GoldenEye 64 Multiplayer Was Built In A Month With No Approval

Martin Hollis, the director behind the acclaimed GoldenEye 64 told attendees at GDC Europe that the incredibly addictive multiplayer component was built within a month, and had no prior approval from the management at Rare, or Nintendo.

“It was done without the knowledge or permissions of the management at Rare and Nintendo, he laughed, noting that if the team had not put it together on the sly before showing it to management, there’s no way it would have been allowed — the game was already late as it was.”



    1. No, that’s not why. Nintendo prides itself on quality, and never hesitates to delay a game for that reason. Nintendo takes longer than Rare making games sometimes. They sold them ’cause their games just weren’t selling anymore. And they used that money for bigger and better things (I think Retro Studios was part of that).


      1. Nintendo was offered to buy the 51% too, they chose not to and then Microsoft did it. Nintendo’s own fault.

        Also: Thank god they did that multiplayer in, it’s legendary.


  1. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but some of the greatest memories of the 5th generation of gaming were built in a month.

    Seriously, this is amazing, makes the game even more epic.


  2. In a way, this was an extremely successful case of indie development (since it was done out of Rare mgmt. and Nintendo’s view).


  3. Maybe the management leaders etc etc should listen to their employees from time to time.
    I bet I’m one of the many millions that enjoyed the multiplayer part at the time ;)


    1. Yet Nintendo are the same people responsible for games as highly rated as TLoZ OoT and Super Mario 64. Eh, all to opinion. I feel Perfect Dark is better than Goldeneye, though.


    2. Couldn’t agree more. I have never played another multiplayer game that could beat goldeneye007. There are good games out there but not as good.


  4. niiiiice! I loved Goldeneye, that was an awesome multiplayer game! Guess being able to make a game without the permission of the companies are sometimes a great idea.


  5. God….could you imagine Goldeneye without the multiplayer? Do you think the industry would have taken a slightly different turn?


  6. Well I think everyone would agree it was a good idea to go behind Nintendo’s back and do this. It worked out well for all involved. Leave luck to heaven.


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