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Developer Thinks Publishers Will ‘Again Discover Wii U Is A Haven For Casual Titles’

Two Tribes, the developer behind Toki Tori 2, which is coming to Wii U this year, thinks third-party publishers will eventually be out of reach to Nintendo with its forthcoming console. The developer claims publishers will eventually realize Wii U is a “haven for casual oriented titles.”

Referring to Nintendo’s competitors’ inevitable next-generation consoles, Two Tribes says developers will not want to spend extra money “to downscale” multiplatform games to Wii U.

Update: Two Tribes have contacted us to say that this was Tweet sent from the wrong account and was an employee’s personal opinion.

180 thoughts on “Developer Thinks Publishers Will ‘Again Discover Wii U Is A Haven For Casual Titles’”

      1. I don’t see why we would need to wait as long as an entire life cycle to deter,one if it appeals to one or the other or both or not… Unless there’s some hardcore specific gauge you’re using that most others seem to be overlooking.

        I think that ultimately, the Wii U will have a strong focus on casual – which is cool for the millions who enjoyed the wii and its games and will buy this come launch – but the third party support traditionally gearing to hardcore seems promising so far. A lot more to go, but a great start. This launch lineup is great!

    1. Circumstances matter more than the console itself. It could end up as a balance between the two, be mostly a “hardcore” console, or it could somehow take the Wii/DS route. We can’t really tell at this point.

    2. I don’t think we can be that sure about the hardcore audience part yet. To be honest, I didn’t see anything that could convince “hardcore gamers” to buy the WiiU. Not yet, at least. Sure, the system didn’t even launch yet, but there was no “hardcore game” announced for the WiiU, besides the ports which are available on other systems those hardcore gamers most likely already own. And no, I wouldn’t call ports a way to convince the hardcore audience.
      There’s not much of a 3rd-party support/titles neither right now, with the exception of Ubisoft, Bayonetta 2, Monster Hunter (Sorry if I missed out on something). Everything else are either 1st-party titles or ports.
      But all that could change, of course. I don’t think we can tell if it will be able to appeal to the hardcore audience just yet.

      1. I think that we are not going to get that much of that “hardcore” audience. But that’s because those “hardcore” gamers are only looking forward to xbox and ps3 titles. Even if they play better or are unique to the wii u, they are going to keep their minds closed.
        But, most of nintendo’s audience as well as people that has some “mario” needs, but also wants to play some “Hardcore” games may get the wii u instead of getting a wii and a ps3 or an xbox, so that’s not more audience to nintendo, but it’s more profit to them and less money to spend on another system.

        People will no longer need to buy two consoles to play all the games they want.
        About the downlodable titles, I really think that there’s more people interested on them on nintendo platforms. Most of people that play nintendo platforms are always looking for new games to play, whatever the genre is so, I think that they are doing good by putting their games there. (just take a look at the 3ds and the variety of titles we have right now on the eshop, you have a game for almost everyone, i even got my mom to play the 3ds haha)

        Regarding that, I think we will still be getting good 3rd party content, they are going to sell even if there’s a huge leap between the next-box and the ps4. (That’s what I think, I mean, if i can have darksiders II, for example, on my wii u, why should I buy other versions of the game if I have a wii u?)
        sorry if I wrote sth wrong, this is not my native language
        have a great day!

  1. I really hope this doesn’t happen. But then again, will Sony and Microsoft really spend all that money to make a huge leap between the PS3/360 and their next-gen consoles or will they choose a more modest leap? Only time will tell……

      1. Yes, and at the end he talks about Sony and Microsoft’s next gen consoles and how developers might not want to downscale multiplatform games for Wii U. What I’m asking is would Sony/Microsoft really make their consoles so advanced that it would make the Wii U seem as weak as the Wii was when compared to PS3/360.

        1. its possible, but from what i learn from wii is that wii have limitation, by memory to graphics.
          i don’t think thats possible with wii u since it has up to 25GB (50gb as well) of storage plus advance graphics.

          1. Exactly, it’s different when you have to downgrade from HD to SD. look PC games, they look awesome in your PC and great in PS3/360, being a PC 10 times more powerful than current hd graphics consoles.

