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Limited Edition Kirby Medal Shines On Club Nintendo

To honor Kirby’s 20th anniversary, Nintendo is offering a Limited Edition Kirby Medal as a North American Club Nintendo reward for 600 coins. The medal has gold-colored plating, measures 1×1 inches, and comes in special collectible packaging. Only 1,000 of the special medals are available, so redeem yours quick!

47 thoughts on “Limited Edition Kirby Medal Shines On Club Nintendo”

      1. No way will it come back, they said 1000 only so they’d have to go back on their word which would make it less collectible and valuable. It makes me sad though, I didn’t get one either!

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  2. I’m not a Kirby fan myself but I kind of feel sorry for those who are. They’re the ones who deserve the pin yet I’m sure 80% of the people who will be getting this pin will get this because it’s limited edition, not because they’re Kirby fans!

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