Ubisoft has released a new trailer for ZombiU at this years Gamescom event. ZombiU is currently exclusive to Wii U, but Ubisoft has hinted that it may come to other platforms eventually. The game is due to launch alongside Wii U this Holiday season.



  1. Such a snoozefest. Sony’s Gamescon > Entire E3 and everybody else’s conferences.

    So much new IPs and hope for Vita owners being restored that everything else became utterly irrelevant.

    This is what true handheld shooters should be, with dual sticks.


            • Eh with the 20 dollars extra it is still much cheaper than the Vita only with no memory card or games. I think shooters are made for consoles and handheld games voor handhelds and thats why the Vita’s failing. It also isn’t about graphics you know? And first play some Resident Evil Revelations with the CPP before you bash the 3DS’ graphics power. If you like shooters on a handheld so much, go play Resistance Burning skies with a average of 5,9 in Metacritic. You don’t belong here.


              • And still much crappier hardware than the Vita. The Vita’s lineup is taking a huge shit all over the 3DS and only blind fanboys are denying it after what was shown at Gamescon. I got my 3G Vita with a 8GB memory card for $254, which is well worth it rather than a single stick turd with barely better than PSP visuals, horrid battery life and virtually no decent multimedia features.

                Resistance Burning Skies was the work of Nihilistic, nobody likes those developers. This is a game coming from Guerilla, who only sells quality in the form of the console Killzones.

                I conclude that a quality handheld experience is found on the Vita, not on the Mario rehash device with shovelware and mobile phone ports.


                • Once again, but I don’t mind you because all Sony zombies fail to understand this: It isnt about the hardware specifications, it’s about the games. Why don’t I play PC? Because it has no God of War, Uncharted, Mario, Zelda and much much more.

                  It is a matter of taste isn’t it? Why do you think Mario sells well? Because people love it. You may call it a rehash, but those people are enjoying every second of it right now. I’m a big Nintendo fan too but I’m not into the New super mario brother games. Games I have for my 3DS: Kid Icarus, Metal Gear Solid 3D, Kingdom Hearts, Mario Kart 7, Pushmo and Colors 3D. I’ve hours and hours on my 3DS and I think this experience isn’t possible on other devices. You prefer the Vita because of it’s superieur graphics and power, but I think you’ve look beyond that. There is a reason the Vita’s selling pretty weak and the 3DS very strong.


                  • 3DS only has a bunch of predictable rehashes, ports and 1-2 original titles. So no, the games argument doesn’t matter when the Vita isn’t a year old yet and is already catching up in software. This seems to be a PS3 and Wii scenario, and we TRUE GAMERS all know which console has the better games.

                    Preach a new story, rather than the same fanboy one.


          • It seems that the vita has been made irrelevant, not too much support even at E3 hear couple names at gamescon and fanboys get hype like “this’ll put vita back on the map!!!” no it won’t and to do a quick comparison of vita and the 3DS on a Wii U video shows that u were really looking for attention I for one found this video far from boring, Wii U not only a better system but a better buy all together, want to use the excuse (yea I said it excuse) that u can take the vita anywhere then I argue that with this Vita is behind GameCube already did the handheld console combo deal we are for the most part off that (check vita’s outstanding remote playable games out now) the Wii U extra screen is integrated in the controller. On top of that i don’t know about u but Im not trying to buy a Ps3, ___enter game here, a Vita that’s just as expensive,____enter game here vita version, to get the same experience I can get with just buying a Wii U


    • I rather play it on a console. But good for you, for believing in hope, in a hopeless situation. Vita a good handheld device. It’s should be treated as one. But 3ds omg talk about a gaming handheld.


    • if i wanted to play a shooter id buy a vita however i’ve come to the realization that most shooter games suck therefore vita is a no go. also nobody fucking cares about the vita it failed its done get over it lmao


      • when i hear about vita i allways ask. Can you play the vita games on my psp Go. No but sony made it with false promise & hardly deliver anything to that shity handheld. Is the vita going to be the same or worst? I belive so.


          • Well the original ask the question. If the wii can play wii u games so im ask you, a dumbass question. You belive my trolling question dumb but the one to start dumb question was the original aeolus. As obi wan ask before, who more foolish? the fool or the fools that follow him?


      • Excuses, 3DS sucks and Vita’s getting all the quality games rather than reskinned DS titles and mobile phone ports.

        LOL, where’s your dual analog and actual online network?



    • Hey PSV is very nice… you put your finger in the main screen to realize a command and… ended up being blinded by his own hand. Thumbs up to Dual Screen.


        • It just bun you pussy hole that all the other posters them have a point!!!!!! Go fuck yourself you stinking troll.

          3DS is better than Ps vita…. Millions of people agree…….. your opinion dont count here. Stupid troll ass!!!!

          Get N or get the FUCK OUT!!!!1


          • Shut the fuck up you stupid piece of shit, go jerk off with your Wii dildos too, you never have good arguments. You’re a big fucking joke and what’s worse, you’re associate with the most embarrassing “group” of humans on this planet who haven’t invented anything. Go die in a fire and see who gives a shit.


            • ha ha ha hah a hah ah ah ha ha hah ah ah ha hah ah ah ah you sound like some 12 year old…. who invented something…. ha ha hahaha.. what about reggae music and dancehall music that your country a dead over!!! ha ha hah ah ah ah ha h ah ah you go and die.

              Yea we like wii what’s wrong with that? Is that a crime? Go suck out your mother stinking dry out done out pussy with a straw upside down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Faggot virgin SHIT!!!

              Get N or get OUT!!!!!


        • lol, you still can’t see shit because you have to put your hand on the unique main screen that PSV has, great idea do that… This is the true FPS for PSV… LOL


  2. i know this is the right place for this, but can someone please help me decide. I had a dsi XL but it wont work. The top screen doesnt work so now i want a new handheld BUT i also want the wiiu. It looks so hot but i also got a wii a couple months back. IDK why i just did. NOW i get games via gpt sites (you do surveys for prizes including gamestop giftcards) and its hard getting those giftcards. Im crying for a handheld (3ds XL) but then i dont wanna feel left out with a wii when ppl got a wii U. AND i know i can get 1 now and the other later BUT it would be another year until i get another system.


    wii u +games = half a year of hard work THEN i can start on making $ for a handheld

    3ds Xl +games= about a half year too to get the games and then get $ for Wii u.

    So either way i would get the other system by waiting ATLEAST a year

    Also, the 3ds xl will be good to get when im bored in school i can play some mario. So im not sure, im just bored. Please help me with this!


  3. @sickr
    Can you ban wiiU’s supporter who has this nick name or something like this if you press the right gravatar:peter1uss?This guy has overdo it


  4. Am I the only one who thinks that these graphics look like Wii graphics? Besides that though this game looks like a lot of fun. Can’t wait to play it.


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