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Beautiful Fantasy Life Trailer For Nintendo 3DS

Level 5 has revealed a brand new trailer for its forthcoming Fantasy Life on Nintendo 3DS at the Tokyo Game Show. The game is being co-developed by Brownie Brown and Level-5. Fantasy Life originally started out life on the Nintendo DS, but development swapped to the Nintendo 3DS. Level 5 has yet to announce if the game is coming to the West.

88 thoughts on “Beautiful Fantasy Life Trailer For Nintendo 3DS”

          1. That not a review, thats just showing you what the system is like, and pointing out design choices. No sane person looks at the Vita or the 3DS reviews and says, “oh it wont fit perfectly in your pocket? Not buying”

            EVERY system is good, the main and only selling point however is GAMES.
            Choosing a console cant be based on, “well IGN said this” because the system will still have good games, it’s all based on either your preference, your budget, what gales are available, and if you have any fan loyality in there. Not “it has 2 analogs”. Wow, terrific, no fucking games though.

            Reviewing a console is utterly pointless

              1. Exactly. Im not a fan of xbox but my choices for not being a fan are solely based on game library and certain microsoft policies they like to attach to the system *cough* £40 online, RRoD.
                But i never understood why people slagged off the fact it was a heavy box, its like, “yeah, and what? You’re goin to leave it on a table or cabinet once you get home, so whats your point?”

                Yeah, portables need to be light, but theyre alwas light, only a mad man would design a heavy portable device

                1. As long as it works , AND has good games , that is all that really matters .
                  Like you say the games are all that really matters . the wii console is an underpowered tiny little thing . BUT it has the most revoloutionary controller of all time and it has some serious Market butsting games , like mario kart wii , mario galaxy , zelda , xenoblade and more .

            1. That’s the very textbook definition of a “review” you dumb motherfucker.

              They have every reason to review hardware, and there is no reason not to do such. It’s more than just games these days, dipshit.

              1. NO ITS NOT! Gaming is about games, always has, always will, its in the fucking name!

                I can never fathom how fucking stupid and retarded you are. The only REAL IMPORTANT thing about a console, is the fucking games. You can have whatever meaningless specs in your console, and however much memory, processing power, all of that, you could have the best gaming PC on the fucking planet, but in the end, if you dont have QUALITY GAMES, its an expensive paper weight, NOTHING MORE. I know you need it to compensate for your tiny dick, but specs mean FUCK ALL. Ocarina of Time. Still voted and winning as the best game of all time. Graphics. Mean. Fuck. All.

                Reviewing hardware is fucking pointless, but moronic drone cunts like you, eat it up, because if you think that you have the biggest most powerful machine ever, that makes you better than everyone else, that makes the games better. DEAD WRONG.

                The 3DS is DESTROYING the Vita, again. Its got worse graphics, and only 1 analog, that isnt even an analog. Why? GAMES. You know those things you BUY THE FUCKING SYSTEM FOR. Please, go back in the womb, and come out when everyone dead, then you can right forever, and flail your bullshit opinions without making yourself look like a fool in front of everyone.

                Fuck. Off.

                1. And this is purely TheDragon234’s shitty, opinion. Nobody cares about your opinion, but you are not one to say it’s pointless when hardware is reviewed ALL the time.

                  It’s is MORE than just games now. We’re not in the early 90s anymore. No matter how much you call it otherwise, you cannot prove it as hardware always gets reviews. Software doesn’t mean SHIT if the hardware sucks.

                  NOW COME AT ME BRO. You’ll get destroyed if you’re trying to argue against this. Back off, and walk away before you face prompt embarrassment.

                2. Also, SALES DON’T MEAN SHIT. The 3DS only beats the Vita in SALES. By your logic, the FUCKING WII IS THE BEST. It is not, and you fucking know it. I’m sick of your fucking Nintendo fanboyism,

                  I’m sick of your fucking Nintendrone opinions. You don’t mean shit in this industry and you cannot your argue your points. SOFTWARE IS MEANINGLESS IF THE HARDWARE HAS NOTHING GOING FOR IT TO MAKE THE SOFTWARE WORK. THE FIRST THING YOU NEED FOR GAMING IS THE HARDWARE. THE FUCKING HARDWARE.

                  Good night, you ignorant, STUPID, NINTENDO BLINDED, FUCKWIT. You’re a disgrace, and no better than the other idiots here.

                  1. The wii has the best exclusives just behind the ps3 in terms of volume and quality and way ahead of the 360 .

                    Skyward sword , Mario galaxy , smash bros , metroid prime trilogy , xenoblade chronicles ! them of just Halo and Forza ????? everything else on the 360 is on the PC or PS3 .

