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GameStop Expects Only One New Console To Launch In 2013

GameStop CEO Paul Raines has revealed that insider information suggests that there will be only one console launching in 2013. The most likely company to fill this spot will be Microsoft with their next generation Xbox console which is expected to launch in the Fall. It’s likely that the PlayStation 4 will launch sometime in 2014.

“We have not been expecting two more consoles in 2013. We’re expecting Wii U this holiday, another one next year, and another one in ’14. These rumours change every week, but we’re hearing more about next year.”

“What we do know is that Xbox 720 is further along the production line than PS4. However, we also know that elements within the Sony hierarchy are determined not to allow the Next Xbox to enjoy the same sort of head start on the market that 360 had over PS3.”

68 thoughts on “GameStop Expects Only One New Console To Launch In 2013”

    1. Yeah, although…. Since we know it’s not a Nintendo console, I wonder what kind of relation to “Nintendo News” this has.

      Eh… Competition I suppose? =/

    1. no it isnt. its DEFINATELY going to launch this year.

      either october or november . at the latest , early december.

      nintendo have confirmed this year as the release .
      they arent going to fuck the dates up and miss holiday season , which is where they will sell A LOT of wiiu’s and where adverts affect peoples christmas present’s.

      so people see people playing NSMBU on tv on a wiiu , and they all want it for christmas , simple marketing .

    2. hi there wii u suporter your information is wrong its in eroupe uk astrailia are being delayed in usa canada japan are still being released november and few contries december 2012

      1. Hey, I want the WiiU to do the best of all the consoles to show all those PS3 / Xbox loving fans to see that there’s more to games than graphics. But I don’t really want the others to fail. I mean, the PS3 is fun, and I’m sure the Xbox is too, but yeah. I’m tired of getting called a little wussy girl just because I like Nintendo.

        1. i see your point. the wii has TONS of shovelware kids game like ”barbies spinning poo pants twist” ( i would buy that) .

          but the wii also has tons of stellar exclusives.

          muramasa , xenoblade , prime trilogy , skyward sword , twilight princess , mario galaxy 1 and 2 , smash bros , monster hunter tri to name a small few.

          the fact is . YES the wii has shovelware for tiny baby’s and kids .
          BUT the wii also has arguably the best killer exclusives of this GEN.

          i hope the wiiu cuts down on shovelware so we dont have to dig through crap to find amazing nintendo exclusives.

          the launch line up for wiiu is telling me this is the case .

          1. The Wii has some of my favourite games of all time, and some of Nintendos finest work. I expect the WiiU to be evem better

            1. me to . the wii has remarkable games.

              but say 45% of the wii’s library is great and ‘hardcore’ and 55% is just shovelware.

              on wiiu i want 75% great and ‘hardcore’ and 25% shovelware , like the gamecube library but bigger .

              1. Yeah. I at least want to see 1 game of every franchise this gen for Nintendo,as well as new franchises. Increase the Nintendo family :D i want to see an open world/hack amd slash/rpg or stealthish game

      1. More like if Sony lasts that long. Theyve already taken massive losses with the ps3, then thry lost more money recently, now theyre launching 4K tvs, that theyll loose money on, and then they said they’re making a ps4 thats a significant leap, which wont be cheap, for them or us by 2014, not to mention the overall cost production of games someone posted an article on here before.
        Companies are mobing waaay too fast for a market that in all reality, couldnt care less about graphics

        1. indeed. graphics come second to stellar gameplay and a solid lineup of games.
          people talk about the wii’s shovelware.
          the 360 is filled with shitty generic games. they are all the fucking same thing . rubbish. at least the wii has a load of killer exclusives.

          wiiu >>>>> ps4 >>>>> 720

  1. I don’t care about either of these systems…I have friends that will likely buy, but me personally, one console is enough. I can’t afford to buy games for 2 or 3 systems at one time, and the Wii U has enough features for me to be satisfied for another generation. I do, however, feel that there is a decent chance Sony may drop the ball and be in a world of hurt…they seem to have this mentality that because they are Sony people should be ‘honored’ to buy from them, and willing to spend more cause their product says ‘Sony’, and with all their fails lately, if they launch late, at some absurd price point, with more absurd architecture, it may be the last Sony game system we ever see. Don’t care if they succeed or fail, just saying. As long as Nintendo keeps creating cool new systems and sweet games and S&M keep doing, well, whatever it is that they do, I couldn’t give two klaptraps.