            1. Exactly, even if there’s a ”huuuge difference” (which i think it won’t be that big because consoles would cost too much to be affordable) it will be no big deal for devs to put their games on wii u

    1. i think that would be financial suicide. there is no way they will spend enough money to make there next systems much more powerful than the wii u, in order to do that and make any kind of profit, they would have to sell there next consoles for $600+. what we’re most likely going to see, is that microsoft ans sony will develop consoles that barely support direct x 11 (maybe) but will focus mostly on polishing and refining the next iterations of the kinect and the move and will try to price it as close to the wii u as possible. people tend to forget that they’re in the business of making a profit, not making a super-powered machine.

        1. im all honesty, if most of those “hardcore” xbox and ps3 gamers where so obsessed with having a powerful gaming machine, than why the hell are they playing on a console in the first place? the only way to have the most powerful gaming machine is to build a gaming pc, that’s it. it’s not me being a pc master race or anything, just stating a fact.

          1. I’ve been saying this for years. If they like pretty pictures that much then they need to stop claiming their home consoles are the best graphically and get a PC’s main purpose is to give us great visuals, visuals far more advanced than any console we have out right now. Consoles should be more focused on traditional gaming and let PC’s take care of the fancy stuff.

            1. Thats got nothing to do with having the best visuals, theyre still bragging about mega blocks when theres Lego available

              1. The “best visuals” is irrelevant; PCs have done that forever, preaching it every fucking time to defend the Wii U against next-gen consoles is little more than stupid, chewbacca arguments. Presentable visuals is what matters. The Wii didn’t have anything presentable in any sense of the word, besides say…Galaxy.

                1. When the whole point was that if you want the best visuals, get a pc – ‘best visuals’ is far from irrelevant.

                  Now, try grow a brain and stop changing the argument.

                  1. Nobody asked for the best visuals, therefore it’s completely irrelevant. People want the best on a console, not being forced to spend ridiculous markups on the best cards just to have some sort of a point.

                    Now shut the fuck up.

                2. call of duty on all the consoles is the same game just a sixty dollar difference not a three hundred dollar difference the wii has hd controls and the graphics were worth the money unlike the hd twins

            2. what do i have to deal with lol. why is it even when you agree with someone, you have to act like you’re correcting them, even though you’re just rewording what i just said? you really are mentally challenged aeolus.

              1. Just like how you were mentally challenged enough to think a AMD 7 series meant Southern Islands was inside of a console which has existed before its release. Lmfao.

                Yeah, try talking shit when you demonstrate intelligence beyond a typical twat who just got a new PC and knows what the Hell he’s talking about.

                1. omg you’re one of those people. I AGREED WITH YOU. and yet you want to start an argument about something that everyone stopped caring about over a month ago? you are one hell of a mental case my friend

                    1. ugh *sigh* you’re not even worth it anymore. it’s like trying to get a dog to learn how to sit, but all it does is run into the wall. no progress is being made, and you’re still just a flaming douche cunt even when there’s nothing to flame about. and all you have is the good ol’ “i know you are but what am i” shit. thank you for proving how stupid you are, and entertaining me with your retarded nonsense.

            3. PC is already a next gen… my current gen is stronger than all consoles and i believe it will be more powerful than PS4 and Xbox 720/8….. remember, hardver is today more expensive…. no one wants to buy a console for 1000$ or so…

      1. Another generic fanboy speculation post that has no idea how gaming hardware companies spend their cash to fund their machines. Now hang out in the line of the other batch of fanboys singing this tune and coming up with a load of excuses when their devices once again smash on Nintendo’s effortlessly.

        1. What are talking about?
          Stop blowing smoke out your ass shit for brains.
          Nintendo made a shit-ton of money, pulled millions into gaming, and had a huge gaming following as the result of Wii, DS and 3DS.

          Nintendo is doing the smashing.
          Deal with it.

          By the way, welcome back. What, finally beat the one game that’s out on Vita? Or did your shit PC break down?

          1. Sales does not equate to quality, bore me with another strawman argument and try to explain to real gamers how your Wii Wii is better than the PS3.

      2. I agree. Also, they will spend a lot of money to develop games and the losses can be fatal. The Wii U have a true potencial, even with graphics under PS4 and Nextbox. Maybe developers don’t want to jump on board of Next-gen graphics yet or they are not ready, because it’s too expensive. and then, Wii U will have a rich library of games, cause it’s gonna have great graphics and easy way to develop for.

