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Pachter Says Wii U Will Sell Out For Months

Famed Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter is confident that Wii U will be a complete sell out through till April at the least. Pachter has been surprisingly upbeat about Nintendo today as he mentioned earlier that the pricing for Wii U is reasonable, and that the first and third-party launch window games look solid.


102 thoughts on “Pachter Says Wii U Will Sell Out For Months”

    1. So you are willing to risk yourself being hated by so many people that see your comment just because you want to make a quick buck?

      Boy, you are going to be in so much trouble, you dun goof’d

      1. He is a scumbag.By buying up extra Wii Us for resale,he’s taking them away from fellow gamers who legitimately want one.He’s also taking advantage of those same gamers by listing them on ebay for astronomical prices.

    2. I don’t understand why he’s a scumbag. He is not losing Nintendo any money, and he will probably make some money. Whats wrong with that?

            1. How is it taking advantage of people? Do they NEED a Wii U? Is it imperative that they get one? Their desire for a Wii doesn’t supersede his desire to make money. Fair is fair.

    1. I’m on my period just because I say good things about the Wii U? I think you little kid-tendo fans should go back to kindergarten.

      1. It was just a joke relax. And you call me a kid when you’re the one who is childishly impersonatin a rather infamous character and goin around layin down insults. Real mature, bruh

        1. I know, right.Anyway, I bet the trolls are really butthurt from patcher,the king of trolls,admitted that wii u was great.

    1. That isn’t what that means. He said that so many people are going to buy it that it will always be sold out until at least April.

    2. he did say some things that turned out to be at least partially correct (but were also pretty obvious to begin with)
      however i wouldn’t pay any attention to this man no matter what he says about a product

  1. If Nintendo learned their lesson from the Wii, it won’t. If Nintendo are smart, they will produce more than enough, and have some stockpiled.

  2. OKAY so NOW he’s on the Wii U boat? Is this not the same Patcher Moron that has been saying the Wii U will fail? This guy is always full of complete BS.

        1. Na, our Ninjas paid him a visit. Hahaha! Like I said previously in another comment ” Nintendo don’t fuck around!”

  3. Worth to note: This is far from the first time Pachter says good stuff about the Wii U. He is pleased now when he has the information he needs to do accure predictions. He wasn’t before and therefore as a analyzist took the pessimistic way to avoid being underwhelmed.

    1. Are you actually trying to justify him being so harsh? I mean, sure, more information was needed, but instead of being an ass, he could’ve kept his mouth shut and waited for more facts before speaking.

      1. He has not been so harsh actually. The reason why people thinks that he’s so harsh is because on here and other Nintendo fan pages he is sometimes quoted out of the context. You don’t get the full story, just fragments.

        The reason why he didn’t belive in the Wii U was first because people didn’t knew that it was a new console but thought of it as an add-on for the Wii (reading here it seemed like HE thought the Wii U was nothing but an add-on for the Wii), and he was not alone with that (those were never mentioned). Then he disliked it because of rumours and at the time the rumours was all we had to go by and the rumours about it being lowpowered had support from the fact that the Wii was underpowered (the same way some of the Nintendo fans went by rumours about it being overly powerfull). I am not saying he has been correct all the time, just that I understands the way he reason.

        And he has been giving the Wii U controller praise before.

        But I think this quote sums up Pachter pretty well “Not sure if troll” because sometimes he says ridiculous things that could’ve been better unsaid and he mixes it with good, informative stuff. I am not exactly a fan of him, but he is usually accure when it comes to everything but Nintendo, so I give him some credit.

  4. Come off it Pachter. First its all doom and gloom now he’s acting like someone at Nintendo game him the most amazing blow job ever. I just don’t get it.

    1. Aeolus (not a troll, not a clone but the REAL plotkicking A.E.O.L.U.S.)

      I am right here, preparing my body for Nintendo’s big failure console. But don’t worry guys. I will get my second hand (so I don’t have to support Nintendo). Therefore I will be able to look for myself how crappy it is. I will maybe get Zelda if it will be as good as promised, but that’s all I will get that’s not second hand, because I do not want to support craptendo anymore.

