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Kid Icarus Uprising Is Apparently $15 At Best Buy Tomorrow

A member of the Cheap Ass Gamer forums is reporting that Kid Icarus: Uprising for the Nintendo 3DS will be $15 tomorrow as part of the Deal of the Day. Those of you that have yet to purchase the game for your Nintendo 3DS now have no excuse. The game also includes the Nintendo 3DS stand which can be used to prop up your Nintendo 3DS to get arguably the best experience.

165 thoughts on “Kid Icarus Uprising Is Apparently $15 At Best Buy Tomorrow”

    1. wow!!!! if that is true then that is the best bargain of all time.

      the 3dsXL on the stand playing kid icarus is an eperience like no other !!!!

      the game for me is perfect. but has controvertial control’s. 9.8/10 .

      stunningly epic game .

      1. They should be begging us to take that pile of broken shit off our hands. 40 bucks now15 what a slap to the face of people with common sense or lack thereof who bought this garbage that took 2 e3 to make and was still fucking broken. Fuck microsoft makes games faster with less gltichy. Nintedo you lazy fuckng bastard ut hey keep releasing those easy to make copypaste formula rehases never get tired of the mario party 2016 or mario racing 456 or new old super mario 1236 or zelda copypaste ocarina of time part 5698

            1. No I don’t think any of us will because Sony is spawning more and more retards as you blatantly prove w/ your ignorance.

        1. fuck off. kid icarus is one of the best game i ever played.
          it isnt broken unless you are a tard who calnt try something new.
          the stylus is exactly the same as a pc mouse.

          the game is cotent packed more than most console games.

          just stfu. at least nintendo titles are unique unlike all the generic shite you see on the 360.

          games like ”sniper , shooting lord , dungeon extremity’s , dark ghouls , sword and bladez 12 , ogre punching 2 , tyrez and smokez ,
          ciggs and spaghetti etc etc etc XD.
          they are just mindless shit with no imagination copying original ideas off everybody else.

          nintendo’s titles are the sort of games which single handedly created or broadened genres.

          they arent ‘rehashes’ or unoriginal they are the real deal and unique .

          mario >>>>lbp smash bros >>> psas , mario kart >>>> lbpk
          zelda >>>>> darksiders and everything else .
          kid icarus uprising >>>>> the entire xbox 360 library.

          have fun playing ” mall smash ” and ” darkageddon” mindless prick.

          1. Oh hey fucker you forgot to add fables,bttf,gears of war,starwars,metal gear collection hd, gta to name a few oh and the arcade classics limexmen and the simpsons lol enjoy mario same old shit. Old kid icurus maybe but new one suck fable puts it to shame.

            Have fun playing pokedex 3d lmfao LAME

            1. metal gear HD collection and GTA i have on ps3.

              everything else you mentioned is shit.

              fable 3 is just a fail troll of a game.

              halo 3 (back then) halo reach and Forza 3-4 are the ONLY games worth playing on 360.

              everything else is on the more sophisticated ps3 or pc .

              xbox 360 – noobcake kid trolls. i seriously gave a 360 to my little bro . its embarassing .

              ps3 , wii is all you need . and a pc and a 3ds. and some retro’s .

                1. i aint trollin dick face. i am the biggest nintendo fan of all time.
                  read my comment Mickey mouse .

                  i said i think the xbox 360 is a piece of crap with noe exclusives.
                  i play atm , 3ds , wii . my favorites .

                  and also some ps3 and pc .

                  i hope you were talkin to that motherfuker above me .

                  1. Yet iwata wanted but failed to copy the xbox live experiance lol have fun with your so called mediocre online system. Oh and stop copying xbox controll if its so bad. Xbox is kicking sonys ass if they used blu ray sony wouldnt be here anymore. Take tylenol your displaying symptoms of el butt hurt

              1. True it was short but it innovated as it was thefirt console game where your actions actually impacted the game and gave a big freedom of choice which zelda never did. Skyrim stole some concepts from fable….Just sayin

                1. Skyrim copied fable…Dude the decision thing started when Morrowind was made which was in development before fable 1 First rpg on xbox D: thetheththexbox

            2. Now i played fable. I liked it… but i beat it in two days. all you do is do what youre told and follow a line. starwars is from a movie (great movie btw) gear of war is like MW, “Oh look im hurt! Better hide behind a rock for two seconds!” :P And come on, smart glass? looks pretty stupid to me. youll need a lot more than 2 hands with that thing!

