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Nintendo Reps Claim Wii U Is 19x More Powerful Than PlayStation 3

Nintendo representatives at the Eurogamer Exhibition has told Total Revue that the Wii U is 19x more powerful than Sony’s PlayStation 3 console. The person who was told this claims says that he doubts that this is the case judging from the software which he played during the event. Nintendo themselves haven’t really commenting on the specifications, with developers saying that Wii U is slightly more powerful than current video game consoles on the market.

“Nintendo representatives on the day informed me that it was “19 times more powerful than PS3”. Having spent a decent amount of time with the launch software I doubt these claims, as the games on show at the expo appeared directly comparable to Xbox360 and PS3 titles and certainly no better. Having said that, the games are launch titles and the software can only improve in scope, gameplay and visual flair as developers get to grips with the hardware.”

257 thoughts on “Nintendo Reps Claim Wii U Is 19x More Powerful Than PlayStation 3”

    1. According to the article it was not a Nintendo representative, but a booth babe, the one that gave the 19x number. “She then said it was X times stronger than Wii”, the reporter quotes in the comments.

  1. 19 times more powerful… now come on how the heck can you measure that 19 times. On another note, come out already so we can play u!

    1. If I were a betting Koopa, I’d say the personis-heard the rep, who probably said, “Nine” times more powerful.

      9x is still pretty steep, but far more realistic than 19.

    1. Its better then Sony/Xbox fanboys saying the next PS3 n 720 is gonna be 100x more powerful then the wii u

        1. There wont be a ps4. I think you may have mixed up the ps3 slim2 with the nonexistant ps4.
          Even then, theres nothing improved about it graphically.

      1. Only idiots would throw out those type of figures.

        We don’t know what the other next gen systems will be like yet. They’ll likely be a bit more powerful than the Wii U since they are coming out later – but not by too much.

    2. I’ll agree. I love the WiiU but…19x more powerful..? If that was the case then I pre-ordered a system that’s possibly worth between 700-1000 dollars..

      1. the 360 and ps3 arent as powerful as people make them out to be. you can build i $300 gaming pc that at the very least out performs the 360 and ps3. and considering with a console you dont need as much power to play games, you can build a much cheaper machine, that can push out some amazing graphics for not so much. i mean, to play most modern games, a pc needs 4gb of ram. the 360 has 500mb of ram. this claim isnt as outrageous as it sounds

        1. Show me a cost effective rig that is overall 19x PS3 and capable of making a profit for a company not selling it at a loss then. :)

          1. Well purchasing product in bulk and in this case, massive quantities offers some discount. A company purchasing enough to build millions of “rigs” would result in some significant savings per item when comparing it to an individual trying to purchase enough product to build a single “rig”, woudnt you agree?

            1. I don’t know man, 19x is pretty damned steep. I honestly don’t think it’s true.

              Now, Aeolus being 19x more likely to reply to this post as opposed to the previous? Entirely possible.

            1. So tell me what is required to achieve this build for the same price range as a Wii U, then.

              You must be the god of PC builds, this is a breakthrough for everybody on a budget to get 19x PS3 performance. :P

        2. 19 times more powerful.. you’d need to equip the wii-u with an HD 7970 or GTX 680 to achieve that… what this person said is just plain bullshit

    3. 19 times more powerful isn’t as much as you think. The 360 is about 80 times more powerful than the original Xbox, just to put things in perspective.

      1. Not really. Sorry to smash your dreams. Xbox is dead in Japan and Sony can’t play the DVD/Blueray card anylonger because everyone got those devices already and face it, one of the biggest reasons why PS2 sold so well was because it worked as a DVD player and the PS3 simply rided that wave but that wave has hitted the beach by now..

        1. Actually, a lot of people still want a DVD player in their games console. It doesn’t make sense (it’s called a GAME console for a reason) but it’s true.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if they just misheard what the rep actually said…
    There’s no way even PS4 is going to be 19x more powerful than PS3 is. (I’ll eat my shoe if it actually is.)

    1. Yeah, Nintendo doesn’t name consoles like the other companies. They are very ‘diplomatic’ in that sense.

      1. Not really……

        If a member of the press asks a question about a competitor, they usually respond to it. How do you think these articles online that produce so much flame bait are produced?

        Game companies don’t just send out statements saying these things.

          1. The CPU is more powerful, otherwise some developers wouldn’t have gotten increases performance. The only reason why the Tekken and Warriors 3 developers are having trouble is due to slower clock speed and because they’re trying to develop for it like it’s the 360.

