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Reggie Says “You Can Plug In A Full-On Three Terabyte HDD If You Want” With Wii U

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has explained to Engadget that consumers can use as much external memory as they want with their Wii U console. Fils-Aime then went on to say that Nintendo didn’t want to use excessive storage solutions with Wii U, as that particular sector is seeing rapidly declining prices.

“You can plug in a full-on three terabyte hard drive if you want. I’ll love you as a digital consumer.”

“The reason we did it that way is that the cost of that type of storage memory is plummeting. What we didn’t want to do is tie a profit model to something that’s gonna rapidly decline over time. We’ll let the consumer buy as much as they want, as cheaply as they want.”

91 thoughts on “Reggie Says “You Can Plug In A Full-On Three Terabyte HDD If You Want” With Wii U”

    1. It’s also potshot towards Microsoft… Their hard drives are overpriced beyond belief… And Sony, their “PS VITA Cards” are also pretty expensive for the data they can hold. Why didn’s Sony go for an upgraded, backwards compatible version of their memory stick again? Greed. Also everywhere you get told that getting the hard drive from your PS3 (which is only secured by one screw and no seals) voids your warranty. Sony allows it explicitly in the manual, but no one reads that (ha!). Kind of a fine move from Sony even though they’re pretty greedy too.

    1. hi there soo what getting 2 1 terabyte 10,000 rpm veloci-raptor hard drives with a 600 gb 15,000 rpm cheeta wich gives me 2.6 terabytes at 35,000 rpms

  1. Two words– common sense. Even if you’re running out of space getting digital downloads and/or Virtual Console, you can always invest your $$$ in getting an external hard drive or any memory storage media.

    1. You should buy the premium. 32 gig memory almost 8 gig of that free. Game discounted ( Nintendo land ), 10% of all downloadable content until 2014. Stands, chargers and all other good things :).

    2. It depends on how much you are willing to spend on a HDD. I say wait till Black Friday/Cyber Monday whey HDD’s and other portable storage devices are dirt cheap. The basic WiiU will run you 320.98 after taxes and 385.16 (after taxes) if you get a game. 374.48/438.66 respectably for premium.

    3. One question do you want Nintendo Land? Games are going to cost $60, if you are in the US. If the answer is yes then buy the premium bundle, not only getting the game but getting extra space and the accessories.


  2. Nintendo is really thinking smart. Thee more moving part a console has, the more likely it will fail. That’s the problem Ps3 owners had. So if your external memery whatever should fail,you can just get a new one instead of not being able to play your games at all.

    1. why not buy i new faster hard drive like a hybride hard drive 200 mb/s read write speeds 10,000 rpm veloci-raptor hard drives at 400 mb/s read write speeds or a 15,000 rpm cheeta hard drive at 600 mb/s read write speeds

        1. why would this be a joke? is 3 TB too much to fathom? ;)

          technically if the software of the wii-u is any good it should be able to support any size of harddrive

  3. At least it isn’t like the Xbox 360 route, where you could only use 16gb for anything but the official hard drive and some games can’t save certain files without it, even if you had enough space. I still never bought one for mine, it’s about $120 for just 300GB, I could just get a 1TB USB hard drive with that money.

    1. hi there i can buy a 10,000 rpm 250 gb veloci-raptor hard drive for $160 too have one of the fastest hard drives on planet earth

    1. Question. If i bought a HDD, could i put all my games on it that i download, but move the one i want to play to internal HDD? That would be so epic. Running games on flash memory would he insanely fast

      1. just buy an external SSD then

        besides this would only speed up loading times but not much else.. console games aren’t that dependant on hard drive speeds

          1. well to answer your first question i don’t see why it shouldn’t be possible to move games between external and internal storage

          2. not to forget that you’ll already see a massive loading time speed boost from having those games on an HDD at all.. compared to having the console read them from disk like with the wii that is
            maybe that will already be enough for you ;)

        1. you say consoles are not dependant on hard drive speeds tell that too microsoft useing western didgital 10,000 rpm veloci-raptor hard drives in xbox 720 with sata 3 or sata 4 10,000 rpm veloci-raptor can achive 400 mb/s vread write speeds

      2. yes flash storage is way too fast read right speeds if you want a hard drive buy a dock for a 3.5 inch 15,000 rpm cheeta hard drive 600 mb/s read write speeds

    1. hi there your wrong about microsoft ripping people off microsft useing 10,000 rpm veloci-raptor hard drives spinning old games fast soo microsoft needs slower storage for used games old games and 10,000 rpm hard drives 10,000 rpm veloci-raptor comes in at 400 mb/s read write speeds

  4. so i heard the reading speed on the wiiu disc drive is fast enough to read games and have similar loading times as the ps3 does when having installed a portion on the hardrive.

    So technically it shouldnt need an internal hardrive to help with loading times. Are there any possible issues that could arise from using external hardrives as it applies to games? whether it be running games off it or anything like that?

    1. 20MB/s is the speed from what i hear
      however disk drives have far longer access times than any hard drive so it doesn’t really compare
      this would definitely slow down loading times compared to a regular HDD
      there should be no issues with the games lying on an external hard drive
      i have my entire wii library on an external hard drive and it works just fine

      1. hi there hybride hard drive 200 mb/s 15,000 rpm cheeta hard drives come in at 600 mb/s read write speeds try too keep up with my 15,000 rpm hard drive

    2. Nintendo isnt a fan of loading xD isnt that why the gamecube had small disks? Im not worrying about installs and loading, i have faith in nintendo as usual

  5. After today, trolls like Aeolus and Ness will have nothing to say (not like they had anything relevant to say in the first place though). It’s gunna be peaceful for once…

    1. Famous. Last. Words.
      The instant more spec details come in for the Wii U, they’ll be all over it like white on rice.
      Trolls never give up.
      That’s what makes being a troll hunter so much fun, though; endless sport.XD

  6. Yes. Thank you. The 32 Gb model will serve me well for at least a year (if not more), and then I’ll get an inexpensive drive with lots of memory. I’ll be able to pick from anyone I want, and I won’t have propriety costs gouging me.

    1. Aren’t you the type who would have ripped on Nintendo for not providing better storage anyway? Always trying to find ways to belittle everyone around you, even if you end up contradicting yourself. At least have some integrity.

  7. high there yeah great news becuase i am getting a whopping 1 terabyte 10,000 rpm veloci-raptor hard drive i wounder how many gamers going use 10,000 or 15,000 rpm hard drives

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