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Pikachu Nintendo 3DS XL Coming to Europe This Year

Nintendo of Europe’s President, Satoru Shibata has announced that the limited edition Pikachu Nintendo 3DS XL console will go on sale in Europe later this year. The console will be available in extremely limited quantities.



    1. This will sell really well in Europe and UK .But , i’m not very fond of it , Put Charizard , Rayquazza , Gyaradoss , Mewtwo even Tyranitar or dragonite and I would be sold .

      But I never cared for pikachu that much ….. I prefered Raichu .


    1. I second that!! I plan on buying a 3DS XL in the next month or two and will be pissed if I get the standard and then this comes to the US! NOW NOW NOW!


  1. This is another point why I say Nintendo of Japan is not trying to make of US Nintendo fans happy. DId they forgot how successful the Pikachu gameboy was.


    1. Utter rubbish – it’s about time Europe got some special things. Did you forget how it’s taken them this long to realise that Europe plays games just as much? Up until the past few years it’s always been Japan gets the best and first release, US gets the second best and second release and then Europe gets releases and whatever might be left over. Dont even get me started on Australia.
      Our Stars system is weaker than NOA’s as well.
      You guys even have Nintendo world in NYC, there is nothing like that in Europe, it’s very difficult to get merchandise, events etc. And if there are events then they’re always in London or Manchester at a push.
      Europe has had the arse end of Nintendo releases for a long time.


      1. You’re right. Possibly the first time us european gamers get something better than the US, it’s ”Well, how come the US doesn’t get this?”
        Selfish pricks…


      2. Uhm, how bout you NOT criticize ALL of the US just because some people are being selfish. I am American, and as much as I would love to have this here, I understand that I need to wait. You do happen to deserve this, and of course we’re jealous, but please do not be so rude as to dub everyone from the US as “selfish pricks.”


      3. You are so right! I live in Australia but I’m glad they released it in Europe first. They are bringing out the exclusive white 3dsxl which i was going to get but when I heard that there is a pikachu one coming out in europe I thought I would wait, seeing as we have the same area code fingers crossed they will bring it out here aswell!! :) although pikachu is not the greatest pokemon that could’ve been on the front I absolutely LOVE the yellowness of it.


  2. This is awesome! I would certainly love one, though myself I would go crazy over an Eevee version ^^

    Definitely will have to find the exact date of its release!


  3. I love the fact that American Nintendo fanboys love the big N and they get nothing in return, Europe is a zone completely owned by PS and they got Nintendo crying over for their attention


  4. I’m so happy that it’s finally turning around for Europe and games. Nintendo have never made it easy to be a Nintendo fan in the UK. I expect Japan to have amazing super releases but when released into a Western market it’s always been predominantly a US thing.
    I will be certainly buying one of these! It’ll look very nice amongst my collection (or potentially to be played as my Aqua 3DS’s R button isn’t working anymore haha)


  5. I’d jump at this in a heartbeat! I saw the Animal Crossing one too, which I love. Either one really, I’ll buy it. I want an XL, but I’m just waiting on the US to get a color I like. Either pink or a special one. Love the Pikachu and AC ones the best.


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