3DS Nintendo

The Legend Of Zelda The Adventure Of Link Heading To 3DS Virtual Console

Classic side-scrolling The Legend of Zelda: The Adventure of Link which was originally released on the Nintendo Entertainment System will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console on September 13th. The Adventure of Link will set you back £4.50/€5.



  1. I hope this time I can finally finish it. After defeating all but the last castle, I remember not being even able to reach the last castle without dying at least once.


      1. Well im not an ambassador -.-
        However Nintendo would have my money day 1 is they gave everyone all the GBA games ambassadors got. The privalige ambassadors got was that it was for free and they got it earlier, no reason for them not to put those games on, especially seeing as they already coded it as a digital download…ugh..


  2. Aw I read the title quickly and thought they meant A Link To The Past from SNES…. I already have Zelda 2 for 3DS… I really hope we get ALTTP, I mean, we have Minish Cap, so surely it’s possible.


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