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Dragon Quest X Can Be Played Entirely On The Wii U GamePad

Square Enix has revealed a few new details for Dragon Quest X at this years Tokyo Game Show. One of the revelations is that you can play the entire game on the Wii U GamePad, if you so wish. Obviously the game will be displaying in HD on the television but will display at a lower resolution when played on the Wii U GamePad. Switching between the television screen and GamePad screen can be done via the menu in Various Options, and is apparently a very smooth process.

58 thoughts on “Dragon Quest X Can Be Played Entirely On The Wii U GamePad”

    1. Especially when it allows you to play on the gamepad and the Wii U at the _SAME TIME!_. Invite a friend over, let him play DQ with you, win! It would be okay if limitations apply, such as needing to be roughly in the same area. Imo that could be worked around with making one of the players WALK to the other player before gameplay could begin, to ensure they join in the same area.

    1. Well for most games, they use wii u gamepad for maps, equipment, and other stuff.So if they only used wii u gamepad,then you would have to pause the game and look at the map or get equipment

    2. All games COULD do this, if the develop chooses to implement the Off-TV Play feature.

      However, it’s optional. Some games may rely on using the gamepad’s touch screen and not have Off-TV Play at all.

    1. No you retard…HAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. No. Some games need the tv and gamepad, like ZombiU, NintendoLand, ect. Thought was was obvio-oh wait its Aeolus, nevermind

        1. Not really. That’s like saying it’s false advertising that all PlayStation and Xbox systems does not support 3D on 3DTVs. It’s optional for the developers to implement the feature.

        2. Nope, it’s a system feature available to be implemented by the developer if they so wish. It’s possible to do it with any game, but some people choose to use the second screen in more creative ways then simply moving the tv image to the gamepad. Happy to educate

        3. They never advertised all games can be played away from the tv , lol . They simply mentioned it as one of it’s pretty incredible features .

          Its about 50/50 so far on gamepad away from TV or some games run 2 screens at once permanently like Rayman legends and others .

          Wiiu >>>>>>>>> Everything you like .

        4. No its not, its an option to make by the developer. Youd hav to be stupid to not realise a game like ZombiU cant be played on the gamepad alone.

        5. False advertising, Nintendo just wants sales with a “bonus” that will likely hardly be working. Just like Remote Play.

          Typical evil company, they’re desperate really.

          1. It would be false advertising if only a few games used it, like say, i dunnooo, the command speak in Mass Effect 3 and Skyrim with Kinect or, hmm, whats that thing with the Vita? Cross play?

          2. Bwahaha, every Wii U game will be maps garbage and nothing else. It’s a console DS, with hardware that’s basically an overclocked 360.

            1. Oh great, you reshuffled your memory banks and went back to the dated fanboy shit from before. Its already proven thats it far from an overclocked 360.

              And again, ZombiU, much more than just “maps”.
              3rd party content may just include those features, but considering how easy and simple it is to do that, they may delve into more interest things, but the 1st content is going to use it in anyway they can to improve the overall experience. Have fun with your same controller, and slighty better hardware.

            2. Lol, that overclocked 360 with current gen technology. 720 and PS4 will be the cutting edge for the hardcore gamers.

              Gimmick controls never work out, they only get shitty casual games and miss out on every relevant release.

              Together Hardcore gamers.

              1. I hope you have torrettes you mother fucker . You are delusional to think the ps4 will O so powerfull . it will be an over clocked Wiiu , with no gamepad . And I will be buying one , so I will be more ‘Together Hardcore’ than you , because I will have the 3 best consoles.

                720 , is trying to turn your living room into real life , if that isnt a gimmik then i don’t know what is . a map on the pad isn’t .

              2. Hardcore games will be found on the Nextbox and PS4, then Nintendo fanboys tell us all how gameplay doesn’t matter even when their console has no good games.

                What a joke.

                1. seriously, why in the fuck do you even go on this site? all you do is flame about anything and everything nintendo, so why in gods name would you be constantly checking up on a nintendo specific news site? you must seriously have nothing going on in your life if this is how you choose to spend your time.

