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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 For Wii U Shows Up On Resume

So far, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has been announced for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, but there have been hints that Activision’s upcoming first-person shooter would be coming to Wii U. Most recently, a Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for Nintendo’s forthcoming console shows up on an Activision quality assurance tester’s resume.

117 thoughts on “Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 For Wii U Shows Up On Resume”

      1. Unlikely, you’ll probably get one of those horrid N-space games.

        If the Vita’s “version” looks this bad, expect infinitely worse if there’s a 3DS one coming.

      2. you know, its Nihillistics fault, thats why graphics and gameplay will be more shittier than Resistance, they made the resistance too and its mediocre according to IGN, Metacritic and others. N-Space used the full power of DS, hell DS Version of CoD is probably better than the PSVita one, graphics wise, DS is worse but gameplay matters, who cares about graphics, BTW I play CoD in DS and i have the XBOX one, id play in the xbox,

    1. Call of Duty is like the song that’s always playing one the radio. Everyone listens to it, it gets old really fast, and there is a new one just like it every year.

      It kind of puts all of us in a trance. No lie that it has addictive game play. But id rather play a more immersive, deep game.

    2. You’re not alone. I play Black Ops (not MW3) and plan on getting the new one for Wii U. Then, I will never need to play on my xbox again! (Unless Halo 4 is huge though…)

    1. Actually, Treyarch has shown some love for the Wii in the past and added more control options. Treyarch is more of an innovative company than Infinity Ward will ever be.

        1. I doubt any Call of Duty game will be as well made as Black Ops. I mean, I personally favour the first Modern Warfare, but Black Ops is by far the best of them to date.

        1. Yeah, because people were expecting it to -___- U4 is going to look like shit on next gen consoles, stick to U3

              1. You were clearly saying next-gen consoles, which you can’t prove if Epic is developing that engine for those devices and PCs in mind.

                What’s disturbing is they’re not officially support the Wii U with it, and their statements about third parties porting are nearly the same thing as UE3 on Wii back in 2006.

                  1. U4 looks like garbage the Square Enix’s Engine looks like a masterpiece. I know graphics aren’t everything but U4 got too much hype for what it was. Now I’m wondering if the Square Enix engine will run on the Next gen console including the Wii U

                    1. The art used for that UE4 demo IS awful, they could have done a better job than that during their presentation. I guess they were in a rush to show something at least.

                1. It’s just one engine. I know it’s used quite often in games on PC, PS3 and 360, but since when did that ever reduce the quality of some of the games on the Wii? Epic has never really supported Nintendo consoles, so why start now?

  1. Blackops 2 will be amazing ;) it’s funny how u Nintenfags diss cod ..yet ur excited and happy its coming to the gaytendo wii u .. Hypocrites much ????

        1. Dude why are r u even on this site? I’m pretty sure that there’s something else that you can up with other than trying to upset dedicated Nintendo fans. For your info, Activision has always brought a COD game in some fashion to the Wii, the only flipside is that the game would always be a watered down, half-ass version from the HD versions due to the fact of the Wii being underpowered. Why wouldn’t us Nintendo fans be excited about Blacks Ops 2 coming to the Wii U, especially when this COD game is going a new direction? We’re thinking of many new cool things that the gamepad can provide for innovative gameplay. Also it’ll be the 1st time that a COD game will be in true HD on a gaming home console. So there are plenty of reasons for us Nintendo fans to happy for Black Ops 2.

          1. It’s because he is actually Nintendo fan and wants to know wants to keep up with their news. He just also happens to enjoy trolling people as well.

    1. There has been one or maybe two people on this page complain about Call of Duty coming to Wii U. Also, it isn’t like all these “Nintenfags” are asking for the game, it’s being given. That doesn’t make them hypocrites.

  2. Screw the Wii U version, I’ve been craving a first person shooter on the 3DS. yes, I’m very comfortable using the stylus to aim.

      1. That’s from those Resistance developers. The game actually looks nearly identical to it, come to think of it…

        Killzone is going to tear that crap apart.

            1. Well that wouldnt seperate it from the ps3 games? Its only a minor thing, but its there, least it makes melee combat a bit more interesting and engaging

              1. No, if it’s forced onto you, it’ll be as annoying as hell, with QTEs based on swipes and craps, can’t tell how many times I died from that horseshit in Uncharted as opposed if it were to just be a button press combination instead.

                I don’t see why you think handhelds have to be different from consoles. If it’s counterintuitive, that’s not a good way of differentiating yourself from the “big boys”.

                Tl;dr. They don’t HAVE to remove it, but making it optional would be a wise choice, it’s that kind of junk that made Uncharted and Unit 13 (at least from my demo experience) more annoying than it should have been.

      2. Yeah, but that’s because the Vita’s control paradigm is nigh identical to a PS3 control, with some extra inputs like the touch screen and reverse touch pad added in and used… well, rarely. It has purposes, as does the DS, but I feel like the DS is stronger for touch-screen-based viewfinding: at the very least, you don’t have to block your damn view in order to use the touch screen.

