

              1. I couldn’t agree more.
                I love the series, but it’s sadly being milked to the bone and the innovation isn’t the same anymore…

            12. Sales success lead to repetition, its just a bit sad that Nintendo seemed like a different company and is now trying to immitate business practices of companies like EA. Sure, it creates sales but it disappoints some fans. My only hope is that Nintendo only has one New Super Mario Bros per console (One for DS, one for Wii, one for 3DS and one for upcoming Wii U) so I suspect we won’t be seeing any New Super Mario game for some years now. Even if we see another one, I don’t think I will be getting it, just as I will not get these upcoming ones, and if I do, it will be when I feel like playing them, not when Nintendo releases them.

              1. Nintendo have always been like this. You’re just opening your eyes and for that I respect you. Let’s hope the rest of them realise it is a LAZY REHASH that does not deserve a fucking penny/dime.

                1. I agree that nintendo is getting lazy with Mario. I want to see a brand new adventure with different elements. Something different like sunshine and galaxy

                2. Don’t discredit the effort that goes into something that you don’t understand. I have seen the level design in different trailers, and I think it is interesing. The reason why I am not buying is because as a responsible consumer, I want to send a message to Nintendo, telling them that saturation of the market with sequels of a product which launch dates aren’t too far apart is not going to work for me. I don’t catalogue things like you so easily, I like to think about them, labeling products or persons is a sign that you don’t like to think…just think about it.

            13. Doesn’t anyone else see why this happened to new super mario 3ds?

              They are probably the busiest company in gaming at the moment. Not only are they making already a much better version of this game on the wii u, but they also got other wii u games that need to be ready for launch, they need the hardware to work (as in no bugs etc), they are building a new online infrastructure which we haven’t even seen anything of as yet, the os and other software of the wii u also needs to work almost perfect. Plus ontop of this they still have other 3ds games in production. I think everyone should just stop and take a step back, yes new super Mario might not be as innovative or good as its previous games but look at all the work they have done so far and still a lot more is needed if they want the WiiU to hit their goal, I think this game is/was the least of nintendo’s problem.

            14. As a nintendo fan (not fanboy, there’s a difference), I have to agree. Mario is becoming a copy and paste franchise. What happened to the days where Mario games were out of the norm? Remember when sunshine came out? I was like dang, this is different from the Mario games I played. Heck even super paper Mario got to me because it was different.

            15. I don’t think mario has lost much originality, I admit the 1 million coins idea was unoriginal, the game designs and difficulty too are let downs. But I believe Nintendo won’t turn mario into sonic (Whose biggest success in the past 15 years is a cheap and boring Olympics game). New Super Mario Bros U will be the consoles main mario game from launch, which follows in tradition of Mario 64, Mario World & Super Mario Bros.
              With New Super Mario Bros 2, we were bound to get one anyway, it seems like Nintendo wants a New Super game with each console. If they had waited until the Wii U game was released they would be looking at Christmas 2014 for the 3DS game to be developed then released. By that time sales of the 3DS would be lower than if New Super Mario Bros 2 was released now, Mario Sells.

            16. @Aeolus , LMFAO !! these nintendrones in denial are hilarious …and that ‘gamer’ guy is a full on fanboy that suck myamottos dick 24/7 .. Haha and lol how nintendorks were going…Ahh its more powerful than PC !! but it turned out to be an overclocked xbox360 LMFAO !!

            17. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

              marios are kid friendly. Why will they make a game a 7 year old will find hard. When mario has a every body can play feel. How many times do they have to tell u if ur old dont play it only if ur a true gamer(plays all type of genre as long as it is fun). It comes out during summer and its the same price as the eshop not to get retailers angry. But as far as milking 3d land was last year, and this brings a change in gameplay both games give different experiences. Not like cod d same old crappy story line and game play (great multiplayer which is the only thing its got going for it). Nsmb ds and wii were like 2 or 3 years ago.

