Here’s The Castle Rock Footage From Rayman Legends

Yesterday, IGN uploaded a video that shows footage of Rayman Legends’ Castle Rock level, which features music inspired by a familiar rock anthem. Feel free to watch Rayman run through the creative level above. Rayman Legends is scheduled to launch this holiday exclusively for Wii U.



    1. Out! Now!
      Dubstep, electronic, pop and any other talentless shit is a cancer on music, and it needs to die, as does everyone who listens to it!


      1. to be fair there was a time when dubstep was good but these days anyone with no talent can make it or think they can make it. such as the wubmachine site that’s fake dubstep, it’s actually electronica, but people don’t care. i get incredibly annoyed when people think daft punk is dubstep when they are actually house.

        these days the only kind of dubstep i like is when it comes from OCremix because they actually know how to use it. as for pop i have never really liked pop music, i’m more of a rock/metal, electronica kind of guy.


      1. No I just dont like the emphasis on the music. I’ve played every single rayman (apart from the rabbits) and I just don’t think they’re doing tje right thing.

        I just hope they’re carrying on with one of the storylines at least


      2. I’m not a big fan of the music levels either. They seem kinda boring and easy. I hope that’s not true but it is just what I am feeling.


  1. Its reat cool that this is only for the wii u, its a core title that everyone will want. The fact that xbox ps3 and pc wont be getting it is just the icing on the cake. Who knows, maybe they just cant handle it graphically. Inb4 ps3 and xbox lovers say they dont want it.


  2. This game looks great, but I prefer the original 3-D Rayman back on PS1. I’m think I’ll go with NSMBU for my first platformer on the Wii U.


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