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Mother 3 Finally Coming To West?

Kotaku editor Stephen Totilo asked Nintendo president Satoru Iwata if Mother 3 would ever come to North America. Iwata replied by saying that he recently spoke to Earthbound creator Shigesato Itoi about the popularity of the Mother series in the West. During his conversation with Totilo, Iwata did not rule out the possibility of a Western release for Mother 3 – so maybe the game will eventually come to Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console.

Stephen Totilo: I would be remiss in not telling you that some of my writers would like to play another Advance Wars and they would someday like to play Mother 3 in America… [Iwata writes something down] … Whenever I ask Reggie about Mother 3, he says, ‘ask Mr. Iwata.’

Satoru Iwata: “Just yesterday, before I left from Japan, I met with Mr. Itoi, who is the creator of the Earthbound series.”

Stephen Totilo: “Oh, I know. Are we ever going to get it?”

Iwata: “And, yeah, accidentally we were discussing that there are huge fans from Western countries for the Mother series.”

Stephen Totilo: “So, someday? Someday?”

Satoru Iwata: “[laughs] Thank you. Great to see you!”

140 thoughts on “Mother 3 Finally Coming To West?”

    1. Put Mother 3 into the eShop as a Virtual Console title. I don’t want a 3DS remake but rather a full sequel. I need to know what happens after Lucas awakens the Dark Dragon!

      1. What do you mean? We already know. when it says ‘end?’ you can look around (aimlessly) and talk to characters. “It was nothing short of a miracle, no one was hurt”

        But, as much as I LOVE Mother, I’d rather there not be ANY development of more games without Itoi. He’s a genius.

        1. The ending wasn’t exactly clear to me when I played it a few years ago, and I believe the question mark at the end of “End” implies the story is somehow suppose to continue. Yes, “no one was hurt” but it looked like the end of the world to me.

            1. It’s a perfect trilogy, what’s canon need’s not to be messed with.
              Then again, the non-canon “Mother 4 – the fangame” looks unbelievably promicing :p

              1. As much as I love the Mother series, the last thing I’d call it is a “perfect trilogy.” The first two games have a ton of things in common, while the third one is almost completely it’s own thing.

                And yes, the Mother 4 Fangame looks stellar.

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      1. Get cancer.
        Also, I have no further interest in Mother/Earthbound unless it’s a new game. I’ve played the other ones, don’t plan to pay $15 to play it on the 3DS.

        1. I’m guessing you didn’t pay for it in the first place, so what exactly do you have to bitch about if it’s sold for 15 bucks on the VC?

  2. Hm, avoiding the question… I’d imagine he wouldn’t strait up say “No”. It’d be awesome if it did get released here. Even if it’s just Virtual Console. I know it’d sell some consoles here.

    1. That’s kinda what the Japanese do. it’s rude to say ‘no’ in their culture. So, when they can’t be positive on something, they avoid the question or play around. For example, if I told someone to eat crap, they’d have to reply with something like ‘I don’t feel like it’ or else it would be considered offensive.

      1. That sounds like he is saying it won’t come then… Never played it and it hasn’t really interested me, but there are lots of fans in NA from what I’ve heard.

      2. maniax300 doesn't feel like logging in (LOL)


        In japan at a japanese restaurant.

        waitress: will you like crabs with that too?

        iwata: [laughs]

        either that or he will pay for it.

  3. Hopefully this is true! I have never played Mother/Earthbound, and I really want to try it out, I have heard it’s a great series, and I have heard a lot of it in Smash bros., hopefully we cangive it a shot!!!

    1. Dud you missed out on one of the best series in gamin history!!! I say you need to download the emulators, fix a shit-ton of food and drink, plop down in front of your computer, and indulge in this masterpiece of a series! It’ll leave you doublin over with laughter, on your toes with excitement, and dramatically in tears with sorrow. Gawd, they should just make a Anime series of this trilogy

      1. But seriously, if this game does get put into the Virtual Console worldwide and sales are great, it’s likely they’ll make a sequel. That’s what happened with Sin & Punishment when they brought it overseas via the Virtual Console.

        1. If the game,(assuming that it comes out in America) does well then Earthbound,(Maybe Mother 1+2?) will get a re-release. If the sales of both are very good then it might be possible that a Mother 4 could come out. Maybe it could be overseen by Itoi. But, not made by him.

  4. the thing is the popularity of the mother series in the west has gone up since the initial release of earthbound because of ness’s appearance in ssbb and the internet sharing the goodness of the game

    1. the problem with today is the west is trying to isolate from JP, look at JP rpgs are not selling well( i may be mistaken); but the western gamer only care about FPS and bloody M rated games.(well most of them are drones…)

      1. It really isn’t so much like that anymore. I mean, of course JRPG’s don’t sell nearly as much as FPS and other games here like GTA, but over the last 10 years, JRPG’s have gained a lot of popularity, especially thanks to games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Pokemon.

          1. Are you serious? Almost all gamers I know that actually play RPGs occasionally know about this game. It’s got so many fan translations, but is so wanted.