            18. I have no idea what I just typed

              Hmmm, rated M Mario Game. Picture it, a post-apocalyptic mushroom kingdom where Mario and Luigi have to make it from World 8 to the Castle, all the while collecting guns and weaponry. The game would like 3D one that can be explored like 64 and Galaxy, and at the end of each stage there is a BAMF boss fight against some horrid mutation of humanity, not those wimpy Koopalings. I suppose it would sorta be like skyrim, but less button mashing (don’t know where how it would be unique). When you get Castle finally, you see Bowser sacrifice Peach to an even bigger antagonist. Mario gets POed and you fight a Satanic Bowser (think Final Smash but a lot more evil) who spreads his devil wings and dives into the shadows. You have to shoot him as he leaps from shadow to shadow to stun him, and when he gets knocked down you go all super-transformation-mario and engage in mortal kombat. At the end, he vanishes to dust and Mario heads up the stair to the top of the tower where he meets the one and only true evil: Bowser Jr.. After a short cutscene he absorbs the souls of Zombie Toads all the zombie enemys you encountered and becomes something unimaginable. After you beat him, Mario looks into the sunrise and a short cutscene shows him reuniting with Peach and talking about rebuilding the kingdom.

              Don’t forget Zombie Toad mode.

              Oh and you want multiplayer? Add in a truely evil wario who can ride over the zombies and a BAMF Dinosauric Yoshi who eats anything in his path. Add online too.

              1. that’s cool but i can picture this too, Nintendo is getting sue, for kids playing a M rated game made by Nintendo. They blame Nintendo because there little kid does all this crime of violence. There reputation of there whole family friendly is now gone, the consumers don’t trust them anymore due to most parent can’t tell the difference between a E rated game and M rated game.
                This is a bad as a kid playing grand theft auto.

            19. umm, so i’ve been following this site for some time, and this is the first time I ever decided to comment….and I just need to ask…is Aeolus multiple different people? or all one user >.> just curious is all…and honestly, just because he has an opinion does not mean you should attack him for it .__. IMO…but still, watching everyone get SOOO worked up is slightly humorous :P I may like nintendo..but it’s just a fucking video game company…no need to defend it 24/7 as if it were your child .__.

              1. Yes, Aeolus is multiple people, although there is an original one and the other ones are simply trolls. I too find it humorous, most of the time.

            20. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

              You sure your ok. U know aqua dude mario kart is on just one system and still sold more than cod. And if u check the sales u would see most belong to 360. Thats tell u that most of cod sales were in the us so that (japan lines up for mario is just crap)

            21. I think the issue here is, Mario has pretty much been to the outer boundaries of creativity and back again.
              With a few exceptions, he’s jumped his merry way across more genres than most mascots will ever even dream of coming close to.
              At this point, I think this is the time where Mario is “coming back to his simplistic roots and staying for a while”, before going on to new adventures.
              The thing is, there’s still territory out there for Mario to explore as far as platforming goes, but it’s going to take time for Nintendo to get Mario to venture into those new territories of creativity in a way that won’t make the effort feel forced.
              Mario isn’t done impressing us yet. At least, I don’t believe so.
              I consider this his “brief hiatus” period, where he sticks to what he’s good at instead of delving into uncharted territory, while Nintendo prepares for new leaps and bounds with the Wii U.

              Having said that, I think I’m likely going to end up getting the new Mario game.
              Coin Rush mode looks like it will be a blast to play, especially for the competitive types who like comparing scores.
              That’s not something that Mario games really made a point of, in the past, even though the possibility of it was there, so turning that into a focal point of the adventure, so that there’s more interactivity between players as far as competition goes, is something I personally think is fresh for the series, and I’m wondering if the next Mario game won’t expand upon this friendly-yet-competitive atmosphere in ways beyond Coin Rush or Multiplayer mode.

            22. I don’t what all the whining is about. They release a NSMB game for each system, its not like your gonna see another one any time soon. They do change and mix things up in NSMB every game, just cause it has the art style and platforming style doesn’t mean its a rehash. Its called a series. If they completely changed every aspect of these games, people would be freaking out with rage. And if you don’t like them, you don’t have to play them, or just be thankful your getting them so they can be over with. Three Mario games coming out this years The two on 3DS are completely different genres, while the other is on a new console. There just meant to be easy to make and also to make a quick buck so there can make more awesome games, plus they are still fun, even if it does have used material (which games have been doing since the beginning).

            23. I just wish they would stop putting NSMB’s gameplay into other Mario games as well. That’s why Super Mario 3D sucked for me, because it felt based on NSMB. Why did Nintendo have to bring back these 2D playformers anyway? They always feel so inferior to the 3D console games.

