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This Is Why Nintendo Is Not At Gamescom 2012

Bergsala PR manager Patrik Johansson explained why Nintendo will not be making an appearance during this week’s Gamescom in Germany. Johansson says that while Gamescom is a fantastic event, Nintendo is not attending because it’s planning several sampling events in which consumers will be able to participate and play upcoming games.

“Whilst Gamescom is a fantastic show. Nintendo has taken the decision not to attend this year’s event. Instead Nintendo is planning a number of sampling events later this year inline with the European Marketing-, PR- and Event-activities in which Nintendo´s fans will have the opportunity to play upcoming games. Further details will be announced soon.”

96 thoughts on “This Is Why Nintendo Is Not At Gamescom 2012”

  1. Nintendo will reveal the secrets of the Wii U on their own terms, when they’re ready. And not a moment sooner. They’re really playing it close to the vest with this one. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. Right way around* and the majority of Gaf agrees.

        Unless you want to tell me what Nintendo could have shown that could’ve bested Sony’s performance. Wii Fit U? More Mario? No? Okay.

        1. The majority of GAF are currently too busy pissing themselves laughing at how awful COD Vita looks to care.

          1. I agree, that actually does look shitty. Of all developers they chose Nihilistic? Same awful looking engine and from is seen so far, doesn’t even look like 60 fps. Cancel that disaster, KZM looks far better.

              1. Sir take it easy why fight over old tech, console are for poeple that cant afford anything else like you. Im happy with my Gaming Rig (PC) its all about what you like if you like PS3 thats your problem dont make it everybody elses problem it makes you sound and look stupid. Talk about being a caveman, Where in the Modern age and if you try to fight about how bad PC is then you most be the stupidest person on Earth.

            1. Gee, Nintendo must be crapping themselves. Seriously, i like Sony, ive owned every home console playstation, but i dont get how theyre gona last. Both Nintendo AND Microsoft skip Gamescon and they dont bother to try anything?

              1. I like how you listen to an obvious Nintentard who didn’t watch anything, I listed most of what was shown below.

              2. don’t listen to whoever that dyke is all in all there was nothing shown to get naked about fuking dyke she’s probably one those nintendo is doom haters fuking dyke

                  1. aeolus what did we talk about -_- stop and go to a playstation site if u hate NINTENDO so much Y THE HELL ARE U HERE U IDIOT THIS PROVES U LIKE NINTENDO BECAUSE U ARE HERE DUMMASS IF U HATE NINTENDO LEAVE

          1. …Did you even try to watch a recap of the conference?

            In a nutshell, they detailed the anticipated Vita releases. ACII, CoD: BO, LBP Vita.
            Explained “Cross buy” which gets you a free Vita version of select titles compatible with it for PS3, Sly 4, Ratchet and Clank, PASBR.
            PS Classics coming August 28th.
            Announced Killzone Mercenary for Vita.
            Tearaway – a New IP from Media Molecule for the Vita
            Cross-controller play.
            New IPs for PS3 like Rain, Puppeteer, Until Dawn.
            More Wonderbook stuff, but actually some interesting content shown despite being obviously for kids.
            God of War Ascension
            The Last of Us

            Some other things I missed, but you can probably find a recording online.

              1. It is, that’s an amazing bargain. It already happens now with Sound Shapes.

                Nintendo should take notes and do that for the upcoming SSB games.

            1. Meh, cross buy just proves how pointless the Vita is. Its supposed to be a unigue system yet it has the same games as the ps3, buy you have to spend another $250. Also, i dont get how Sony is going to afford doing the cross play feature, theyve already lost alot of money, and theyre basically giving out Vita software. Looking forward to a new Ratchet and Clank though, will check out Rain ect.

              1. You’re very, very, delusional if you firmly think that’s the objective with your first sentence. Actually stupid, because I bet you think Wii U is more of a better concept.

                And you don’t get how they’ll afford it? Uhm, the copies are obviously digitally focused, which doesn’t cost much of a thing to distribute rather than retail titles.

                I guess I shouldn’t have expected any amount of intelligence out of you.

                1. Let me add to this, so is the 3DS a unique system when at around the same time it just had ports or reskins of old titles? In fact the 3DS actually has a hell of a lot more ports than the Vita does, but that’s a different story. Is Nintendo any better with Smash Bros on both Wii U AND 3DS? Along with “multiplatform” Wii and 3DS titles which basically winds up with a watered down version on the latter?

                  This is why your argument is terrible, and incredibly hypocritical. There’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with sharing games across two platforms in the same family. If you guys like Nintendo for doing it, so can Sony do it. The latter of which now seems to be making it cheaper by giving you a free copy with save transferring.

          2. They actually showed some pretty decent titles. I didnt watch myself (unfortunately) but there was PS All Stars, Last of US, <3 Killzone Mercenary <3, LBP, AC III liberations and so much more! The only downside was CoD for VITA.

  2. do we really need the same games on ps3 and vita i see what ur trying to do sony but dame oh by the way what are they trying to do wit vita just asking homies

  3. Im happy with nintendo’s switch to nintendo direct as opposed to venues. Direct from nintendo, no confusion, less speculating, and hopefully directly to our gaming consoles. It’ll also make nintendo accountable for those of you with a “glass half empty” perspective.

    1. If I recall correctly, the last Nintendo direct was available for viewing on the Nintendo Channel and the eShop, so they’re already doing a great job communicating news directly to system owners.

      I do have to say getting word straight from Nintendo isn’t always clear, as was proven by last year’s E3 conference. Sure we ultimately solved the problem of people thinking it was a controller for Wii, but it was still on them that the confusion was created in the first place.

    1. They are, so it will be yet another venue to try the system at. Nintendo’s definitely got something up their sleeve for the first half of September, if not earlier.

  4. Nintendo’s secrecy is starting to annoy me, even though its a semi-smart business move, I just wish they’d tell us more about wii u already. I’m tired of waiting in between nintendo directs.

  5. Sorry, but that’s the most stupid explantation ever. Gamescom is the biggest gaming convention. They have the biggest exhibition area and they break records after records when it comes to the number of visitors. And now they are seriously telling us that Nintendo decided not to attend because they’re planning something else? Sorry, but Gamescom was the very best chance that was offered for Nintendo to bring whole Europe close to the WiiU. This was such a bad decision of Nintendo. But honestly, that’s nothing new lately. Nintendo is doing a lot of disappointing decisions recently. I really hope that they will soon turn back into the company I truly love.

      1. Nintendo should care, since Europe is the place where the biggest fanbase of Nintendo lives. After Japan, that is.

      1. I don’t need to know what they’re planning to be able to tell that the decision not to attend Gamescom was one of the worst decisions they could ever make. Especially when they have a whole new system coming up.

          1. Get your facts right, Nintendo was at Gamescom last year.
            And I don’t really see why Nintendo Direct is relevant in any way to this topic. Nintendo Direct is not even slightly as known as Gamescom is here in Europe, therefore it’s not watched as much as the Gamescom is visited, not even a bit. Hundreds of publishers, companies, journalists, video-game based website owners/admins and much more go there and attend all the conferences. I don’t think that it will leave a very nice impression on everyone when Nintendo isn’t even attending the world’s largest gaming convention.
            Oh, and please don’t be surprised afterwards when Nintendo doesn’t get as many 3rd party titles as they need, because things like this are exactly the reasons why Nintendo’s systems may not get the 3rd party support they would need.

  6. guys NINTENDO is smart we all know that and now everyone just trust NINTENDO because they have never let us down and i don’t think there going to let us down now right


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