EA’s president of labels Frank Gibeau thinks that now is the worse time to embark on developing new IP’s for current generation consoles. Gibeau believes that developers should wait for, what he says, are the spectacular next generation consoles.

“The time to launch an IP is at the front-end of the hardware cycle, and if you look historically the majority of new IPs are introduced within the first 24 months of each cycle of hardware platforms. Right now, we’re working on three to five new IPs for the next gen, and in this cycle we’ve been directing our innovation into existing franchises.”

“But, if you look at the market dynamics, as much as there’s a desire for new IP, the market doesn’t reward new IP this late in the cycle; they end up doing okay, but not really breaking through. We have to shepherd the time that our developers spend, as well as the money that we spend on development in a positive way, so we’re focused on bringing out a bunch of new IPs around the next generation of hardware.”



      • Those real devices won’t be spectacular, either they’ll be really strong, and nobody will buy them until a year or 2 after the launch, or the tech is in the range of the Wii U and maybe somewhat above, and be priced fitting for the consumers.


        • Which will inevitably be a repeat of the Wii, which gathers dust in your closet once the novelty wears off and third parties only shit out last gen ports with menus on the controllers.


        • This

          Look at the 360 sales as of the past few years. These people wont buy a nextbox. And these arent all casuals, people are just going to feel cheated. The ps3 can last for a good 2-3 more years. 360 is jus trash though, it needs an upgrade as much as the Wii does, but unfortunatly for the “gamers”, it wont be that great visually, slight improvement, it’ll be aimed more at casuals due to the success of kinect and microsoft lack of real interest in gamers and will cost at least double that of a 360.


          • 360 sales are doing fine, and they’re only slowing slightly because everyone who is smart enough to get one: has one. It’s also 7 years old. You expect a 7 year console to still be selling millions of units per month? What are you, high?

            PLENTY of people will buy the NextBox. The massive success of the 360 ensures that, as do all the exclusive IPs that sell ridiculously well. You personally may not like them (because you’re a Nintendo fanboy and can’t imagine playing anything else), but that doesn’t negate the fact that millions upon millions of people love those exclusives and will want to continue playing them on next gen XBOX.

            Try being a REAL gamer and giving each console a chance, instead of sticking to one and saying all the others suck just because you don’t have them.


      • how do you know ??? maybe they just mean they will be multiplat once the 720 and ps4 come out. and they dont intend on releasing them on wiiu just yet.
        even if the wiiu gets ‘graphicaly scaled down’ versions.

        once 720 and ps4 arrive. i expect the wiiu to recieve some big multiplat titles off them . they may not look quite as good.
        but they will look awesome and have gamepad features etc etc.

        in all hinestly i am excited for the 720 and ps4 , just to see what they have come up with in terms of specs , price and innovation .

        i know you think its gunna be some $700 6ghz 8gb RAM beast.
        but you’r wrong , lol.

        probs like a 4.0ghz 4GB RAM etc for a cheaper price .


        • Wii U is garbage which only Nintendorks are hyped about.

          For everybody else it’s either an “impulse buy” or “I’ll stick to my PS360, thanks”. Go look on any real gaming site and not a Nintendo blog, you’ll find that to be the scenario with the majority of posters.


          • BS , do you just make things up for your own pleasure ???
            the wiiu isnt even released yet , and a lot of people are talking positivey about the wiiu , just as many positive people as there is xbox and sony fanboys.

            obviously a load of xbox and sony fanboys are gunna talk some shit about the wiiu , U MAD ????

            that doesnt mean anything though.

            the wiiu will still probably outsell the failbox 720 and the psvita4 .

            nuff said. expect to see some multiplat titles of a decent quality on wiiu , good day to you sir/troll .


        • Wii U is rubbish which only Nintendorks are hyped about.

          For everybody with half a brain, they’re sticking to their current consoles or it will be an “impulse buy” at best.


          • You just proved your stupidity. No-one can deny, that visually a PC is faaar superior that consoles ever will. The game do look better on PC, and not because of upscaling. The PC has plenty of good exclusives like TF2, all the MMO, RTS, Diablo, then they have Steam. And in terms of “exclusives”, the 360’s are pointless besides Halo, and the ps3’s exclusives have all become shooters/hybrids and mediocre platformers.


            • Except my comment didn’t deny anything but post the bitter truth. I’m not going to kid myself and pretend that the PC is the ideal platform. It has virtually no stellar exclusives going for it. How often do you see AAA games hyped to hell and back on PC stay exclusive lately? Hint: Not so much anymore.

              And Diablo III? Let down, wasn’t worth that long wait.

              Meanwhile you’re hyped on the Wii U, so it’s not like your opinion even matters, LOL.


              • I never said it was the ideal platforming. In fact, i dont even own a gaming PC, but i know the hard facts. There is no definitive console, that does everything. Nintendo WILL always be around because its first party titles. Sony will be around, because they established themself as doing something different. Microsoft did fuck all. They looked at the psone and N64, and said “where our fuckin share?!”, and came out with a generic boring console, followed by another, generic boring console. Microsoft have nothing unique ( thats positive) about their consoles,they just want the money. But PC stand rightfully there as a respectable platform, that delivers something different.

                Gaming is about games, and the different experiences they all bring us, its why Nintendo,Sony and PC gaming will last, and its why Microsoft will fall apart


  1. You still sound a little scummy, EA, but good to know theres some new IP’s on the way, even if they wont appear till all 3 console are out, or at least the 720


    • thats it. the sony and ms fanboys , start saying ‘the real next gen’ , i think EA means the wiiu will get the multiplats once the 720 and ps4 are out in a year or 2 .

      even if the wiiu recieves slightly graphicaly inferior versions.

      things will be able to be ported and toned down on wiiu with no problems at all i think.


  2. In other words he means it’s not worth making new games for Wii U.
    Obviously EA feels cheated or hurt by Nintendo not using their noobish Origin,


  3. I agree with him. Some nice games are just overlooked or underrated because the company didn’t find the right time to launch it. These days, if a studio do that, they can easily break or lose lots of money, games cost too much money now.


    • This doesnt mean that those games arent comin to WiiU. But EA, being the little leprechauns they are will try take as much gold as possible, so we wont see the games till at least the nextbox arrives, but i doubt those games will miss out on being on the WiiU


    • It still might use it, I don’t know ow it works with consoles but ME3 on PC can only be downloaded and played legally through origin, and since ME3 is coming to WiiU they might have it the same as this, at least account wise.


  4. I know the story here is “wait until currently released platforms lose 1st-Party support,” but I can’t help but think EA’s a tad bitter about Origin not being “the” gaming network (and it was foolish for them to think so in the first place).


    • They wait for 2 years to make sure it will be a profitable investiment, after all they are a company. I’m sure if Wii U does well on market they will release these new IPs for the console, it’s not about Origin.


  5. I love it when sickr does misleading headlines… I found nothing that spoke for that EA did not include Wii U as one of the next gen consoles. I just found stuff that could prove the opposite.


  6. Everyone is saying “OMG, Wii U is next gen” and it is. But you can’t deny that PS4 and Xbox 720 could be the exact same price, if not cheaper and have much better graphics. Why? Because they don’t have a fucking $70 tablet controller!


    • And besides, have EA even done a new IP for a decade or so? Regardless, if and when they do, I know a certain tablet controller I’ll be playing it on…


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