            1. No it isn’t. Two developers are already citing less performance of the Cell and Xenon.

              FOR THE FINAL FUCKING TIME, THEY ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT THE CLOCK SPEED; Clock speed is almost IRRELEVANT. Any developer would know this.. So tell me, why the FUCK would they be talking about that? Use your fucking head dude, you’re literally more stupid than a sack of rocks right now if you believe that garbage.

              1. No, two developers are having problems due to a slower clock speed and if you’re trying to develop for it like a 360 that WILL lead to issues. So why are other developers getting better frame-rated, graphics, etc. while these two are the only ones struggling?

                1. WTF?

                  Seriously, WTF. If they’re having problems with the CPU speed compared to existing devices, I think it’s pretty much clear what’s going on here: IT IS NOT AS CAPABLE AS THEM.

                  Also, if you think Nintendo has a CPU that’s going to beat one that had over a billion invested in it and still can beat a CORE i7 in floating point operations, I think you need to seek some mental help. You’re on serious drugs at that point. It has a better chance at Xenon, and even that doesn’t seem to be the case if they’re having “problems”. inb4 early development excuse.

                  If the CPU wasn’t an issue, they would not be emphasizing that the console has a GPGPU, I don’t think it gets more obvious than that.

                  1. Then why are other developers not having an issue with it? Why are other games getting a boost in things such as frame-rates? Explain that.

                    1. Who’s to say they aren’t? Were they in positions or making similar titles to say such during interviews? Why is ACIII on Wii U recently reported to be “playing catch up” to the other versions?

                      And what “other” games? The only one mentioned was a Sonic title that had trouble through every console build. I’m not seeing your point.

                      1. ACIII was reported to be playing catch-up back in August because of the difference in architecture and because they had less time with it than the PS3/360 versions. Hence-why they’re glad it’s going to be released at a later date. Also, Sonic Racing doesn’t have the issue anymore so it’s still two developers. Again, why aren’t titles like Alien Colonial Marine suffering or Batman Arkham City?

                      2. Please stop arguing with Aeolus, it’s not that I don’t think you’re right or anything, but he’s a total dick that lacks the ability to reason or think logically, and your arguement won’t lead anywhere.

                      3. Thats just bullshit. Every Core i7 is faster (today) than the old Cell-CPU. Thats fact, boy! Why is that so? Core i7 has 3D-transistors. Core i7 is made in lower nanometer-technology, which makes it faster (faster clocked, 3.5 Ghz is just the beginning, in future there will be processors clocked at over 4 Ghz per standard). AND: Core i7 has much better double precision floating point unit. MUCH better! I Mean, around 10-20 times faster, man, that is like the difference of bright and dark. Cell ist just an old CPU today, thats also fact. They made it clearly smaller, i know that, but they don`t make the cell in 22nm like an Core i7 today! The Cell is made in 65nm and 45nm now. So there is a big difference.

                2. Wii U has more RAM and a better graphics card than 360 and PS3, but the CPU is slightly weaker. Therefore, that means developer can make better looking games, but they have to rely more on the other components than the CPU.

                  1. I already explained how it’s not weaker. If it was weaker why are only a select few struggling while others got better performance?

                        1. you said – “If it was weaker why are only a select few struggling while others got better performance?”

                          I said -”
                          DSP , generous working memory , GPGPU , and an efficient cpu ?????””

              2. Its 19 times more powerfull . Please excuse me sir whilst i piss and poop myself rolling on the floor laughing . XD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! uhuhuh HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

              3. A 6760 and a Quad-Core Power7 processor puts it at at least 4 times more powerful. How about you stop bullshitting?

                  1. I don’t recall a custom card from the R700 series capable of GPGPU features. Also, who said it was a tri-core processor, besides certain rumors? There are more signs to it being a quad-core processor than anything else. Also, even if it’s not a Power7 processor, there’s still a whole other list to pick and choose from and it still bares similarities to the Power7 processor, we know that much.

                    1. …Do you know what the fuck custom even means? How would you know to begin with if it’s BASED ON that line of cards? Companies rarely put consumer cards into hardware these days, they take the development process and create their OWN VERSION OF IT SUITED FOR THAT DEVICE . The only exceptions I know to this out of my head were the Dreamcast using a series of PowerVR GPUs or the Vita’s.

                      Fun fact: GPGPU computing can be done on Cell, and even the R700. Doesn’t mean they’re that great at it. So at this point, I can safely say that you don’t have the slightest clue about what you’re talking about, and you’re willing to go out of your way to pull ridiculous assumptions out of thin air.