        2. A. It’s has no glitches.

          B. It’s everything except copy & paste.

          You’ve gone to straight up lying… Or you seriously never had a clue to begin with.

          1. Every game has qn explotable glitch mr dummy. Kid icuris was full of them making the game either hard to beat or easy.
            Even ign mention bow it felt like god of war meets final fantwsy with q mix of kingdom heart …Strght from the horses mouth.

  1. I want to get this game, so listen please!

    So if Deal of the Day is tomorrow, does that mean I can order KI:U ONLINE and still only pay $50.00? It would suck if that deal was only retail. I hope Best Buy will have lots of copies for this game, because I want to get it at $15.00!!!

    1. i know!!! this game has infinite lasting appeal though. i will be playing kid icarus uprising for the next few years. it is that good.

      it is one of the best game i have ever played , by far. presentation , graphics , gameplay , difficulty , cheesey loveable japanese story and voice acting .

      all magnificent. except some noobs calnt use a fucking stylus.

      the stylus affords more precision than a second analogue does. i mean wtf ???

      1. Yeah, i was muc more inpressed than i thought i would with this game. Im hurtin down all the achievement and doing the levels on a difficult at 7 or higher is brutal haha the controls are great, i use the stand, its so much easier, and more comfortable. Best thing about it though is the writing and dialouge. Its hilarious, geniunley funny, and i cant help but be distracted at the funny faces sveryone pulls on the bottom screen xD 10/10

        1. yeh the soundtrack sends shivers through me its that good. because i know in years to come i will look back at this game and the music will bring it all back!!!

          and yeh playing this game with a stand is an excellent experience. its playable without a stand. but the stand is awesome.

          hey even other games are awesome on the stand XD. i sometimes play on the stand it’s cool and its the perfect resting place for the 3ds (XL)

          10/10 .

    2. I personally doubt that there will be a “squeal”. Although, I think that a side story about Magnus throughout the 3 years of Pit’s absence would be nice. Since there hasn’t been a lot said about him in the game and I think his character and even his connection with Gaol could be brought up widely in a new game.

  2. I highly recommend this title, it’s an absolute blast to play and looks great on the 3DS. I had a little trouble getting used to the controls, but once I did I was hooked. Easily one of my most favorite portable titles of all-time and I’ve been at it since the Gameboy in the late 80s!

  3. Will this be an online or in store only deal?
    This is why I like purchasing things from Best Buy, they price match. I bought a week ago online New Super Mario Bros 2, Kid Icarus, and Kingdom Hearts 3DS, paid 110 bucks total = price matched mario at frys for 29.99 and also got 10 percent off additionally off of the two additional games because of toys r us buy 1 get the 2nd one 40 percent off, they would not honor the 40 percent but did give me 10 percent off the two additional games. I called best buy online yesterday wanting the 3rd game free because of their buy 2 get one free promotion going on at best buy now, so I got the cheapest game for free(New Super Mario Bros 2), I also price matched kingdom hearts 3ds from gamestop for 29.99 so in total got 38 bucks back and change put back on my card. Will call tomorrow and get the additional off of kid icarus, all together spending 48 bucks for 3 games is pretty darn good :-)

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  5. If you want this game, get it. GET IT. DON’T SAY NO TO ME. IT IS A SICK GAME.

    (why did I buy it a month after launch? Could have got it for 15 $makarooz at best buy.)

    I h8 trollz who like micro$tuff and yony

  6. Kid Icarus: Uprising was a FUNtastic game on the 3DS. Although the play contol and graphics are OK and forgiven, the storyline and voice acting were great… especially the voices of Antony del Rio and Cree “Medusa” Summer.

