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Check Out These Super Mario Bros. Piggy Banks

Super Mario Bros. themed piggy banks, which are made by Media Factory, are available for purchase in Japanese retailers. There are six different designs, each with four sound effects. When a coin is inserted into one of the piggy banks, a classic sound effect from the Super Mario Bros. series will play, including a coin sound, pipe sound, mushroom sound and a game over sound.

61 thoughts on “Check Out These Super Mario Bros. Piggy Banks”

  1. 1 friend of mine told me that pc is the best console.Is that true?Because consoles is too different than pc

    1. Siegfried Von Schroder

      PC’s are better for gaming on than cut-down PC’s (Xbox, Playstation). But arcade gaming is the best on Nintendo consoles.

              1. The PC is better if you only want graphics because you can customize your PC whenever you want with stronger parts. The reason I stick to Consoles I can’t live without my Zeldas, Metroids, and Smash Brothers.

      1. But consoles have more entertainment features like the U,you can play with your friends in your livingroom and also Nintendo always makes new controllers and both microshit and sony are still selling these unconfortable controllers.I forgot to mention that microsoft destroys the game industry if you know

        1. uncomfortable xbox controller? how is the wiiU PRO CONTROLLER? oh wait just a copy… even critics and Nintendo website editors admitted it is a copy… for a good reason


            1. No it isn’t you nintendork !! It’s the same as the Xbox controller .. How the duck would you know it’s lighter ? And more entertainment ? YOU ARE JUST FULL OF BULLSHIT FANBOYISM

                1. Wow, if your such a Microsoft fan why do you even go on My Nintendo News? You clearly have anger issues and the Pro controller isn’t the XBox controller. Your in Denial and you need to stop swearing. Swearing is never the answer and people who do it are immature and need to get a life and stop trolling.

              1. Just cause it has a similar shape automatically makes it a Xbox controller? WOW, somebody is in denial. And “nintendork”/”FANBOYISM”… really. Do you even know have immature you sound?

  2. The “Game Over” tune should play whenever you accidentally put in an arcade token instead of money.XD[Or whenever you put in a coin that isn’t from the place you live in? Dunno.XD]
    I know I’ve mixed the two up in my pocket sometimes, back when I was a kid.XD

      1. Yes because COD IS SOOOO related to piggy banks for Nintendo fanboys…

        Your fanboyism is just as bad as WII MIII UUU REVOLUTION

        1. Aeolus quit bitching around and be serius because video games with high violence are dangerous for our phycology and for everyone.Also pc,macs and computers shouldnt be for video games and they should be for serius buisness or jobs.Computers are destroying the game industry and if you don’t believe me then you are more than just stupid

          1. computers should be for a little enterteinment too with the internet browser and other stuff except from gaming from big companies and not fanmades

            1. You are fuckin retarded , back in the 80s computors like the commodore 64 were meant to play games and PC has ALWAYS played games .. PC isn’t destroying the game industry ..pc have their own advantages and so do consoles ..and violent games ? Watz so bad about violent games ? In Mario you jump on peoples heads ..shooters arent the only violent games don’t play violent games coz ur a pussy ..quit being such a fanboy

            2. How old are you? I suppose I’m a Nintendo fanboy myself, but you’re defending them and making stupid accusations, whilst at the same time embarrassing us Nintendo fans by… Just plain being stupid. What’s your reasoning for ‘Computers are destroying the game industry’? Not that I like PC gaming myself, and I prefer Nintendo consoles but you are giving guys who don’t like Nintendo fans more fuel by being stupid an immature. Anyway… I thought the same thing, the boxes look pretty lazy :s They probably cost loads also…

          2. So… I play GTA for an hour and then I suddenly want to go out and kill thousands of people, blow up cars etc. ? Makes sense.

        2. Aeolus , don’t you hate it when ever someone hates on Nintendo and the nintendorks start talking about cod and violent games LOL ..

  3. There’s too much hate in these comments. Normally I don’t say that about anything but Jesus. Who cares if you like consoles or PCs better.

    I love those piggy banks though.

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