3DS Nintendo

Here’s A Look At The High Quality Paper Mario: Sticker Star Box-Art

Nintendo of America has released a high quality version of the glorious Paper Mario: Sticker Star box-art for the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo of America has already confirmed that the game will launch in North America on November 11th. Nintendo Europe has yet to confirm a release date for Paper Mario: Sticker Star.



    1. Really? REALLY? Sega had some of the best artwork ive seen. And even avgn said sega pakage their games so sexy and good. Nes was good becuse it kept things simple. Theres to much going on in that pic.


      1. I frequent /v/ on a regular basis and what is this. No seriously. Which one of you faggots tried to greentext on a different site?


      1. And how would one play a game like this online? Yeah, that’s what I thought. It’s not an MMO, nor is it easy to keep track of (Heroes of Ruin).


      2. not a big deal, just tiny things like they did with new super mario bros 2 coint counter; totally a side option not the whole game :v


      1. You just misunderstood what he said. He means the release date of the game, being November 11. The rumoured launch of the Wii U is November 18.


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