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Get Pokemon Black & White 2 Early And Receive Genesect The Mythical Pokemon

Consumers who purchase either Pokemon Black 2 or Pokemon White 2 early will have the opportunity to connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection before Nov. 12 to receive the Mythical Pokémon Genesect for the first time ever through a free, limited-time distribution.

Genesect, the newly discovered Mythical Pokemon, has been restored from a 300-million-year-old fossil. Modified by Team Plasma, this Pokemon has a signature move called Techno Blast. Genesect is the only known Pokemon with this move. Genesect is a Bug- and Steel-type Pokemon with the ability to adjust its power levels based on the foe it’s battling.

“Not only can players dive into a brand new adventure on Oct. 7 with Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2, they also can receive an incredible new Pokémon right off the bat. This limited-time distribution will get players off to a great start with what is sure to be one of 2012’s biggest games.”

– Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing.

94 thoughts on “Get Pokemon Black & White 2 Early And Receive Genesect The Mythical Pokemon”

      1. Genesect’s Download ability may just have Scizor beat. The ONLY reason Scizor is still a high tier pokemon is Bullet Punch and Roost. If it lost either of those, he’d be tossed aside. And you completely forgot about the infamous Foreetress and his popularity for set up and set-up counters. =P

      2. Genesect is far better than Scizor, in virtually every way imaginable. Scizor literally only has priority over it.

        Have fun countering what you can’t hit and just runs circles around your team.

  1. What is a fanboy? And this is a serious question. What makes a fanboy? Is it someone who prefers one system over the other? Is it a person who goes into deep research of somethin they just seem to want to know everything about? Or is it just some unintellegent person who only had enough money to get one system one day and try and make it look kool because it’s all they got?

    I really grow tired of this fanboy bullshit. I remember back in the day when all gamers freakin lived in peace and harmony. Someone would have a nintendo system, someone would have a sony system, someone would have an xbox, hell someone would even have a dreamcast, some might have more than one system. And the beauty of it was that they werent braggin about which one was better. No, at the most, the only ones who bragged were the ones who had multiple platforms and they werent braggin bout the specs, either, just how rich they were.

    Call my a Nostalgia fan all you want, but gaming has probably become the most vulgar lifestyle on the internet. I cant go a day lookin up information on my favorite games and systems without petty rage wars or assholes bashin people, or just dumbasses that talk out the arse (you Nintendo fanboys DO fall in this category).

    I like Nintendo- no, I LOVE Nintendo. But why is it so wrong for me to love this company? what makes it such a Tabuu? Because children play it also? So what? It’s a entertainment system. I find that more Children play on the Xbox rather than the Wii, does that make Xbox a Kiddy system? Nintendo is the company that got me into Gaming. Sony is the company that showed me that it was okay to venture out of one universe to another. Xbox showed me that even Americans know what their doin sometimes. Every Company has their strong points and their flaws. But why bash one because it’s not like the other? Why would you want two of the same thing, basically (ps360)?

    I dont even know what to call myself anymore, but I’m most certainly not some Fanboy. I’d rather consider myself a “fan”. I love all games, and while I may disagree on certain games or consoles (I’m lookin at you, Xbox. You wont manipulate me into cashin out for Xbox Live) I still overlook that for the GAMES. Because that’s what it’s alway been about to me. Not which system is more powerful, graphically, or which one has more unnecessary crap built into it (I’m lookin at you, PS3 Blu-ray makin the system too expensive), or which system does the koolest thing (Wii, motion controls are kool, but they aint groundbreakin. Same goes for you, Kinect).

