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Capcom Is Planning To Release Ace Attorney 5 In The West

A Capcom representative has told Pocket Gamer that they are planning to release the recently announced Ace Attorney 5 in the West. The Nintendo 3DS game was revealed in this weeks edition of Famitsu and stars Phoenix Wright as the main character.

We have since been told by Capcom that it is “planning to release Ace Attorney 5 in the West”. Capcom will “have more news soon”.

43 thoughts on “Capcom Is Planning To Release Ace Attorney 5 In The West”

          1. One merely aims to inform – no reward necessary~

            The only thing that matters here is Capcoms amazing new strategy of not royally screwing up an increasingly popular franchise at long last…and that’s a reward for all of us!

  1. WE ARE APPEASED…for now.

    Capcom, this is one of the franchises you still create that one has a very, very soft spot for – it would be well advised for you to carry out what you have said here, for us ace attorney fans do so worry about the future of this franchise in the west…this news is good to know!

  2. They have plans to localize Ace Attorney Investigations 2. They just haven’t made an announcement yet, making this a complete guess.

  3. Congratulations on not flubbing it up this once, guys. Now seriously, AAI2 and any Megaman game that’s not on a smartphone please.

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      1. oh hey, it’s that guy who uses a bunch of different names and replies to most articles multiple times in a desperate attempt to get attention

        glad to see everyone is ignoring you, but i feel bad so here’s a reply :)

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