              3. “hardcore” gamers don’t flock to consoles, kid
                maybe your nerdchan gaming magazines and techtv shows have deluded you, but don’t think for a second gimped PCs are what anyone with a gaming PC looks forward to

                leaked 720 specs are a joke
                no way cutting edge, barely more powerful than the wiiu if anything
                also, PRIMARILY focused on kinect
                yeah, that’s definitely for the “hardcores”

                ps4 isn’t happening for at least a few years and we know nothing about it. might not even happen due to how much money they’re losing with japan’s natural disasters and the vita burning money away.

                1. On the contrary, they do. Hardcore gamers are found on any platform with controls they’re used to and the latest games. Nintendo isn’t hardcore, and they’ll never be considered it.

                  1. no consoles are “hardcore”, there’s nothing advanced about them
                    they’re just for idiots who don’t have or can’t build gaming pc’s
                    enjoy your watered-down experience, pleb

    3. theoretically, EVERY game is more than capable of doing it

      Virgil said it took them only a few lines of code IIRC

      still, it’s entirely up to the devs, just like the features of any game

  1. Too bad I’m like Aelous and I dont play rehash and japanese gamers are stupid for not liking Xbox and for always playing the same games over and over again, such as dragon quest, monster hunters ect..(Sarcasm)

    1. It’s funny. If you visit Japan and find somebody who shares the same characteristics as you, they would think the same thing but about home consoles and shooters.

      In Japan, the popular gaming platforms are the PC and handhelds. A large portion of American teenagers think handhelds are gimmicky, while in Japan consoles that you plug into TVs are considered gimmicky.

  2. Not gonna hope for this being localised. Not because I don’t want it. I really want this game! But considering the whole Xenoblade / The Last Story / Pandora’s Tower debacle, I’m not optimistic. I hope they’ve learned that we play these kinds of games in the rest of the world as well. I’d love a good mmo on a Nintendo console.

    1. I beg to differ. I love RPGs, especially FINAL FANTASY VI, CHRONO TRIGGER, TALES OF SYMPHONIA, the DRAGON QUEST games in general, and the recently released XENOBLADE CHRONICLES.

      To each their own though.

      1. To be honest, i dislike the slow paced gameplay, and the fact that most of them are overrated.

        Oh and the Kingdom Hearts fanbase, DEAR GOD.

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  4. Sweet! I’ve been waiting to hear some DQX news for quite a while now. I was hoping Square Enix would implement the off-TV play feature and I’m glad they did. This also might convince more Japanese gamers that only “casually” play DQ to try it since they don’t have to be confined to the TV and would be more comfortable with something that resembled a handheld. This will benefit me since I will most likely play the game for long stretches at a time and could do it now without hogging the TV.

  5. thats cool and all but when is this game coming to the west !!!! its pointless knowing this cool stuff if it never even gets released here.

    1. It won’t come… The Wii version has been out in Japan for a while. Now the Wii U version is on its way and they haven’t even mentioned a release for the rest of the world.

  6. Reblogged this on hypersonic55 and commented:
    I’m glad to finally see some footage of Dragon Quest X on the Wii U. Obviously we knew that the game would be released on both Wii and Wii U, but in terms of how it works on the Wii U and seeing an actual hands-on preview of the game we hadn’t seen anything until now. Thank you Tokyo Game Show! Thanks to IGN’s coverage we finally got see the game in action and it remings me a lot of Dragon Quest VIII on the PS2, but with some of the visual style that came with Dragon Quest IX on the DS. The game looks very nice, colourful and fluid in animation. If you wish to watch the video it is available here:

    But what I like in this article I am reblogging is that apparently you can play the entire game of DQX on the Wii U GamePad. And while you’ll be sacrifising the HD quality by switching your TV to the GamePad, Square Enix say that the process of switch is appreantly very smooth and since Square normally deliver with their games I’ll trust their judgment. Can’t wait to see more info and footage on DQX! :D

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