    2. One thing to realize is that graphics really can’t advance that much farther. Every leap in graphics is a smaller difference than the last. So the real “leap” would just be minor texture and lighting improvements. To the average person it will get to the point where it looks like nothing happened. So I’d say that all three companies’ 8th gen consoles will look pretty similar in terms of graphical performance. Also development has been getting more expensive. Sony and Microsft wouldn’t be able to shell out the money to make consoles with “huge” graphics jumps and make a profit since the consoles would be too expensive. Especially in an economy that’s still a recovery phase with more work to be done to be good again. I think the Wii U will be okay. And devs should notice that it does work well with “casual” and “hardcore” games.

      1. yeah as long as they make good quality games i don’t care if its a downgrade ver.
        i still don’t believe that wii u will be a downgrade.

      2. Graphical power may not be able to advance too much more, but what about processing power? Thats a whole nother beast entirely and where I think consoles with have to go in order to distinguish themselves from one another in the future

      3. Exactly. It’s like an asymptote; the graphical difference between each generation will be increasingly less. So when graphics no longer set Microsoft and Sony ahead, Nintendo’s creativity and overall awesomeness will easily make it the most dominant of the 3.

              1. He answers every answer except this question everyone asks him because he has no life and doesn’t have a good response.

          1. I skip over 80% of his posts, I don’t even read most of them anymore.

            Same arrogant, dumbass nonsence. He’s been wrong about everything. He’s just a washed-up gamer with no “home-console.” so now he’s just bitter at everything.

  2. It depends if the next Playstation and Xbox have decent sales. Next gen games will also be more expensive to make so if they don’t sell many they’re stuffed.

    1. Also if the Wii U has a huge install base by the time the other consoles come out it would be too much of a risk not to put it on the Wii U.

      1. They “predicted” WiiU will lose 3rd party support.
        Why do you question every person’s post?
        Why do you ask why?
        You read the article, yeah?
        It’s not exactly positive press, yeah?
        You ARE on a Nintendo blog, yeah?

        Well, you see, generally, a lot of traffic to a Nintendo blog is going to be nintendo fans.

        This isn’t MetaCritic. This is MyNintendoNews. The trolls can’t seem to figure this out either. Too fucking dumb.

      1. if they do that there just wasting there time, who in the RIGHT mind will buy a 4K or even an 8K to play just a PS4 and 720?

        1. That’s why I think it would be a really stupid move. Also, game development would cost even MORE to make use of the resolution. The release of a console with that kind of power now would be suicide.

  3. yes, let’s talk crap about the console we are developing for..

    I think it depends on whether or not people who purchase the wii u support the strong third party core games.. I hope the core games like Zombi U are good and people buy it.

  4. I think thats the point of the WiiU, to target core gamers AND casuals, which is what the Wii failed to really do, Nintendo have a good slice of the pie with their casual market, they wont let it go, but they really want the core back, and i think we’re starting to see that

    1. Hardcore? What hardcore? Haha did you see E3 this year? Hahaha Nintendo just has their 3rd party to cover up that it isn’t a casual system , just a few years down the line and they will completely forget about the the hardcore

            1. Nobody should be forced to spend $300-350 just to a play game which frankly, did not need to turn into an exclusive on a platform that not only has no clear future, but the predecessor had no such entry in that series.

              1. inb4 hurr durr, but this game wouldn’t exist without nintendo!111

                Nah, if Sega weren’t broke as hell then it would have. But it might as well didn’t, seeing as everybody who bought the first game just got a gigantic finger in their face.

                    1. So in your other post you basically said no console should have exclusives because if people buy a different console,than they will be forced to buy the other one.

                1. Yes it is, but I wanted to play a game which debuted on the systems, not taking a complete 180 degree turn on a random device just in a desperate attempt to have Nintendo fund it and bring it to life.

                  Bayonetta barely sold over 1 million copies across every platform it appeared on, why they think it will do any better on this device by the time it’s released is beyond me.

                  1. Blame SEGA for that. They were the one in the first place that stoped the project of B2. Then Nintendo came, and decided to publish the game, making it possible again. so, or Nintendo got this game as an exclusive, or the game would never exist. where is sony or microsoft when things like this happen? why didn’t they in the first place, show interest in the project if their fans wanted it so bad?

                    1. Like you said before, ask Sega, Neither Sony nor MS are entitled to publish anything for a third party developer at their expensive.

