Ice Flower Returns In New Super Mario Bros. U

October’s issue of Game Informer will focus on Wii U games, including New Super Mario Bros. U. Based on a background image from the magazine’s online Wii U hub, the Ice Flower, which first appeared in Nintendo DS’s Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, will return as a power-up in New Super Mario Bros. U. Of course, the Ice Flower grants Mario and gang the ability of throwing snowballs at enemies in order to freeze them.



  1. Wonder if activists will complain about Mario raping Ice plants, like they did with the Tanooki Suit, because apparently touching a leaf with a face and having a suit appear over your body is animal cruelty.


      1. yeah, when you finish a mario game and “save” the princess, you never see the princess again. i think you just revealed the secret


  2. Hopefully there’s one more new (or revived retro) suit, then it will match the number of power-ups in NSMB Wii. Or two more, making it have the most, ever! :D


  3. YES! ICE MARIO! I love ice mario. In NSMBW, the ice flower was so cool. If those turtles who threw hammers annoy me, i just freeze a goomba and toss it at them! O_O me want!


      1. Yes, it is One – who is as chilled as a winter breeze…

        Perhaps that one wasn’t so snappy, but I suppose even the best of us crack at some times – and frost over at others!~


  4. Peache’s cakes have way too many calories, sugar keeps Mario fat. Mario is really an obese cake eater with zero sex drive, he rescues Peach for the cake.


  5. That’s kewl. It was kinda predictable but hey at least we have confirmation. Now to see if Baby Yoshis can grow and be taken to other worlds…..


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