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Mew Pwns The Other Legendary Pokemon

There are a total of 47 discovered legendary Pokémon, and 35 of them participated in The Pokémon Company’sPokémon Power Bracket.” The finals are over, and Psychic-type Mew is victorious over the Dragon/Flying-type Rayquaza. Because Mew had the most votes during the tournament, it will be recognized on with a special homepage takeover for a week. And a digital prize pack will be given to everyone to download on September 6th.

105 thoughts on “Mew Pwns The Other Legendary Pokemon”

      1. Mewtwo is not a real pokemon, he was design by giovanni using Mews DNA. So he shouldn’t even cound as a legendary.

    1. Idk if you havent noticed but Nintendo spams the hell out of Mew events and there is ways of getting one with out an actual event. You can get one from my pokemon ranch.

  1. Mew was so much fun to catch in red blue and yellow. Trying to figure out what worked and what didn’t. Finding out your friend lied to you and that mew isn’t under the truck. Good memories.

    1. Bop Bam Boom!!! Those 3 are soo cute ^-^ My favorite legendary(s) is/are Regice and Articuno. I guess I have a thing for Ice types?? Bing Bang Bop!!!

    1. I still have the ones I acquired in previous generations from events, I was able to transfer them all the way to Diamond. :)

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      1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

        well done sikr. you have made your site officialy the best place for nintendo news. now trolls can be defeated once and for all. is there a certain amount of downvoats which will auto hide comments ??? or are you going to manualy hide ridiculous comments ???

          1. most of them already do!!! that was the problem with this site.
            it is by far the best place for nintendo news along with nintendo everything , but was plagued by trolls unlik wiiu daily .

      2. Genesis does what Nintendon't

        Why did I just imagine a evil cackling laugh. Oh well, at least siegfried will no longer be around for now. ^_^

        1. It doesn’t need to stop you from posting.
          It just needs to bury the idiocy spewed by the trolls.
          And trust me, there’s enough people who are sick and tired of the troll comments here that, were it implemented, the thread would be filled to the brim with auto-hidden comments by same-said trolls.
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      3. About time you did something to stop them.

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    3) Really even as a Nintendo fan, Sony is a better competitor for Nintendo as a gaming branch with great products; forget the copies of Nintendo greatness Sony does.
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    1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

      take ouya out of your post , and i totaly agree :D . were usin ouya’s right now !!! they are called personal computers !!!!

        1. they can play the DS and Wii for the next 6 years :).
          3dsxl , wiiu , pc , ps3 , 360 for me and some retro’s.

          i dont see ouya as a threat . but i kinda do aswell .

    2. #1 I can’t agree with Halo being a Metroid clone. Especially if you take into account the various power-ups and the 2-D versions before this, not to mention the storyline and characters present.
      That’s not to say I like Halo much, just that I don’t see the similarities between them other than comparing the 1st person shooter element of the Prime series to it.
      #2 Good point.
      #3 Opinion is as opinion does. I personally own both a PS3 and Wii because both offer games that I simply cannot get on the other.
      If the Wii U solves this issue by drawing in multi-platform games, though, then my PS3 might see a bit less play time in the coming years.
      #4 I would not be surprised if Microsoft made the 360 their last leap into the field of console gaming.
      Their sales in PC’s and other software/hardware would still always be there to make them a profit so it’s not like dropping out of the race to focus on other ventures would ruin them.
      I’d feel sorry for their fans, though, because the exclusives might go away with the drop-out, so solely based on that, I’d like to see them make one, even if it’s just a small upgrade to the 360.

        1. Aeolus comment was part of a thread that was deleted as it had no relation to this particular post. The thread split when it was deleted and the comments became their own thread. I’ve deleted the comment to save him the embarrassment of so many downvotes. It was my mistake for not deleting it earlier. It appears as though there’s no autohide on the comments as the commenting system is static HTML rather than javacript based. Still, it will deter people from posting unwarranted comments and therefore receiving lots of downvotes.

          1. Well, this is certainly better than no vote system at all, and as it’s your website it’s your call as to what to include, but I would recommend looking into a system that hides a comment if it receives more than 25-30 down votes.
            That way there would be no need to say “hopefully”, since you would know that comments people don’t want to see would not be seen.
            I mean, think of it this way; the entire goal of a troll post is to keep responses coming for as long as possible by posting something irritating, right?
            Auto-hiding comments would eliminate their source of amusement far sooner rather than the current system.
            Right now, a troll isn’t going to care about down-votes; it’s the thrill of pissing people off by having a visible, antagonistic comment on the page that keeps them going, and down-votes without a consequence for getting a certain amount serve as little more than a way to let them know they’re getting attention.
            If you auto-hide their comment after a certain amount of down-votes, the attention disappears and their source of amusement vanishes.
            Just sayin’.

            1. Obviously autohiding would be better, but I’m afraid the commenting system as it stands doesn’t support that. I’ll see how we get on with the new rating system for the time being.

              1. What Sosukebzr said.
                Thanks for taking the time to talk with me about the system, clarification of fine details like this always shows that you’re truly putting forth an effort for the sake of the site, and believe me, it doesn’t go unappreciated.^_^

  4. Bippity Boppity BLOP! YAYY! Mew is sooo cute. I’m glad he won. Can’t wait to download a special Mew on September 6th!!! Bop Bam BOOM!!!

  5. Just to make things clear: Aeolus did respond to a post which contained a link to some webpage! But this post seems to have been deleted.

  6. ahh i love all of the first generation pokemon, except execute i always encountered them in the safari and it got me so mad as a kid, also will this event be avalable to diamond pearl platinum or soul silver?

  7. -_- obviously a gen1 pokemon is going to win with all that nostalgia going around… if it was based on who would win in an actual battle this would be complete bullcrap

  8. That’s the way it should be. Mew is the original legendary Pokemon imo. I personally think it is still the strongest Pokemon in the Pokemon universe. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. …yeah, about that strongest Pokemon thing…it isn’t.

      The most powerful legendary in terms of stats is Arceus, closely followed by Mewtwo. Mew has identical stats to Ditto – the powerhouse that it is – so it’s not that brilliant. It’s more for nostalgia value than anything else that it was voted so high.

      I would’ve voted for Deoxys if I knew this was going on.

      1. I know all that. I wasn’t talking about stats. I think Mew is the most powerful, but also the most mysterious. I don’t think we’ve ever seen it go all out in a fight like the others. It’s got a lot of hidden power.

  9. why even mew will be jacked by arceus toughest pokemon ever he has not been discovered until…. ARCEUS AND THE JEWEL OF LIFE MOVIE where he comes through a portal and kills dialga garintina and palkia cause arceus is creaor of universe and he has a force feild so mew cant beat him

  10. well mew sucks i hate mew and jigglypuff and arceus cant be defeated he got forcefeild and he is the creator of pokemon universe and he took out dialga,garintina,and palkia!

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