    I swear, this is my last generation of gaming. After this I’m done. It’s just wayyy too much bullshit and drama these days. I’m probably gonna stick to handheld gamin, because honestly, it’s just so overlooked that no one seems to notice it exists, so there’s hardly any bashing. I might sound like some crybaby, or rager, but I guess it’s because I have had so much experience with gamin that it’s heart-breakin to see it come falling down to such a level. It’s like when you create somethin so beautiful and revolutionary, and it just malfunctions and turns into an abomination. I hope every gamer who reads this just takes a moment to re-evaluate themselves and others, and just learn to appretiate games for what they are, GAMES, FUN, ENTERTAINMENT. And there’s nothin wrong with goin down a few age levels, or goin up a few age levels, hell I know a few games I still wont play cuz they scary as fuck. But I digress. Just please find it in your hearts and minds to just think about what the gaming universe is coming to, because who would honestly wanna live in this kind of world? I certainly wouldnt. And I wouldnt want my fellow gamers to either.

    With much love and compassion to you all,
    Kirbymario (KBM)

    1. Peace and harmony? Nintendo and Sega brawled in out back in my day. XD Their fans certainly did, too. This isn’t really much different other than the fact that the war is more about making everything shiny and full of explosions are possible. But that’s because that’s what makes money. =/ It’s becoming less of an art form and it’s sad to see it plummet to this level, but there’s still plenty of creativity among the ashes and I’m assured that it’ll rise from the ashes one day. Companies like Capcom can’t go with their bullshit forever ;P

      But enough of that. All in all I really think you’re letting other people’s opinions get to you too much, sir. I’m a general gamer that prefers Nintendo overall. I see you post around and can tell you really have a passion for gaming and just want a good bit of news and discussion. Gaming is about the experience and the fun, so why should it matter if other people have a different opinion than you? You’re just letting them get in the way of what you love.

      1. You may be right. It’s just sad when stuff like this gets so outta hand. It’s like watchin a poor little kid get helplessly ganged on and beat up. Could you really just sit there and say that’s okay? Because I cant. But I will just continue my gamin life in my own manner, and respectfully appreciate everyone’s opinions and lifestyles

        1. it’s understandable. I get frusterated with it, too. But to be fair, I’m kinda frustrated with the industry in general becoming more of a business than an art. very few still treat it as its supposed to be, and among those is Nintendo.

    2. I couldn’t have said this better myself! I, myself being a gamer who only plays games regardless of what I’m playing it on, couldn’t agree more with what you said. I really couldn’t care less about what incentives a company uses, or what others think about another system, I’m always happy to play video games. That was the big picture in gaming back then. You played your game, you were entertained and having fun, you may have played with a few of your friends if the scenario allowed it. I just wish that same picture was in today’s frame.

    3. Well I always buy every system available . usualy on launch day like i did with he 360 and ps3 and wii etc etc . as long as the system has great attractive games i am down.
      I do much prefer Nintendo over the other companies though. Probably cus i grew up with the SNES and a gameboy , then an N64 and a GBC . so my childhood is stained with memories of mario , zelda , f-zero , DK etc etc.

      So i guess i have some ‘fanboyish’ preference towards nintendo because of Nostalgic purposes and of course their amazingly unique and well thought of franchise’s.

      An xbox fanboy is somebody who calnt afford a powerfull pc or a ps3 .
      A playstation fanboy is somebody who prefered the ps1 to the n64 and so forth and loves sony’s fantastic IP’s.

      The ultimate gamer would be someone who appreciates all systems equaly and has a mature attitude towards what each comany has to offer .

      to finish off as long as you are not a Narrow minded 360 lover like say Aelous then you are A-OK .

  2. Coool, shall be getting it on the week the games out.
    Although im a little bothered about the whole screen squashing that the 3DS does with DS games… Oh well

    1. You can adjust the resolution to match the DS by holding Start & Select while choosing and starting the DS game in the 3DS menu.

  3. There’s just one problem with being able to get this Pokemon right off the bat. Genesect is Lv.50 and won’t listen to you until you have certain Gym Badge to make Pokemon up to Lv.50 obey you. –– That’s the only down side with having high-levelled Pokemon from download events at the beginning of the game, Special Event Pokemon are not like the the ones you capture normally, even if it does take on your OT and ID of your PC.

