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Professor Layton Heads To iOS And Android


Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has revealed a new adventure for Professor Layton which is heading to Android and iOS devices. The new game is titled Professor Layton and the Century of the Seven Phantom Thieves, and it features Layton and Luke tracking down burglars across London. It’s set to be a social game, allowing you to exchange intelligence with other players in order to catch the thieves.

57 thoughts on “Professor Layton Heads To iOS And Android”

      1. If it’s a full fledged game and they charge $30 for it, no one will pay that much for a mobile game. If it’s a full fledged game and it’s only $.99, no one will ever by a Nintendo version again.

        1. Did you hear the “Social Game” part of it? It’s going to be like “The Sims Social”: nowhere near as good as the original…

  1. this is getting really annoying now.

    why do developers keep putting there stuff on those rubbish platforms ??? they are just phones.

    news like this is disheartening . (if that is a real word) .

    put real games on the 3ds and vita.

    put small watered down shovelware on ios. thats the way it is . and always will be .

      1. You do know that they put the entire first Phoenix Wright game on the iOS, right? and it wasn’t watered down either. Megaman 2 and X are there as well and are both as good as the originals.

        1. Apart from horrid controls… I’m ok for puzzles and point-and-click games on phones, but not stuff like Megaman. Makes an already hard game 10 times harder.

    1. They are putting the ‘real games’ on 3DS. The next entry in the main Layton series is a 3DS exclusive, this is a social spin off…

        1. “While Professor Layton’s main adventures are always released on Nintendo consoles, an upcoming spin-off will be launched on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.”

          “It’s a social affair, and you can exchange intelligence with other players in order to catch the thieves.”

          So we have its status as a social spin-off confirmed by the article, and the next main series game was announced as a 3DS exclusive just last week during Nintendo Direct.

          So what exactly was incorrect with my post?

    2. Because more people own those then 3DS so that means more money. Not a damn thing you can do about it so accept it. I dont care for mobile games much but I do angry birds cause its free so why the hell not and then I have all the old pokemon games on my phone cause they are all dead on me now. I own them legaly already so I dont care about having them on my phone.


  2. Another slightly related game was announced for mobile platforms last year as well: The Layton Brothers. They say it has to do with his son or something….. Although I doubt it had any REAL relation to they Professor Layton canon.

    It’s still nice that the series can expand to other demographics. More people will have a chance to be introduced to a great series, possibly even leading some who were not likely to get the game on DS before, to try it on the Nintendo handheld.

  3. Why do these shit stories get posted on myNINTENDOnews. Stop with the NON and ANTI Nintendo news please. I come here not to get bummed out.

    1. For starters, this is Nintendo news because Professor Layton is mainly on DS/3DS, which are Nintendo handhelds. Also, any news revolving around Nintendo is news, so positive and negative news are going to be posted.

    1. You have a good point but unlike some recent ports to iOS, I think Layton may suit it quite well. There’s no problem with iOS, it just has awful controls for things like RPGs and platformers.

    1. Now you see, you are literally the only person to talk about the game. Surely, even if we are all fed up of iOS ports, we can appreciate what will inevitably be an awesome game. :-)

  4. lol at the fanboys who think IOS is rubbish and moaning its a rubbish platform when so many companies make profit from it… a company’s main objective. IOS mobile gaming is expanding whereas the handheld market is sinking slowly but surely. I got a 3ds but the handheld market will not exist in 10 years time. Be realistic and not a fanboy. I am sure Nintendo will do phone gaming at one point.

    get over it

      1. Infinity Blade. It made $40million profit, which was supposed to signal the death of traditional handhelds.

        Meanwhile, Nintendo continue to make billions from Pokemon.

        1. Billions. Yes, they have made a lot but billions? To make that, everyone on Earth must have bought at least one game from each generation.

          1. Yes. Billions. It’s a low cost game that sells between 15-20million copies per generation at $35 a pop.

            Just one generation nets them close to a billion in revenue, and we’re on generation five…

            1. Ah, it seems we work on different definitions of billions. Mine is a million million where as yours is a thousand million. Bloody metric… Why can’t the whole world work in imperial like you? It makes billions much easier to handle.

      2. Well, you’re completely right about that. But I’m not sure if Nintendo will make mobile games in the future. I know it is definitely possible but anything can happen that let’s the handheld market rise! But oh well, I still play most of my games on my pc so I don’t really care.

    1. hahah very funny. as long as nintendo have pokemon and mario and other great games like this on their handheld devices.
      they will never decline in sales.

      like , the 3ds is outselling the DS aka the most popular handheld of all time.

      so i can see the phone market growing , but having not much of an effect on nintendo’s handhelds. as long as they keep evolving with time , they will remain the number 1 choice of handheld gaming for proper gamers.

      unlike you obviously who plays mobile phone games thinking you’r cool .

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  7. So wheres the exclusivity now ? HAHAHAHAH EAT MY BALLZ NINTENFAGS , UR LOSING EXCLUSIVES CAUSE NINTENDO MAKES SHITTY PRODUCTS .. Lol the Wii is a JOKE and so is the Wii U piece of garbage.

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