      Oh, one last thing. I am NOT a troll.

  5. This reminds me of that Futurama movie where rapist tentacles come out. He was so against it, now he loves the “tentacle”

  6. I think the price is too expensive to sell well, at least in Europe from the prices I’ve seen so far. To be honest it probably is a reasonable price in the sense that I can see why it would cost so much, but I think many people still wouldn’t be prepared to pay it. I’m rather pessimistic about the success of the Wii U at the moment but we’ll see

    1. I’m going to agree with you, but with an Australian perspective.
      I can pick up the Xbox 360 here or a PS3 for a similar price, with a hard drive and a bunch of games or the WiiU with one bundled game and limited flash storage…

      Sure the 360/PS3 are older consoles, but since they’re getting they’ll likely be getting the same games as the WiiU, and probably cheaper, which one do you think parents will buy their kids for Christmas ?

      I have no doubt the first shipment or two will sell out in Australia, but by early next year, the fanfare will die down and the console’s sales will have slowed.

      People talk about the Wii coming out at $400AU, and it’s true, but it competed against the $800 PS3 and $650 (I think) Xbox 360 at the time. It sold well because it was cheaper, and the economy at the time was slower. The WiiU doesn’t have a direct new competitor, it’s now competing against existing technology, which isn’t a huge difference from it, but a whole lot cheaper.

  7. It’s confirmed, Wii U will flop hard. :P

    Jokes aside, Nintendo TVii might be the one feature to sell the system like crazy. On top of that, you don’t have to pay to get it working. I think it was ingenious from them. The games are pretty nice too, and Bayonetta 2 will be big for fans like me.

  8. I’ll wait until some better games are made for it. There is no games for this now that makes me say “Wow, I have to have this!”.

    1. Personal opinion but im jizzing over Rayman, ZombiU, Wonderful 101, NSMBU, even NintendoLand (never thought id say that), and of course Pikmin 3, which is going to be soooo good

  9. The wii U looks very cool, I might get one once I buy all the best games I can get on my 360, then ill get a wii U and a 720. Next gen is going to be awesome!

  10. Wow patcher… All that stuff he kept saying about nintendo not wowing or gaining enough excitement from gamers and people alike, now he’s saying that it’ll be sold out for months

  11. Well… that’s nice… FOR PEOPLE WITH $300!!! Honestly, I’m poor. I wanna go to NYCC to at least play the console at the Nintendo booth. I have NO money for this right now. Besides, let them work out the bugs and maybe drop the price a bit if I can wait that long. It’s obvious I want it, but I really can’t afford it right now. Maybe next holiday season… you know, when the world doesn’t end.

  12. nintendo’s wii u will fail?
    ………………………………………………………………………………………….0 FUCK OF

  13. I for one will be going in boot camp.within the next 3 months to go in the US Navy. The second I get out I am buying an IPhone 5. And after that, Wii U. You’re mine.

  14. Me and Patcher are on the same boat. I hated Wii U up until today. Seeing the bundle announced here in US just changed it. Anyone can argue how much they want, Wii U is a very good deal at 350 and comes with a game. I’m gonna get one. The things gonna be awesome.

  15. =====================

    Making my post long so you dingbats will see it!

    Pachter is more positive about the Wii U now that he has a price and launch details to work with, but you guys are COMPLETELY missing the mark here, and sickr is largely to blame for this one. Pachter says it will sell out because Nintendo will literally *make* it sell out by providing retailers only limited quantities. The press will declare the Wii “revolution” alive and kicking at the news that retailers are out of stock constantly. This will look great for Nintendo and keep their momentum going through the coming year, even if it means literally denying a large number of people the Wii U.

    I’m glad I’ve found different websites to frequent. The quality of the news reports and user input has decreased dramatically since this time last year.

    Good day.


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