    1. So I’m getting that it’ll be just like the Keldeo event. If that’s the case then there’s nothing really to worry about considering you won’t be able to use Genesect in any online battles. We could wait a little longer just to use him.

      1. Naturally Genesect will probably be banned as with any Super Legendary, I don’t think it’ll be granted a special pass like Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres, because they can enter Online Battles.

              1. Okay where did I say that? You quoted me so I must have said it somewhere.

                If you look below I already said I like the first 3 gens and not so much the 4th, the 5th was an improvement over 4 but I still didn’t care for it too much, I don’t have to like every gen that comes out nor does it mean I’m stuck in the past for doing so, arguing over opinions and putting word in my mouth over this is just ridiculous.

                1. Ok firstly I’m not quoting you, 2nd… I’m quoting it how it sounds like when people bash on at different Pokemon generations. It’s exactly how it sounds like. Hating on the rest because you can’t accept the new ones that appear.

                  1. I can accept them I just don’t like them that much. I don’t need to like every gen that comes out, it is all down to opinions after all (protip: arguing over opinions is pointless). Don’t make the assumption I’m a first gen elitist as I’m not, I have White 2 preordered.

    1. Do we forget that generation 1 had a mime pokemon, a blackface pokemon, like 9 forgettable birds, three blobs of pink or purple goop, two pokeball pokemon, and a seal named seal?

    2. Great, a genwunner -.- Yes they do, all the pokemon from gen 1 to gen 5 look like they fit in. Some are simple, some are outright weird, some made on animals, some based on objects. Thats how its always been

        1. Diamond and Perl was filled mostly Water-Type based Pokemon, there are more Water types than any other in the game, 2nd to most there’s more Grass and Bug Types than there is of Fire Types. The ones with the least are Ghost and Dragon types. That is with current gen today.

  4. Gave mine a Shell Bell.
    Magnet Bomb
    Struggle Bug
    If it could learn Rain Dance I would’ve given it Thunder…

        1. The game was almost too easy. Hypnosis pretty much always hit, its speed and Sp.Atk is insane, you can essential do 2 attacks at once due to stacking effect moves, and its Dark so it has barely any weakness xD

          1. Pre-ordering usually means you can get it first in-line above everyone else. Stores do Midnight releases, or they post it out to your address as soon as they get it in stock. Stores usually get game imports 2 days before the actual release so it gives them enough time to prepare it for stocking on shelves.

      1. What? I’m just hoping my Black 2 arrives before November 12th. I live in Brazil and am going to import the game to pay less (it’ll cost about twice the price here). But international shipping can be very slow.

  5. Not getting this. I remember when Black/White first came out and you could get a Victini for free during the first months of the game’s release, which was what tempted me to buying the game now than later. But then a year after, they released a Victini Wi-Fi event and not once, but twice, a couple of months after the first one. Game Freak would probably do the same with this Pokémon, so I’d rather wait.

      1. They would never do such a thing. Every “event” Pokemon has seen multiple releases. No reason for this to be an exception.

        1. They only re-did the ones that they had in the past so that everyone had got the chance to obtain one. The double Victini one were different, one where you were given Liberty Pass because Victini was already there for you to obtain, and the other was just download.

          What they should do is make downloads which you can share to others. I’ve yet to see them give people a download event which you can send to others.

  6. I tried Pokemon for the first time (Pokemon Pearl), i hated it at first, but it got really addictive. I might give this a try, how was Black & White 1

    1. Diamond and Pearl were quite weak, imo, despite having the best Champion and Champion theme. Black and White is amazing though, because you cant get
      any previous gen Pokemon until you beat the game, so it felt fresh and new

      1. I disagree. Diamond and pearl had some of the most balanced gameplay, a very unique soundfont, and some of the best exploration in the series. Don’t give me the g/s crap because kanto has almost nothing to do. Sinnoh has a HUGE map to explore. Only place where you can justify that is the snowy areas. They’re far from fun. =c

    1. That’s what I thought when I first saw the Black Kyurem and White Kyurem… I was like what in the hell…? That can’t be real. xD I actually think this Pokemon’s pretty cool looking, unlike that pony-thing one.