    Definitely a must purchase – 9.5 out of 10

    1. graphics ????? kid icarus uprising has absoloutly stunning graphics.

      i mean how can you complain about them ??? pushes the 3ds almost to its limits.

      the reason it doesnt look as good as say resident evil revelations , is because kid icarus is stuffed to the brim with content.

      graphics =9/10 complemented by perfect use of 3d .

        1. what ???? the 3ds has already way way out peformed the ps2 LOL!!!!!

          resident evil and kid icarus shit all over the ps2’s graphics.

          snake eater 3d = a ps2 game with enhanced graphics in 3d.

          dont be fucking stupid. the 3ds has out peformed the wii and xbox 1 with resident evil revelations.
          it doesnt take micheal patcher to see that Resident evil revelations has indeed way better graphics than an xbox 1 and wii . and its 3d.

          you sir just lost. your a noob who calnt afford a fuking 3ds XD!!!!!!

        2. Let’s ignore the fact that you just spouted a steaming load of bullshit and instead focus on the other problem w/ that burst of fanboyism: Graphics don’t make the game, fucker.

  7. omce you get used to the controlls and tweak them in the settings (I have sensitivity at max. and slide at min.) this game is a complete blast! Deffinately a must-have if you own a 3DS.

  8. This game isn’t even worth $15, this game is so awful that anyone who want’s to spend ANY amount of money on this horrible piece of bargain bin trash must be mentally retarded.

        1. nope. thats a shit game full of gimmiks made on a low budget.

          resdent evil revelations , kid icarus uprising , kingdom hearts DDD , 3d land , mk7 all way more high profile games than ‘uncharted golden piss’.

          the ps vita will never get any triple A games because nobody gives a shit.

          all it gets is embarassing watered down turd.

          nothing unique or cool on that thing .

          rendering games in 3d like resi rev or kid icarus is just as expensive as making QHD games on vita . if not more expensive .

            1. Fuck you! You’re the hypocrite who compares a Lara Croft wannabe to Nintendo’s frachise character. Your ass is already hotter than a 120 degree weather. EXPOSED TO THE EXTREME!!!!!

        2. Really? Cause I tried Golden Abyss at Target and found it to be an unplayable mess. Shows how fucking retarded Sony’s fanbase truly is.

      1. As a kid I like adam till i found out he was a fucking kike jew i hate his ass. I was never trick by a jew guess sandler and his big nose should have been clues

        1. Hey Muppetshow… shut the hell up. Nobody gives a shit about what you think so stop kissing the graphic whore’s ass OK?

        2. If you can justify how lbp,little deviants and some of sony’s other ips aren’t gayer than mario,then tell me.

        3. I like Nintendo too. They make a lot of great games. Mario’s is always fun as is Zelda. This game though? Not so much. Horrible controls with even worse dialog.

          Fuck this game and fuck you faggots who fight over consoles like its national policy.


    1. gamespot is a pile of horse shit. and this review is horshit !!! 8/10 ????

      mmmm NO!!!!!! this game is very special and deserves 9.5/10 .
      easily. the content , the online , the graphics , the music etc etc all perfect.
      only the controls are ‘controversial’ .


            1. fuck off ‘wii tards” . listen the xbox 360 is the most childish console out now. only fucking 10-16 year olds play that thing.

              everyone else is playing ps3 , wii , 3ds , pc.

              its a fact. the 360 is just millions of young COD and halo players.

              about half of the worlds 360 population is 14 year old cod fanboys.

              most immature console award goes too ”xbox 360”.

              the console for everybody goes to ”wii”

              most mature consolee goes to ” ps3 ”

              most inovative console goes to ” wii ”

              best exclusives goes to ”ps3 / wii ”

              most useless console which a gaming pc can do virtualy everything it does goes to ” xbox 360 ” . baby’s console .

    1. I’ve played it on my 7 year old cousin’s 3DS and the game is defanitly one of the wrost games to come out in 2012. Horribel controls gay kiddy charectars and garbage multiplayer.

          1. Witcher 2 is dogshit compared to Nintendo’s franchise character. You just can’t stop the franchise so your time is up… the time is now!

            1. I don’t need 2 stop this frachise becuz nintendo is already confirmed to not be making another kid icarus for at least 20 years! LMAO! They can’t let any other franchises get in the way of their Mario milking.

