Level 5 Explains Why The Fantastic Ni No Kuni For Nintendo DS Won’t Come To West

Nintendo DS’ version of Ni No Kuni launched 2010 in Japan, but because it’s “too difficult” to package the physical magic book with the game and sell it outside Japan, it will not be released in the West. However, the PlayStation version of the game, titled Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, which includes a digital magic book, will launch in both Europe and North America in January 2013.

For reference, out of a possible 40 points, Famitsu awarded the Nintendo DS version with 38 points and PlayStation 3’s with 36.

“It was too difficult to package it with the book and sell it overseas. That was the biggest reason why it wasn’t brought overseas.”

-Akihiro Hino, Level-5 president



    1. Total bullshit. “Too difficult to localize” isn’t an excuse, it’s utter bullshit.
      The least they can do to apologize is to port the PS3 version to the Wii U.


  1. Still makes me very sad this is not coming outside Japan on DS – it simply looks beautiful on the DS!
    Though I’m also hopeful perhaps they’ll make a 3DS version and the magic book could be included as an online manual in the 3DS :)


  2. I find the reason pretty weak. It might be difficult, but the sales would compensate, I’m sure of it. Use your head, think of a way to do it!


  3. Man, I wish I could get this for my DS or 3DS, seeing as I don’t have a PS of any kind and am not planning on buying one anytime soon…Oh well. Thank goodness for all the Let’s Plays on YouTube!


  4. The Japanese are great innovators; I’m sure it wouldn’t be too difficult for them to come up with a better way to package it or to edit the game and add a digital magic book.


  5. They could’ve at least brought it to the Wii U! I don’t care if that dumb book is digital or physical or not even there! Oh well, guess I’m playing in Japanese. At least we have Animal Crossing New Leaf to “substitute” it.


  6. What are you afraid of releasing it to the west with extra charges? Do you think we gamers would not buy it?
    It’s a great game and you want to keep it only for japanese people?
    If you thinking that way, you better stop making games.


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