            1. Like I said before, might as well didn’t. The majority of Bayonetta’s fanbase are true HarDcore (HD) gamers on the 360. Why splinter the fanbase the helped get the new IP anywhere? Stupid move and they know it. There is no “never” in gaming, chill the fuck out and get your shit in order than make the game later.

                1. If GTA V was coming out this Christmas no other game would get decent sales. Its the truth and you know it. Black Ops 2 might but that’s it.

      1. hey ness i have a question for you, and i don’t wanna fight calling you a troll and stuff. i really want you to tell me what’s your meaning of hardcore, i don’t care if you hate Nintendo, only answer me that.

        1. A hardcore game is something that is underrated , not too mainstream, has violence , has good online and replay value , great story,and is actually enjoyable , THATS HARDCORE …something Nintendo lacks

          1. funny that’s not hardcore that’s fanboy talk, hardcore is what the name suggest hard challenge.
            the way you said it we can tell you are a kid.

          2. you see that’s your problem you cant name a game with all those things.
            COD: tooo mainstream and story sucks
            bioshock: no online no replay value
            Uncharted: story was meh, no online no replay value
            and the list goes on…
            trust me i love all those games.
            hardcore is the player not the game and a hardcore player is the one that enjoys a variety of games. a casual player is the one that lives in a single game dimension, playing mario all day or COD all day they are close minded.

          3. I agree with all of that excep for the violence part. It doesn’t have to be violent to be an awesome game. Heck, Gravity Rush isn’t overly violent and it’s a freaking awesome game! All I can say is, at least Nintendo are trying to go back to being hardcore, it’s good to see. If they can get there games back to the quality they use to be, then all is good. :3

          4. Let’s see Nintendo games have great replay value, great story, and are enjoyable. I guess Nintendo fills up those requirements nice and easy. Oh and, LOL, at a game needing violence, online, and story to be hardcore.

  5. Lol wii U is a casual baby toy and the on controller looks like a fisher price tablet , Lol Nintendo land? BAHAHAHA !! Please Nintenfags tell me some adult Nintendo games?? Hahaha fucking pussies

    1. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Metroid Prime.

      Also, if you are looking at 3rd Party games theres:

      No More Heroes, Madworld, Conduit 1 & 2, Call of Duty series, Assassin’s Creed III, Darksiders 2, Aliens Colonial Marines, ZombiU, Bayoneta 2 (Jelly ness?), Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (jelly again are we?), Mass Effect 3, Red Steel 1 & 2 and so on.

      I could go on for the list of titles that where for “adults” that date back all the way to the SNES.

    2. The beauty of Nintendo is that they don’t need to make “adult” games. The games they currently make already have mass appeal from kids to adults (shocking isn’t it?). If you need to have every game you own be M rated to make yourself feel mature, that’s pretty sad.

            1. not because that’s called alienating your consumers, why do you think there’s so many kids playing COD and halo on Xbox.

        1. There is Zangeki no Reginleiv, Geist, and Eternal Darkness, which are, I believe, Nintendo’s only M rated hardcore games. The first is a Japanese-exclusive hack n slash Wii title, the abformentioned 2 are horror international Gamecube games. They are either obscure or sold poorly. If only Silicon Knights and Sandlot had more money, I would have loved an Eternal Darkness 2 and Zangeki no Reginleiv 2 on the Wii U. .

    3. Well then do not buy it. I will get for those super hardcore titles like Pokemon Mario Zelda AnimalCrossing FireEmblem and so on. Just shut your mouth. No1 here will think MMM NESS HAS A FU*KING GOOD POINT THERE. I AM GOING TO STOP PLAYING NINTENDO!
      Not 1 person here will think that. It really is pointless

  6. Huh?? I’m confused. A little while ago, he was singing praises of the Wii U. Anyhow I disagree. Don’t see Microsoft /Sony being able to upgrade significantly. If they do, asking price may be too much for consumers. For example, I’m not buying a $600 console.

  7. *facepalm* First, they say the system is amazing and is great, now they are changing their minds and saying the Wii U is going to be a casual gaming platform….

    TwoTribes… WTF?! are you bipolarer or something?

    1. I don’t see how that’s an insult. It’s the truth, they can obviously tell it will inevitably become a casual gaming platform yet again, but with less of the sales as the Wii due to its clusterfuck controller.