              1. It’s like that everywhere. I said the people I know who play RPG games all know about the Mother/Earthbound series and want Mother 3 to come to Western countries

    1. Original Game:
      Japanese name = Mother
      English name = N/A

      Second Game:
      Japanese name = Mother 2
      English name = EarthBound

      Third Game:
      Japanese name = Mother 3
      English name = Hopefully to be revealed soon!

      1. Nope

        Original Game:
        Japanese name = Mother
        English name = Earthbound Zero (look it up)

        Second Game:
        Japanese name = Mother 2
        English name = Earthbound

        Third Game:
        Japanese name = Mother 3
        English name = Earthbound 2

        I guess this make sense and mother 3 was considered the second earthbound game.

  5. I think you’re blowing this small exchange of words way out of proportion. Iwata didn’t even so much as hint at this possibility. He simply acknowledged the large Western fanbase of the game, which many of the big players in the MOTHER series and Nintendo have acknowledged over the years – from series creator Shigesato Itoi, to producer Shigeru Miyamoto, to Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata, and even Nintendo of America’s Reggie Fils-Aime. They know that the fanbase exists, but it doesn’t help the fact that Nintendo has no plans for MOTHER on our side of the world.

    (also, some credit to the artist who created that featured image wouldn’t hurt:

  6. Please. PLease. PLEase PLEASE@@@ OH GOD PLEASE@@@@@!!w!@#e I beg of you! DO IT! BUT PLEASE PUT IT OUT ON AN ACTUAL CARTRIDGE!

  7. I’m sorry to say everybody.
    But EarthBound is NEVER gonna come to the US.

    There are too many hoops to jump through to make that happen.

    This was not a teaser, this was Iwata just making conversation.
    Don’t read to close to it. It aint gonna happen.

    But Advance Wars has a chance!!

    1. earthbound i do agree is not coming due to some music

      but Mother 3 i believe has no issues and due to the fanbase in the west they could earn a good amount of money and make fans SO HAPPY


  9. YES!!!! I seriously have it opened up in VisualBoy Advance right now… and I’m almost to the end! BUT, please Iwata, please bring it here! I will buy a 3DS just for this.

  10. It’s because of Reggie that fat bastard !! He is the reason it isnt coming to the west …he just dosnt want it to arrive to the US ..So there !! Shitendo hates their fans ..

  11. Please remake this. Some parts of the world unfortunately don’t even have access to the freakin’ E-SHOP /:

  12. I honestly wouldn’t mind it not coming out, because they would probably have to change so much of the game it would lose a lot of the charm.

    The fan-translated rom patch that came out a few years ago would probably be superior because of it being more true to the original, and they would probably be asked to remove it if the game was officially translated and released outside of japan.

    If they translate it well without changing to much, it would be great! but I have my doubts that will happen.

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  14. So what does this imply? Would it be a completely redone game for the America’s and would come out for the Wii U? Or would it just translate the Japanese dialogue to English and allow purchase on the 3DS e-Shop? Either way I would really like it as Ive never played the Mother series.

  15. All I have to say here is fuck you Iwata. When will you ass holes swallow your god damn pride and get this series international?

  16. A million times yes. But my suggestion is remake Mother 1 and 2 with updated graphics (Like Mother 3’s) and make Mother 1 more player friendly and not-so clunky. And then put those games alongside Mother 3 as one 3/DS game.

    1. They did redo Mother 1 more player friendly on the release of Mother 1 + 2. I played through that whole game just fine in that version.

  17. What they need to do is release all 3 one after another or a triple bundle one and see the Nintendo servers crash from the insane amount of downloads. :D

  18. its so obvious he was just avoiding saying no. Dont get your hopes up people, infact just expect that this wont even come out.Nintendo wont risk sales, not after earthbound poor sales here.

  19. Damn, stop using misleading titles on purpose. This is no way or shape suggests that Mother 3 is coming to the West. This fucking site man…

  20. THAT would be epic, but you guys could edit the game, like including the deleted sprites the gba version didnt had, put giygas too cuz he was meant to be in the game but it wasnt because of the gba technology was too limited, besides Mr.Iwata you have more game space on virtual console so you could edit the game to include the sprites and giygas and even give the game more look or a total make over


    1. RE: Thank you for your comments. People here tend to take sides, which is fine, but they also amusse certain results are good.But as a practical matter, the most extreme cases of depreciation are not good in any respect. Either they are extreme examples because the initial prices was too high, or because the subsequent price was too low, or both. The things that cause those extremes are typically the types of things no one would think was good. The buyer being fooled as to value. A bank being caught in a scam. An owner trashing their own property to harm the bank. Defects in construction or condition that result in damages to the property. A bank marketing a property poorly. As you note, in most of these cases there is a human element with a lot of emotional distress.

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    1. It would be bananas, in a good way. I have a feeling the result of that conversation was why we got Earthbound on the Wii U Virtual Console. So maybe if that sells well, then we’ll get Mother 3? *crosses fingers*

  23. Y’know, Nintendo, it’d be a great idea to promote a Mother 3 remake/rerelease to coincide with Lucas in Smash Bros 4. Just saying.

    Earthbound only sold badly in the West because its marketing was terrible. Put up some halfway decent marketing, and M3 will sell like hotcakes. It’s already pretty popular here.

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