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Pushmo/Pullblox Sequel Announced Called Fallblox

Nintendo Europe has announced that Mallo returns to Nintendo eShop this November in Fallblox. This time the blocks can drop down, creating even trickier puzzles. There’s currently no word on pricing.

10 thoughts on “Pushmo/Pullblox Sequel Announced Called Fallblox”

      1. THIS IS FUCKING HUGE NEWS!!!! this is the best thing I have ever downloaded on a games console for £6 . Nothing even comes close . ITS 10/10 .

        Now this is just awesome news . I am stuck on the second to last set of pullblox puzzles!!!

        But i’m already down for some fallblox ^_^ .

          1. In my opinion Pullblox or ‘pushmo’ as you fancy assed americans call it , is perfect!! Some may not like it , but I would say its by far the best puzzle game ive ever played .

            And for me a sequel is monumentous news.
            Trine 2 looks great aswell !!!

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