  7. I think we need to all just appreciate Pokemon how it is. Pokemon is one of the most interesting video game series there is. As we grew up with Pokemon, there was so much to offer.

    I remember my first Pokemon game. I remember my first Dragonite and my first battles. The whole point of Pokemon is the experience. I don’t mean to get sentimental on you all, but everyone these days are so determined to prove which gen is better than the other that we get into these heated debates and miss the whole point of Pokemon. As we grew up, so did the dynamics of Pokemon.

    By the time gen 3 rolled around we had double battles and all of the Pokemon we knew back in gen 1 were statistically inferior to the gen 3 Pokemon as are the gen 3 inferior to the gen 5 depending on how you breed the Pokemon and how you caught it and so on and so forth. Double battles were an innovation to the battling of Pokemon because now we had to be more strategic about our Pokemon. Now we have triple battles and rotation battles. It doesn’t matter which gen is better than the other. It’s all about which POKEMON is individually stronger than the other and which trainer is the better trainer. Pokemon now is all about raising your Pokemon. We can’t train our Pokemon the way we did back in Red Blue and Yellow because I doesn’t work that way anymore.

    All in all, Pokemon is grown up now and so should you all. Pokemon has evolved to the point where you actually get the feel of being an actual Pokemon trainer. And I think I speak for most Pokemon fans when I say that we’ve all wanted that since the first gen of Pokemon. If you don’t like the new generation of Pokemon that’s fine, but at least appreciate how it is now. It’s advanced. Pokemon was made us; for the kids that grew up with Pokemon. As we grew up, so did Pokemon. It’s different now and just because things are different doesn’t mean that they’re bad. Give it a chance you genwunners! (:

    1. Bro…i shed tears to this.

      Pokemon is such a deeper experience that it was before. I look forward to the 3DS installment and wil be there, proudly, at launch date.

    2. Pokemon has definitely been a successful formula since it is simultaneously a simple and complex system that is accessible to everyone. I started with second generation personally and have been playing ever since. I still absolutely love it and am addicted to the PvP metagame… but alas, it’s still the same thing for the most part.

      Other than new battle types and a couple new mechanics thrown in with 3rd generation, the goal is still the same and the way it ‘evolves’ is still the same. Spin offs give you a new experience, but the main franchise needs to stay fresh, too. I think something similar to abilities that are ONLY for that Pokemon’s lineage would make things for more interesting and every Pokemon would become considerable rather than there being an absolute best.

      Also, to add a little more interactivity, perhaps ‘aiming’ could be in order. Similar to how the anime works. it wouldn’t be game breaking, as it would mostly be so you can get a little extra damage in, a slightly higher chance of a status, or being able to hit a small amount if you normally couldn’t. I wouldn’t even care if this was made a new battle style, it would be awesome.

      Being able to exploit REAL weaknesses along with these unique secondary abilities would put a kick into the strategy. Like.. “Oh shit, I have to switch because this pokemon can exploit this and I don’t think I can survive that!”

      So, don’t get me wrong. I still love the current formula and have won many local tourneys. I’m just saying that overall they’re not innovating it and making the series evolve, and it has potential to be even better.

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  9. I love Pokemon, but I REALLY want one for the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U. The Nintendo DS generation has gone on for far too long (ever since late 2004). It’s time that Game Freak starts working on some newer ideas for the Nintendo 3DS to get its own Pokemon games.

    I think we are long overdo for a new Pokemon Stadium, so I won’t be surprised to see one appear on the Wii U. c:

  10. i like pokemon but when black and white came out, it sucked, the changes arent good, changes in diamond pearl are good but not black and white

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