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Fluidity Look-Alike ‘Puddle’ Tilting To Nintendo eShop At Wii U Launch

Neko Entertainment’s Puddle, a physics puzzle game in which players must guide a puddle of fluid to its destination by tilting the environment, is coming to Wii U. The game is currently only available for download on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, but will arrive on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U at the console’s launch.

38 thoughts on “Fluidity Look-Alike ‘Puddle’ Tilting To Nintendo eShop At Wii U Launch”

      1. No wait, i can do better. Ahem.

        Port? Yaaarrrr, man the stations scurvy dogs! Pull up the sails, drop the anchor, port await us!

    1. I hope Nintendo does not play the silly card again like they did on 3DS . No only ambassadors can have GBA games , everybody else has to wait , even though we have coded them and they have already been downloaded successfully . IDIOTS!!! .

      GameCube games would be a huge way to make a lot of money as the GameCube was never in the spotlight barely selling over 20,000,000 .
      Now wiiu owners will see Mario sunshine , Luigis mansion 1 and the likes and they will immediately pull the trigger after watching a short gameplay video provided .

      In short – I hope they don’t fuk around like they are doing with the 3ds virtual console .

      1. Well, I’m a 3DS Ambassador, so I really don’t have anything to complain about XD. But in all seriousness, i’m sure that just like the NES games, Nintendo would fine tune the GBA games before they were released to the public. Of coarse, I also like having the games exclusive to ambassadors because we did pay more for our 3DS’s.

        1. I agree with the exclusivity part , But just chargeing us £8 a game would justify you guys getting 10 at once for FREE XD .

          Thing with the gamecube was , it had some of the best games ever made and were overlooked because everybody was playing PS2 . F-zero gx , luigi’s mansion ,mario sunshine . Eternal darkness m waverace etc etc .

          These games will sell like Hotcakes with the right advertisement on the nintendo E-shop for wiiu .

  1. I bet if the trolls on this website spent half as much time actually playing video games, as they do bitching about Nintendo, they might become fans and start to have some idea what they’re talking about.

  2. I wonder if flooding the market with clones is an anti-Nintendo strategy or just an embarrasing admission that many are incapable of innovating, so they’re not even gonna try anymore.

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