              1. Quit being a sore loser, troll, and get the fuck over it. Never compare a game for graphic whores to a game with a franchise character. Pit is franchise, Mario is franchise, Samus is franchise. The list goes on and on…

                  1. The only Fisher Price console that we know is called an Xbox 360 Kinect. You can play games like Disneyland and Sesame Street. I’m sure you’ll enjoy playing these games you fucking fairy!

                            1. Hey… Dickinthebooymaster… SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!! Nobody wants to listen to your ignant ass at MyNINTENDONews. You don’t fucking belong here, loser. Good day Kermit!

          2. This game is epic.
            – The conversations during gameplay are an ADHD (myself) gamer’s dream. Can’t get boared with colorful banter going on all the time.
            – Voice acting is phenomenal.
            – Controls are groundbreaking, combining iOS and touchscreen styles perfectly.
            – graphics and characters are genius.
            – $15 bucks is a steal. I still play this game 4 out of 7 days a week.
            – high replay value.
            – beautiful levels. UNIQUE levels. Not the same shit over and over. Every level has heart and soul in it.

            If you’re on the fence about this game… Get off the fucking fence. If you gave trouble with the controls, grow a pair of gamer balls and ADAPT. Once you understand the dynamics, you will truely wonder why these controls are bot mainstream yet. I’m sure iOS/Apple are trying how to use the same style without buttons.

            This is a game-changer. Kid Icarus Uprising is o e of the games WORTH $40. At $15, you owe it to yourself to give it a go.

            1. For a huge lizard/Dragon, my spelling isn’t too bad.

              Maybe after I defeat Mario, I’ll have time to improve my spelling skillz.

              I’ll MAKE princess Peach teach me how to read and write! ;) Once I secure her in my castle again, or win her as a Mario Kart bet.

            2. Completely correct. Besides all that you mentioned, the story is completely unpredictable and twists itself over and over. The multiplayer is also fantastic when you actually know how to play. I meet up with friends to play it nearly every month. Weapon building is great and there’s nothing quite like whacking your three best friends with a Skyscraper Club.

            3. well said. in the west at least , this is THE most underated game ever made.

              at least in japan it got a perfect score from famitu magazine , which along with ign is the best review source on earth.

              in my top 20 games of all time . easily .,

            4. Best quote in the game:

              Palutena: “Pit, you sure are good with your bow.”
              Pit: “Yeah, I used it back in Brawl.”
              Palutena: “Oh no, you were in a brawl? Did you get hurt?!”
              Pit: “No, it was a smash.”
              Palutena: “I didn’t know you got into a melee.”
              Pit: “…well, that’s because I didn’t.”

          3. I would get this game IF this deal was during Labor Day, since it’s a normal school day tomorrow I won’t have time to get it, oh well…

              1. well i am 21 years old. i have fucking loved nintendo since playing the SNES and Gameboy.

                what do you have to say to that ??? i also love and play playstation.

                but nintendo is , was and will always be my favorite gaming company.

                dude , grown ups like nintendo to . deal with it. your the immature prick attacking the worlds greatest gaming company on a nintendo fansite.

                grow a pair of nuts , have sex and fuck off .

              1. i just bought demon’s souls at bestbuy and groceries at target

                how is “nothing open” on labor day

                maybe like small businesses or something

              1. We pay more than 120% of taxes over the product real price. CONSOLE games are not tagged as ”software” here, they are ”gambling” (what a joke)
                Only PC games are cheap, cause they have investment from government for research. A single game can cost 1/3 of our monthly minimal wage!

          4. Damn I wish we had that price in Australia. Aw well, still by far one of the most enjoyable 3DS games I’ve played. Hopefully when Sakurai finishes Smash Brothers, he will then make a sequel. But yet, I doubt it :(

          5. That’s it! Everyone who has a 3ds, but don’t have KI:U need to get off their butts and go to Best Buy to get this game! Even though its well worth $15 dollars :/

          6. Just got the credit for this game put back on my credit total was able to get three games(New Super Mario Bros 2, Kid Icarus, and Kingdom Hearts 3DS) all for 49 bucks total, thank you best buy price match!

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