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  3. Seems legit, developers are comfirmed to have dev. kits of durango and as far as I know we havn’t heard anything about developers having PS4 kits. The 360 is older than the PS3 and should get a hardware successor first. Also, didn’t Sony say something about supporting the PS3 for a really long time when it first launched?

  4. Is this the DVD support of WiiU in pic ???
    Its confirmed that the WiiU Will be as powerful as the two next gen coming !!!
    In fact Sony is really in difficulty now …
    Ma préférée restera de toutes façons la nouvelle Nintendo !!! Prêt pour me la payer à Noël !!!

    1. And this is another reason why the next box wont do well, at least in its first launch years. The amount of 360 sales i the past year alone outside of Japan is pretty impressive…and those people will not buy a nextbox.

      1. Xboss live next gen will be able to communicate with god himself bill fucking gates. Miyamoto is a pretty cool gay but hes no BILL GATES!

        1. hi there yes it will next gen xbox have 16 core cpu and a 10,000 rpm 2.5 inch veloci-raptor hard drive at 250 gegabytes spinning at 10,000 rpms

      2. No, they’ll just wait until later in the 720’s lifespan or Microsoft will wait a few years and release a console that is better, just because it has more modern tech if it’s released in 2014 or something. And besides, most of those sales are people replacing RRoD machines.

          1. The fixed them fof free herpa derrrp so argument invalid. Secoundly he slim model broke down less than the ps3 model. My wiimote died in less than a year and my wiimote kept breaking my tv screens

        1. hi there wizzer 10 your right about the more modern tech the microsoft released specs a 16 core cpu 5 gb ram a 10,000 rpm veloci-raptor 250 gegabyte hard drive at 10,000 rpms 1.5 gb video ram

      3. hi there the dragon 234 the next xbox will be having one of the fastest spinning hard drives on the planet it is a whopping 10,000 rpm 250 gegabyte 2.5 inch veloci-raptor hard drive thats right a 10,000 rpm hard drive with 300 mb/s read write speeds at least play with the demo xbox 720 with the new next gen 10,000 rpm hard drive

  5. When I read “these rumors change every week” that’s when I lost interest in this. I disregard anything that’s classified as a rumor.

    1. Totally agree with on that. Xbox is a very unnecessary console that bring nothing new, and does what the ps3 does. I say Sony buys all the ip’s off of Microsoft. Well atleast the very few good ones they have. Then Microsoft drops out of the race. Then the only ones competing will be Nintendo and Sony. Really the only thing good I can say about Xbox is I liked the consoles design, but that’s about it. I say microsoft because Sony has more great ip’s then Microsoft.

    2. hi there ps4 has a 20 gb ssd flash drive or 100 gb ssd flash drive no hard drive xbox 720 has a wd 10,000 rpm 2.5 inch veloci-raptor hard drive spinning at 10,000 rpms with a 300 mb/s read write speeds over ps3 5,400 rpm 30 mb/s hard drive the ps4 bssd flash drives have a 20 ssd flash drive 400 mb/s read write speeds 100 gb ssd flash drive has a 600 mb/s read write speeds

    1. The PS3’s kinda established it’s footing within the last year or so imo. They’ve got enough good exclusive titles (just) and they will be holding the “cheap alternative” console the Wii had this gen for a couple years until whatever they announce whatever they decide to release next.

      I don’t think anyone is even close to being run out of the buisiness, not right now and not in the forseeable future. Maybe at the end of the next gen, perhaps. Nintendo releasing their console this early is a bold move, might be a good or a bad thing in the long run.

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    1. I’m pretty sure the Ouya devs themselves said they’re not competing with the Big 3, they’re going after a different audience altogether (and they seem to be doing just fine with that, judging by those ridiculously high kickstarter funds they raised)

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  8. I don’t think I’m ready for a new console yet anyway as it’s just going to end up costing me too much money. Yet it feels like games are drying up and developers are quick to blame the lack of coming hardware as usual. I’m always much more interested in the upcoming software, which should be the main focus. You don’t need new hardware to continue the buzz and make innovative titles, you need good game designs. I really don’t mind if there aren’t many new consoles next year.

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