  8. This why I am going to wait and see if some truly spectacular games come to the Wii U. I learned from buying the Wii and watching the third party support dry up.

    1. Yeah so far all I see are a bunch of old ports qnd shovelware like nintendoland. I dont need the upqd gimmick since I have plenty of tablets with Smartglass. Im actually waiting for the upcoming xboss 720

      1. Well let me try to change your mind and tell me if these games don’t interest you:bayonetta 2,rayman legends,zombie u,new super mario bros u,black ops 2,assassin’s creed 3,tekken tag tournament 2,ninja gaiden 3,nintendo tvii,the eshop(10% discount if you get deluxe)and you can play without using your tv.

  9. (Two Tribes says developers will not want to spend extra money “to downscale” multiplatform games to Wii U.) Fuck your silly ass multiplatform games, im sure i speak for a lot of people when i say “i would never pay any amount of US currency for your 32 bit failures to be played on my Wii U. I wouldnt consider playing it for free”

    1. You guys sure love posting that link from a female who’s more or less a journalist/writer rather than somebody actually relevant in the industry.

      Such is the sheepish, slow mind of a Nintendo fanboy…

      1. You think specs are going to have the same big leap every generation. You see that’s where you fail. I can’t wait to see the small leap the PS4 and Xbox 720 has on the Wii U. Oh look, it has slightly better textures, now I’m excited. ROFL LMFAO!

        1. They say such nonsense in virtually every generation. The most notably was the transition from 2D into 3D. That’s why there’s no point really paying attention to it anymore.

  10. The wii u will do fine. I really think the ps3 and 360 can have 2 or 3 more years. The games on those consoles look beautiful and play well. Why more can they possibly add?

  11. Hi Everyone,

    The tweet that spawned this news item was sent from the wrong account. It was meant to be sent from my personal account as a quick reply to something Emily Rogers said. I’ve tried to rectify it on the GoNintendo forums, feel free to check it out.

    Hopefully this can be rectified on this site as well.

    Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.


    1. Unfortunately, people seem to miss this post. In the end, it’s still you being very realistic about the system you’re developing on, so your opinion matters.

  12. Oh take your no name toki tori game and shove it up your ass. I swear these nobody developers now a days act like little shits and say whatever they want. They want money in there pockets? Then they better shut up,

  13. Everyone who says the Wii U will be underpowered compared next Xbox and ps4 is assuming too much. All we know is they will all be HD. We know the Wii U has 2 gigs of Ram and a very strong GPU. Some complain about the CPU but we really don’t know what it is capable of. Next Xbox and ps4 may have a stronger CPU but that’s it, and there current gen consoles are so good it’s a hard sell for upgrading to ps4 and next Xbox. In order to make the case they will have to make them much more powerful, which will cost too much to manufacture, develop games for and sell those consoles and games.

  14. I think the next xbox will have a similar hardware. Because of that, the next playstation will be the “different one” and not everyone will want to upscale their games.

  15. I believe the Wii U will be a paradise for both hardcore and casual games. Just because a console has potential to be a paradise for casual games, it doesn’t mean the hardcore games will be forgotten, specially because Nintendo themselves said they want to make the Wii U a console for both publics!

  16. Aeolus
    45 year old bald headed basement troll. “mom, the kids on the Internet are making fun of me again” mom replies “don’t listen to them honey, I’ll be right down with your bagel bites”

  17. I am impressed with Wii U, don’t get me wrong, but I honestly believe that once nlthe next Gen Sony and Microsoft systems launch and run games on much more powerful engines than Wii U can, then the majority of 3rd party support will drop and it will face the same problem Wii did.

  18. Screw you guy.

    Not that it matters, because there will only be one console where you can buy Zelda, Metroid Mario, Pokemon, BAYONETTA 2… the list goes on and on.

  19. This is bullsh*t. If it’s supposedly easier to develop for than PS3 and Xbox, and has better specs, why wouldn’t third party publishers release multiplatforms on Wii U? I never liked the Wii, but I think the Wii U will be awesome. Look at it. It’s more powerful than Xbox and PS3 (I also have a PS3 and pre-ordered Wii U). If Nintendo doesn’t figure out a way to garner more third party support for the Wii U to entice hardcore gamers, then fine. I’ll just return to my PS3 until next-gen PS4 and 720 are released. Seriously, core gamers should always be a huge priority imo. ANGER RAHHHH! ARGHH! ><

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