              1. Because they sell incredibly well. The NSMB DS and Wii games together sold almost 55Mio. copies. I don’t really expect the WiiU and 3DS versions to sell as well, but still pretty decent. And at the end Nintendo still just wants to make money^^

            24. I actually felt the way the reviewer did with NSMB Wii. The series really is getting old. Nintendo’s just spitting out a new 2D Mario every year, as they’re saying, while the Tokyo Mario, (the one that makes the 3D Marios) is the one that’s all-new.

              1. I feel the same way. The only Mario games i’m looking forward to are Luigi’s Mansion and the inevitable 3D game on the Wii U. NSMB got boring after the DS version.

            25. Wait… i don’t get it… This is hypocrisy. Just because a sequel to a Nintendo game is not doing a lot to differentiate itself to its PREQUEL, it’s not innovative? Well, how come we’re not asking the same question for other franchises like God of War, Uncharted, etc.? Isn’t it unfair that these games get free pass while Mario games don’t?

                1. Uhhh… I own most of them. I’m pretty sure you’re the one that needs to play them. I’m not saying they’re bad, but in terms of innovation every new instalment, they have little to offer. If you can’t accept this fact; then, you shouldn’t be criticizing Mario games or any game for that matter. If you can’t even do that, then you’re just a butt-hurt fanboy.

                2. Uhhh… I own most of them. I’m pretty sure you’re the one that needs to play them. I’m not saying they’re bad, but in terms of innovation every new instalment, they have little to offer. If you can’t accept this fact; then, you shouldn’t be criticizing Mario games, or any game for that matter. If you can’t even do that, then you’re just a butt-hurt fanboy.

            26. Yeah because every COD, Uncharted,GoW,Halo,Pokemon,Dragon Ball Z, games are so different when they come out every year.

              1. We hold Mario to a higher standard to those games. We expect him to be the leader of new ideas in an age of tired rehashes, but Nintendo just continues to go through the motions.

            27. The 2D view just stresses the fact that not much has changed more than 3D, i guess. For example if you change the setting in a 3D game from like north pole to desert everything seems so different, while in a 2D game its just the background and maybe some different textures. The innovation is the same, but the effect is far different.
              But what if Nintendo made a NSMB game thats like Angry Birds Space? I’d find the idea of putting such gravity stuff into a 2D game interesting.

            28. Back in the day, Nintendo was capable of disproving this statement. Now…they’re sure taking their sweet ass time disproving it. And that’s assuming they’re even going to at all.

            29. This game was made by younger game designers to test their skills on mario as a test. The senior Mario makers are making the wii u super mario bros so the answer is there why this game lacks a little.

              1. Plus its super mario bros a game thats been the same game for years rarely do they change the gameplay but they had chance to add something new with the coins but they failed to do but i did like the concept of new mario bros 2 but they failed at making it something new

            30. This game does seem like a rehash of nsmbwii, but what older gamers/fans seem to forget is that nintendo is also trying to reel in new fans. I know my nephews are excited for this game, being their first mario platformer they have played. If you look past the rehashiness, you find a pretty well structured, fun game. But as a mario fan, I think i’ll skip this one and wait for paper mario (and pokemon b2 w2 ofcourse, it feels like a necessity)

            31. I somewhat agree. I’m happy for Nintendo to keep making 2D mario games, but by the end of the year we will have had 4 in about 6 years…That’s very close to overkill….To be fair as well visually and musically there’s not much setting those 4 games apart.

            32. Nintendo handled the NSMB series in a completely wrong way. Super Mario Bros. 1 – 3 were all unique experiences, and so were Mario World and Yoshi’s Island. Now all the 2D titles are rehashes. NSMBU feels totally unnecessary when Nintendo SHOULD have introduced the WiiU with a grand new 3D game, not NSMBWii2.

            33. I’ll defend games like Galaxy 2 ’till the cows come home, but its like everyone can see that the NSMB games are cheap (!) experiences. There would be no problem if we got a 3D Mario alongside this, but we gotta wait.
              Needless to say, I’m not going anywhere near the Wii U NSMB- especially after another scathing review proves what I already know about these games that I want to like, but can’t.

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