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EA’s Gibeau Is Proud That He Hasn’t Green Lit Any Single Player Only Games

EA Labels president Frank Gibeau has said that he’s proud that EA hasn’t given the greenlight for any single player only games recently. Gibeau says that he is a firm believer that all single player games should now include multiplayer and social elements.

“We are very proud of the way EA evolved with consumers. I have not green lit one game to be developed as a single player experience. Today, all of our games include online applications and digital services that make them live 24/7/365.”

44 thoughts on “EA’s Gibeau Is Proud That He Hasn’t Green Lit Any Single Player Only Games”

    1. they are all online because they are al sports and shooting games. why the fuck wouldnt they be online ???

      in other words ”we at EA are totaly jealous we calnt make an offline experience like nintendo can a la mario galaxy and zelda etc , we suck ass here at EA except for fifa 13 on wiiu ”

  1. What an ass. You’re supposed to greenlight games because they’re good games, not because they are multiplayer/social.

  2. I can see what hes getting at in some respect, even the mew rumoured Zelda is using Miiverse in some fashion. But we all know EA have tack on miltiplayer so they get more money -__-

  3. “im proud to say that almost every single game has to have an online component in some way, or i wont publish it” wow wtf. some of the best games are single player only.

  4. If Nintendo thought this way, maybe Metroid, Starfox and Zelda games would have co-op modes. Whether or not those are good ideas, single player games should have some kind of social element. For game clear-time bragging rights or for helping someone who just can’t figure out a dungeon. Nintendo said they were doing something like this, no?

    1. Zelda is one game I doubt multiplayer would make sense more than those mini games online and in 4 swords.. But 4 swords is still inferior to a real Zelda game and those mini games are fun for an hour.

      But Starfox could make good with Multiplayer and Prime 2 had some excellent Multiplayer almost on Goldeneye 007 level.

      1. And a Metroid multiplayer could work out well, if they had a good team working on it known for great online *cough* Bungie *cough* that would piss off a few xbox fanboys

  5. single player games are the best games. Not every game needs to be online, and not every game needs multiplayer. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Thats most of the games I have. Good thing I’m not a fan of ea. but then again who is a fan of ea these days. Seriously the only games I have that are online is kid Icarus and Pokemon, and I hardly use their online.

      1. Bing Bang Bop!!! Kid Icarus online is SO MUCH FUN!!! You should play it more lol!!! Definitly a plus for the game as a whole. :) Bop Bam BOOM!!!

      1. Bing Bang Bop!!! LOL, what hs’s trying to say is that EA is just following the crowd. They are makong games simply to sell.. not like Nintendo who want to deliver a unique experience with their games. Whether they are single OR multiplayer. Bop Bam BOOM!!!

        1. Nintendo exist to make money and want their games andhardware to sell… just like EA because they are BOTH companies

          what an idiot

  6. *facepalm*
    I have forced multi-player ruin potentially good games plenty of times. However, I have never seen a lack of multi-player ruin a game. Sometimes I wonder if the people in charge of companies actually know anything about what their company actually produces.

    1. Bing Bang Bop!!! Actually, they say the origional CoD games would have been much better with multiplayer(like it has now) I see your point though. It technically didnt make the game worse. They were lacking somthing though… Bop Bam BOOM!!!

  7. Anybody go read up on Spec Ops: The Line and see how they were literally forced to shoehorn multiplayer into their game before the publisher would ship it. None of the dev team thought the mutiplayer was anything less than a cancerous growth that wasted time and resources. This EA guy sickens me.

  8. Yeah, the multiplayer in Dead Space 2, now that was a quality product. Suuuure felt glad I didn’t buy used, else I would have missed out on it. #sarcasm

  9. Yeah, because we all know how much single player games like Skyrim sucks and Mass Effect 1 and 2 are so awesome because of their multiplayer modes…oh wait…

  10. I agree that social components may be good for games, like the Miiverse. but if you don’t give a greenlight to a good project just because it was not build to play online, you’re just an idiot.

  11. Well that’s pathetic.

    This guy is happy that he’s watching a certain type of experience that lots of people love fade away?

  12. Bing Bang Bop!!!…okayyy so this is somthing to be super excited about? Whats wrong with single player games. If they are good games in the first place then people would buy them. If the game sucks and it has multiplayer… it still sucks lol. Multiplayer(especially online) is just a big player in lasting appeal. It doesnt determine how good a game is. Bop bam BOOM!!!

  13. That’s just idiotic…multiplayer adds to the fun of a game, but it doesn’t mean single player only takes away from that…For some games multiplayer wouldn’t really work and would just end up being thrown in as an afterthought to please people like this who won’t publish the game without multiplayer options

  14. The best games out there ever are single player only so EA can once again stfu.
    RE4 vs RE5 do I need to say more?

    RE4 anytime, anyday

  15. lol EA douchebag mothers ,online for the sake of it here we go its HARDLY CORE again, i always hold my head in my hands wen i see assassins creed online multi player talk about SHOEHORNING IT IN for the sad sake of it LOL and lots here getting it EA cannot make single player games so just offer HARDLYCORE experiances for IDIOT CORE gamers who think screaming does it have co-op makes them core TWATS

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