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Wii U eShop And Online Is Very Promising Says Developer

Trine 2 producer Lauri Hyvärinen has revealed that he has seen the Wii U eShop and says that it is very promising. Hyvärinen also went on to say that Nintendo is taking its online experience very seriously with Wii U, but he wouldn’t elaborate on the subject any further.

“Nintendo is taking online very seriously with Wii U. Everything we have seen and heard about the Wii U eShop sounds very promising.”

He also revealed what he wants from Nintendo’s online store on Wii U. “Our hopes as developers are quite simple: inexpensive updating and easy certification process. That’s really it. If the Wii U eShop can deliver either one of these, or even both, then we will be very happy!”

51 thoughts on “Wii U eShop And Online Is Very Promising Says Developer”

      1. Are you fat ? . I mean just they are pushing digital retail downloads . I like physicall copies . Why the hell would anyone want a digital version of a game over a hard version that they could sell .

        1. I don’t think having games for download will affect deeply the gaming industry. It’s just the same think with books when those e-books came out. We still buy books, magazines, manga. Just because we have the opportunity to get things online doesn’t mean we won’t have physical copies anymore. Specially because studies revealed that most gamers want the physical copy. No need to worry, Nintendward!

          1. Cause some people have kids and have to buy the games twice. So you go digital and put it on both systems like the ps3. That’s the only reason I do it

              1. Or too fat to get off the couch and change the disc. I am physically fit but like the idea of having gamed that I would never intend on selling (Nintendoland, NSMBU, ZombiU etc) on the main hub/homescreen

                    1. They have them, it won’t be mandatory, and there’s no overarching system like say with PSN showing your level, just a game-by-game basis. The devs can choose whether or not to use them and we don’t know if Nintendo will really use them.

                      1. In my opinion, Achievements could really add to the esperience. Imagine a Mario game with Accomplishments: “Beat the game without dying” or “Beat the game without taking damage.”
                        Now THAT would be something to brag about! :)

                        1. Sort of, Nintendo will use same concept but “Waru Waru” with the tiles and messages will be their version (little crowns, stars, and Smiley faces). Though games like SSMB Universe and Mario Kart Unleaded will surely have theirs as always.I believe you will be notified when a friend gets an achievement also via little pop up tiles.

                          1. “Waru Waru”? What’s that? Do you mean Wara Wara? Because that’s how you say something related to commotion in Japanese. If I’m mistaken, please, explain.

                            1. Ooo kay, yeahh. Anyways that’s where you’ll see and have your “accomplishments” Displayed for you and others to marvel at. I also can’t wait to check out the TViiv app that sounds like its gonna be great!

                          2. Apple takes a 30% cut of all iOS dev profit, so those Devs make free apps ( no money to Apple) and make money on advertiser commissions.

                            If Nintendo is out to please the Devs, they must be allowing devs to collect more, which means games more focused on content, and less focus on Ads.

                          3. Well im a big fan of the 3DS’s online, so good stuff. And please oh please have sleep download on the WiiU, that would be a god send, and my wallet would agreed with.

                            1. I hadn’t even thought of sleep downloading, but YOU’RE A GENIUS! That would be the greatest! I didn’t really realize how much I use the 3DS background download until just now. This has to happen.

                          4. One cannot argue with a viable Online system – and if there had been truly an issue, one would believe that Black Ops 2 would not have had any footing on the console, but the game is clearly being released…ergo, logic dictates that what we can deduce from this is that the developers found the online worth trying to work for and succeeding.

                            It shall be entirely interesting to see what this online service will grant users, however!

                            1. Tbh, my only concern at this point is if they’ll allow gifting games to other people. I know the Wii (and I think DSi?) had it, but the 3DS doesn’t AFAIK… Buuuuut that’s not too much of a concern if they’re doing the more important stuff right. ^_^

                          5. As a Nintendo fan since the nes and owning gb gbc gba gbasp ds dslite dsi 3ds snes n64 gc wii and future owner of wii u, this is something I have to see to believe.

                            1. Sadly, I agree with this.
                              I know, some games work, such as MK7, but as a whole, Nintendo has generally fucked up the online thing.

                              Here’s to hoping the WiiU will be better.

                              PS: I’m still bitter about the lack of RAM my 3DS allows to be used by te browser.
                              (Although my iPod 4G also crashes while surfing… So damned if I do, Damned if I don’t.)

                          6. Why doesn’t anyone talk about the online? Yeah I get Miiverse is going to be like a social network for gamers and Nintendo TVii is going to wrap all media outlets into one device but I want to know how they are going to use friend codes and how I will be able to add people to my friends list.

                          7. Sounds cool. I want an awesome eShop, hopes are it’s integrated with miiverse to show popularity with certain people’s faical expressions and stars to rate it with, and perhaps those mii’s gameplay videos and such.

                            In other news…I don’t know who started this whole “Meg” thing, but honestly it’s just not funny or insulting it really has no effect on the trolls other than giving them pleasure of laughing at the stupidity of your comment. It’s a sub par joke from a barely mediocre show. Your joke is bad, and you should feel bad.

                          8. I will always choose retail copy than digital.
                            Because when stuff crashes or don’t work I can atleast buy another console.

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