Conker 64 Developer Working On iOS Game

Chris Seavor, the project leader and game designer of Conker’s Bad Fur Day, has announced that he’s currently working on a brand new franchise for iOS platforms. Details of the project are admittedly rather scarce, but Seavor says that the game should launch on iPhone and iPad sometime next month.

“These are a few of the protagonists…. Actually it’s pretty much done, just about to go into alpha test…… The target audience seem to like it; kids who don’t mind wasting hours on mindless collecting things. I’m not claiming it to be anything particularly ground breaking, just my take on a old favourite genre.”



      1. exactly, and this news is from neither a nintendo game or a Nintendo Studio.

        Rare is no longer own by nintendo incase you didnt get the memo


      2. Bro when you click on this site from google it says Wii U and Nintendo 3ds news, I don’t give a damn what the url says.


      3. Need I remind you all you have a choice which Blog Posts you click on? Nobody said you had to click on this one and read it. I personally found it interesting, and it’s good to here one the old Rare Developers is getting back into Game Design, even if it’s just a small game for IOS


  1. Am sorry this is ridiculous. i personally dont understand why dis is here its not nintendo related and dont tell me they developed on the 64. ios is not a relevant nintendo platform( ds,3ds,wii wiiu heck even a nintendo remake). This is just not anything to be talked about the game that they are developing might have nothing to do with nintendo. Think sickr why dont u say capcom making a new ios game after all they worked on the gameboy(zelda). That does not make any sense


    1. Chris Seavor was the guy who turned Twelve Tales into the fantastic and creative Conker Dad Fur Day back on N64, it was Rare days, in Nintendo’s home. I know, he’s not on Rare anymore, it doesn’t belong to Nintendo either, but he is still that guy!


  2. Dont think am just a random guy av bin coming here 4 more than 6 months and this is bad . They have been some terrible post over time but just wanted to give you a the benefit of the doubt cause not easy to run a site. But at least take some tips from (ign nintendo) websites or magazines . And do a better job am not an expert but i visit other websites and i wonder if you do too. I wonder if this can be posted on a (ds 3ds wii wiiu) forum


  3. Cause its your does not mean its right that just dumb . Then why do you complain the wii was crap, shovel ware or whatever you call it . It nintendos console the can make it anyway they want. Get your head out of the clouds


    1. Shut up , stop impersinating ness you nintendo dick sucker , wii u is a casual system and will get blown out of the water by the ps4 and 360 , and it will NEVER come to the inferior wii u piece of shit


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