Nintendo is holding a Wii U event in New York on September 13th. According to an anonymous tipster, there will also be a Wii U conference in San Diego, California, next month. But that conference may only be for Nintendo representatives instead of the press.



        • Im not buying this to me its not about graphics or gameplay nor gimmicks. im happy playing wii, who cares about graphics amiright? wii us for graphics whores and gimmick monkeys. im happy with the wii it will still get support and wii outsells wii u cause its the best system since peanut butter and jelly. wii has more gamez and replay value. nintendi screwed themselves cuz they mqde the best selling system wii too good for it own good , so good that im not buying wii u nor anything ever again. im not desperate to abaondon my wii wii for wii cuz of graphics andupad apple


          • no thats bullshit. the wiiu isnt about graphics. it just has graphics suitable more for 2012. HD graphics. the wii is still awesome yes. bu the wiiu has a wii built in . so it can do everything the wii can and a TON TON TON more. so if i was you i would be looking forward to the wiiu , which is the new nintendo console. games will have nince graphics and nice nintendo gameplay.
            and you can play wii games on the gamepad screen.
            basicaly when wiiu comes out . the only people gunna be playin wii still are little kids and people who have no money.


            • I reckon i will partner. hey iwata imma buy me wana dem wii us ya hear me boy and im funna get me one fer mi papi . well i thinking its time wego our way stranger fo imma smoke me a fat one dem tumble weeds and listen to them dixie chicks


  1. They never will give the release date and price they will have the conference and then Reggie comes up and says “it will be released this holiday season”and he will say its $600 and that’s it …You guys are getting excited over shit coming out of an ass


  2. I like how everybody goes on about the wii U having old tec , at least with the wii you did not have to worry about moving the furniture to play the games ? and when the xbox did turn on ( when it never had ring of death ) you have to pay to play on line

    OH and this might be what your next gen xbox has

    if thats next gen I think I will stick with Nintendo or sony


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