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Wii U Games Will Retail For $59.99

Nintendo of America have confirmed to Kotaku that Wii U games will sell for a recommended retail price of $59.99. In comparison, Wii games had a recommended retail price of $49.99. Does paying an extra $10 for Wii U games bother you?

67 thoughts on “Wii U Games Will Retail For $59.99”

    1. It’s fine. For the most part it cost more money to develop games for more powerful devices. I bet Microsft/sony are sighing a deep breath right now.

    1. Actually,it was not according to my plan and it will cost me more.I thought it was gonna be $50.00.And before you say anything ness, xbox’s better games are $60.00 not including dlc.Well, i’m gonna get the deluxe set because after a couple of years,i’ll be like”damn it i should’ve gotten the deluxe set”What are you gonna get?


    Except that it doesn’t matter because that would give Wii U a horrible advantage over 360 and PS3 multiplatform games.

  2. Uhh, not at all actually. If people are bothered by it, they kinda sorta don’t understand how the video game industry works. Sure, I’d like to have more spending money, but a higher quality machine requires higher prices.

  3. Pricing will once again make Nintendo on top. PS4 and Xbox 720 will cost at least $399, and the games $69.99. Once again, Nintendo will have the highest sales. I still expect a slow start like 3DS because of the confusion over it being a new console, but word of mouth will eventually end that issue.

    1. here it usually about 900 pesos plus taxes 999pesos (63 dollars kinda)
      even if its a crappy game like umm super princess peach lol but xbox/ps3 is same so doesnt bothers me that much plus FREKING NINTENDO IN HD i dont care about price holy crap zelda hd mario kart hd LEGO CITY UNDERCOVER FUDGE YESH

    2. Well i’m from Ec, but i prefer to import, other than pay what people will ask for games/console here; which will be something around $499 for the machine and $79,99 for games.
      But if you have in your country an authorized retailer, well i guess the price will be less.

  4. Oh man, that’s a lot of money to pay for a video game. $50 more for the console, and $10 more for the games? In this ramshackle economy with increased food prices and 100% higher gas prices than 2006 when the Wii dropped? In a world with immersive and affordable smartphone games with near-console quality visuals? I’ll be a Nintendo fanboy until I’m dead in the ground, but this is a hard pill to swallow. This is the kind of corporate behavior that led to the rise of hacking and file sharing in the first place.

    1. Hard pill to swallow? Come on. The price for the Wii U games are the same as the Wii games at launch. Yeah, the system is more expensive than the Wii was at launch, but you get a controller with a freaking touchscreen on it. If you think this is expensive I better hope your body is fully prepared for the price of the next-box and PS4….

      1. True. People want cheaper and cheaper. Things are already too cheap when you think about it. Gas is millions of year old power for….1.20 a liter. It’s worth way more than that and we bitch!!!

  5. Damn I thought they were going to be $50 each, I was going to get Pikmin 3, New Super Mario Bros. U, Assassin’s Creed III and Rayman Legends

  6. if you buy a wii u premium and buy your games from the e-shop you will receive 600 nintendo points, which means you can get a free nes game for every game you buy.

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  8. Shitty games cost 70 dollars on PS3 and 360 !
    So why not for nintendo games ???
    60 is really good for games like Mario Universe and Zelda U …

  9. That’s a decent price. Some games cost that much right now. I think it’s appropriate for next gen games to cost a little more. Leave luck to heaven.

  10. wow really i know $60 dollars is the price for ps3 xbox and pc but you people speculate that ps4 and xbox 720 will cost 70 to 80? really it’s starting to get annoying when you make excuses just to defend Nintendo! btw i like Nintendo but it is lame after a while.

  11. Won’t be a permanent thing. Regardless of more powerful games or not, people don’t like paying that much for games. Microsoft and Sony initially did this exact same thing with their games in a much stronger economic climate than we have now and they ended up having to lower the prices, Nintendo will probably have to do the same eventually.

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