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Nintendo To Live Stream Wii U Preview On Website & YouTube, Plus Video Message From Reggie

Nintendo will stream its Wii U Preview event live from New York City. Fans can watch the conference on Nintendo’s own website, YouTube Channel, or Facebook page. The event will take place tomorrow, September 13th, and will begin at 10 a.m. EST.

65 thoughts on “Nintendo To Live Stream Wii U Preview On Website & YouTube, Plus Video Message From Reggie”

  1. Sweet. Youtube loads much faster than their main stream does, for me, so this’ll be a treat.
    Too bad I’ll have to miss the stream till later on in the day, though.
    Work calls and I must answer….

  2. There’s something I would like to know. Why didn’t Nintendo just release all this info at E3? Did we really have to wait this long to get all the details?

    1. Do you remember how quickly Microsoft came up with their Smart Glass after Nintendo introduced the Wii U gamepad?
      It’s because of moves like that from competition that Nintendo decided to wait.
      Their official statement on the matter is that they are with-holding most of their information till close to the release so that the competition doesn’t have time to develop “similar proposals”.
      Seems they’re tired of Sony and Micro riding their waves every time they come up with something awesome before Nintendo actually releases their own stuff.

    2. I guess that they didn’t know the finalized costs then. Some of the parts could have decreased in value since then, or maybe they were looking to upgrade some parts. They needed a final model which typically isn’t available until close to production. Production has now begun to get ready for launch day so the costs are now known (to Nintendo).

      We also didn’t get the Wii details until this time in 2006, but it was first shown in E3 2005 along with E3 2006.

      1. Yeah, but on the bright side, it gives me more time to find a new job and save for one (^_^)

        But then again I might be gone to boot camp (._.)

        1. luigi vs Mr.L!?
          My head cannot even…
          *Head explodes due to the sheer awesome thought of such an incredible idea*

  3. If any of you guys can be a good person and text me tommorow at 5052707101and tell me the price and release date I have no data for tommorow to see it

  4. Im going to be sad if they announce everything right at the end ;( if they can say the date and price before 2pm est then im happy! anytime after that im at work….

  5. OMG, thank you for confirming this, Reggie, Now my body is reggie!!! The only sad thing is that I have a freaking orientation tomorrow and I wont be able to go to the conference, goddammit!

  6. Well apparently, I went into E3 expecting way too much this year so I’m really not going to get my hopes up too much in terms of anything exciting happening.

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