      1. A stylus is has more accurate aim than an analog stick. If I could play call of duty the way I play Metroid Prim Hunters…

          1. How on earth is in not more accurate? You get the precision of a PC mouse on a resistive touchscreen with a stylus. As for comfort THAT is debatable, but I didn’t get uncomfortable playing FPS games on the DS unless I played for several hours

            1. Because it depends solely on the touch screen and the size of the screen.

              You try playing a FPS on the DS’ tiny screen with a stylus and tell me that’s “accurate”.

    1. Meh, i think FPS games arent a good mix with handhelds. Unless you went for a more art/cartoon style like Team Fortress, that could work

  3. Only the ps3 and WiiU version? So clearly the WiiU has features exclusive to the system.

    Im still not sold on this game. I love Modern Warfare 1, but hated everything after, alot of the ideas they talked about did interest me, and showed they didnt want a repeat of the last games. Only time will tell i guess

        1. Just because they’re asking for testers on the PS3/Wii U version does not necessarily mean you should expect “Exclusive things” with the latter, this could be for a host of reasons since PC/360 versions of multiplatform games are -usually- dealt with first.

          At best, you’ll get some map functionality and maybe, just maybe, some gamepad screen usage in killstreaks. Which imo would be interesting; something about controller a drone or bomber and raining heavy artillery death on everyone in the palm of my hands just sounds too silly to pass up.

          1. Right, theyre testing the ps3/WiiU at the same time, or near enough. Why not the 360 or PC? Why is the WiiU being tested if it doesnt have good features. Treyarch already know and said that the WiiU could advance the COD series. Like you said, it could be simple like having a big map, which would be good for the UAV ect, but could be done using the pad to control a drone, or look at it to make accurate airstrikes, predator missles, all that stuff, it would be so much easier.

            And, also, while its unlikely, they may have figured out, or have been told about the possiblity of using the gyro for aiming (yes it can be done, all you need it a point to set it from) and it would be gimmicky motion because youre barely moving and you can sit wherever and however you like, but like i said, i doubt it

            1. Mind you, due to processor differences, perhaps they’re just looking for extra stability on the PS3/Wii U. Just look at how Skyrim on the PS3 turned out, that game is still a broken mess even with their attempts at patching it.

              And gyroscope aiming..? Eh, I’d rather they use the Wii remote. Can’t think of much use of Gamepad gyro controls here, maybe if it was Battlefield.

              1. Well darksiders 2 developers said it designs were similar to the 360 in terms of how easy it is to put it on the console.
                And the motion would be no different than it was on Skyward Sword when using the bow ect, as in imagine the wii remote is in the middle, except youd have much more stability, which would be great for a game like this

        2. Why bother asking him to?
          It’ll just be another post that can easily be summed up to “I think it’s gonna suck simply because it’s on a Nintendo system”.
          That’s the continuous logic of most Aeolus posters.
          They might as well be their own Troll Sub-Category by now.

                1. Had what coming?\
                  Your pathetic attempt at making me feel bad?
                  If you think you’ve affected me, I think you’re due for your daily dose of disappointment.
                  You’d have actually garnered some respect if you had just left it at that, but you just HAAAAAAD to open your mouth and toss the opportunity away.
                  Not that you care.*eyeroll*

                  1. I didn’t need you replying for me, I knew very well what I was going to reply to him with. With a snarky response like that, you couldn’t have expected good things out of it. Stay out of the way, and you’ll be subjected to less verbal abuse, something many other posters can’t seem to figure out.


      1. better be, i saw it at E3 trailer and man it looked so realistic, it will be my first COD game so it better not be a port.

        and it’d work amazingly with the wii u pro

      2. Why would it be watered down if it can handle the games better than the ps3/360 (dont say the EA sports games, thats just lazy development and you know it)

        1. Well, who’s to say lazy development haven’t stuck a chord with Activision? Just look at who they got to develop the Vita’s Black OPs game.

          Wii U development is “allegedly” easier, but time constraints may very well have it watered down in some areas if they’re completely new to the hardware.

          1. It wont be, ever other multiplat is either equal, or better. The fact they have people coming to test it shows they at least care about what people think of it and aim to fix any bugs

    1. That bullshit on the the Wii only happened because the Wii never had a proper, robust online system. The Wii U will.

  4. does anyone else feel disgusted when they see their wii’s? The wii u is gonna be 100x better :) the wii looks so shitty compared to the wii u, big improvement!

    1. No, I’m proud of my Wii. It survived six years of being the “weakest” of the game systems and yet it still is the one of my four home devices that I play most.

      1. yes, the wii was nice while it lasted. I play smash bros on it still, brawl is amazing. Cant wait for it in HD :) but it looks so, tiny ._. compated to the wii u

  5. I would like to see a 3DS version of BO2. It would look like the Wii’s COD games if they did it right. It doesn’t even have to be in 3D. That might even help it power wise. All I’m say is that if they make a DS version (why) and not a 3DS version then I will be somewhat mad.

      1. the DS versions are really crapy. The controls are shaky, All MW3:D had was a short campaign and a crapy online multiplayer. Plus they lag.

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