                      1. Super Mario 3D Land actually does something different, Uncharted on the VITA doesn’t. Kingdom Hearts is hardly a rehash, unless you’re willing to say that Kingdom Hearts on the PS2/PSP are also rehashes. Kid Icarus is overrated?! Yeah…ok…sure…oh god, you sound so much like Jack Tretton. Did he train you to be a good little Sonydrone?

                      2. Super Mario 3D is a rehash, it’s a 3D NSMB for casual babies. Already played KH3D, it’s like every handheld KH ever besides that GBA one. Kid Icarus is single analog garbage, play Panzer Dragoon instead.

                        Enjoy your babysitting tool with baby games.

                      3. If that’s the case then essentially you’re the biggest idiot of them all. lol you keep coming back here. You say “I’m sick of your fucking Nintendrone opinions.”, yet you keep returning here, just to read comments and reply to them. Obviously by that logic you lack common sense. You’ve no reason to be here, if you do then explain why you keep coming here to this forum? If you can’t explain that then by default you admit that you don’t have nothing else to do with your life than to come onto a forum and respond negatively to people’s comments. In addition to that you also admit that you are the one of the biggest fanboys to sony out there too as you continuously say that sony is better than ninten.

                      4. If you’re sick of their opinions, WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU STILL ON THIS SITE? Seriously, you’re are the biggest fanbitch I’ve ever met. If you hate Nintendo, don’t play there games? If you hate fanboyism, then don’t come on this site! Fuck, even my 8 year old nephew is smarter than this faggot.

                        1. @Aeolus, Lol, answer the fucking question and stop trying to avoid it. You get butthurt when people don’t answer yours, so answer mine, WHY ARE YOU STILL ON HERE? It’s sad you are still on this site acting like a 2 year old. Oh girl gestures? Somebody hasn’t heard of joking around have they?

              1. No, it’s the writer’s own nonsense taking the CEO’s comments out of context, the entire NeoGAF thread ripped it into shreds. If you had basic reading skills, you would’ve known that. But you’re blinded by positive sounding news, so guess not. =P

                  1. And you’re a Nintendo fanboy and virgin with no intelligence whatsoever. If you killed yourself, nobody would care either. I’m no longer going to reply to you in an attempt to nicely pick apart your stupidity. Instead, you will now be treated like the lowest form of intelligence you are. You’re a loser. A Nintentwit, an apologist and above all else, a fake gamer.

                      1. 2nd grade retorts because it’s the bitter truth. You’re Nintendo fueled scum. You’ll suck them off hard no matter what they shit out. Nintendo sucks, they’ve sucked since the end of the n64, your childhood is gone and they cater to babies now. Go get laid and talk to some girls, if they even want to talk to you (chances are they won’t bother).

                        Now cry more to real gamers who might give an ounce of a fuck for their existence anymore, because nobody besides their fanboy horde cares.

                        1. So whenever someone doesn’t give you a source,you ask them for one.But when they give you one you say it isn’t good.

                        2. XD Looks like someone is upset. For someone who claims to be unbiased and mature, you sure like to to curse a lot and throw tantrums. It’s kind of cute actually. It’s like seeing an angry dog bark at someone when they’re chained to a pole. So CAYOOT!

                        3. I’ve made no such claims superfaggotbros, so keep up your cute little lies, you can’t show evidence I’ve said any of what you claim.

            1. So, how is Cinemablend a “Nintendo site”? More importantly, how does commenting on an article that was literally hyperbolic nonsense in the title proving anything?

              You’re an idiot.

              1. You say you’re tired of these Nintendo Fanboyism? but yet you’re still on MyNintendo site and always commenting on most of the articles, I bet you get off on it right? YOU SICK FUCK!!!!

                1. “I love how Aeolus is on so many different Nintendo sites. I guess he’s a closet Nintendo fan.”

                  Answer the fucking question you stupid piece of shit, or don’t spread lies. That’s faggotry.

                  1. Hey, I already gave a link of you being on a Nintendo-related article. That’s proof enough that you spend free time looking for Nintendo news. I guess you really do want to buy a Nintendo.


                      You’re a filthy, lying piece of shit. As you fantards would say: “EXPOSED”.

                        1. Disgusting fanboys, always resorting to lies to support their company, it’s no wonder everyone you hates you virgins. All lies, all ass kissery, 0 facts.

          1. Not appealing to me. If I ever have the opportunity to try it someday, I might change my mind, but for now, I’m not interested in this one.

          2. I so want this game as it looks brilliant which means it won’t be released in the west. If Nintendo wants to increase sales in the west, all they need to do is release these great games instead of keeping them in japan only.

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