                      1. I know that BUT, if Iwata pointed out GPGPU capabilities, wouldn’t you think they’d choose a card that’s good at it or a card that’s dedicated for it. Also, the the cards inside the PS3/360 aren’t exactly cards that are all that suited for GPGPU computing and neither is the R700.

                          1. No, not really. You should look at the Xenos, that card is between a X1800 and X1900 and to this day actually holds up better than they did.







                  2. cpu FACT is a 45nm powerpc 400 series with broadway fied custom cores x3 3mb catch its a powerpc 400 instead of 750 and its 45nm not 90nm and its SMP not single core and its 5 instructions per clock ALL POWEWRPC 45NM CHIPS ARE broadway and xenon and ps3s cell were 2 instructions per clock likely clock speed is 1.6ghz the favored clock of 45nm powerpc cpus they max out at 2.0ghz

                    gpu is a custom gpgpu based on Rv7 gpu and is also 45nm with 32mb edram embedded


          2. its at least 2.5x more powerful Because The average amount of pixels that can be processed is more than double that. Also note the frame rate is probably increased adding around 1.5 to more power. That;s 4 times as powerful already. Not including all the other technical things i know nothing about (insert technical things here). keep in mind that the Gamecube was only 1.3 times as powerful as the ps2 and there was hardly any difference.
            I would say maybe 5 or 6 times more powerful.



            1. Dude,that is impossible if they are making profit out of this which they are.Think about it,the vita and basic wii u cost 300 and that would mean vita is more powerful than ps3.wii u is 1.5 times more powerful,not 4.

              1. Nintendo’s not paying for Blu-Ray licences or a hard-drive. Also, the VITA has rather small and powerful tech, that costs a lot more than powerful and bigger tech.

              2. To put it as simply as possible, the vita is much smaller than the Wii U. The components inside of the Vita are not going to be nearly as advanced, but they will be much more expensive.
                Not to be offensive or anything, but you don’t know what you’re talking about. You should take some basic computer hardware courses.
                I’m not claiming 4x as powerful is accurate though, because we really don’t know what the Wii U is fully capable of yet. Could be less… could be more.

            1. I think you know more than most people on here , that the CPU clock speed doesnt dictate by how many rough time it can outpeform the ps3 and 360 . Huge amounts of detail on screen , DX11 equivalent @ native 1080p 60fps . Anything lower than this is probably just avoding extra development time and costs ….

              Litteraly , Why do you think ME3 is 720p ??? cus the wiiu cannot handle it in native 1080p ???
              Nope , its cus some Australian Ass holes called ”straight right” who have been given exactly $3000 to port it to the wiiu .

                1. You DO realize DX11 is just the same as DX10 with unnecessary add ons that will not benefit the WiiU, apart from maybe slight Tessellation improvements?

                  1. No it isn’t. Try again.

                    Actually don’t, because that alone was completely fucking stupid. It’ll save me the reading displeasure.

                    1. The main difference between DX10 and DX11 is that DX11 has a add on that supports Tessellation. Hypothetically, DX11 is supposed to enhance performance with compatible systems as well as providing a graphics increase with a feature called tessellation.

                      quote from Nvidia
                      “In its most basic form, tessellation is a method of breaking down polygons into finer pieces”
                      “tessellation does little to improve realism. For example, in a game, it doesn’t really matter if a square is rendered as two triangles or two thousand triangles—tessellation only improves realism if the new triangles are put to use in depicting new information”.
                      “The reason why tessellation has never really caught on, is that for displacement mapping to be effective, the surface must be made up of a large number of vertices.” ( Therefore only gaming PC’s can make use of this feature)

        1. I don’t believe the rep ever said that, because there’s no basis in reality for it to be accurate.

          They’re obviously after hits, given the way it’s just thrown in there randomly and isn’t part of a Q&A.

        2. …yeah, no. No way. The jump between last-gen to this one was that huge, no WAY is next-gen going to be the same leap. Developers wouldn’t be able to handle it and neither will the consumers.

          1. Exactly. We already know the costs of developing a game, and we’ve seen many game studios go out of buisness cause of this, outside of poor game sales. If the next consoles are going to be a bigger leap than what this gen brought, well be prepared to see more game studios go out of buisness do to development costs and the hardware being too pricey for consumers.

          2. “Developers wouldn’t be able to handle it”

            So have you made a major AAA title before with a development team to know this? Or is this fanboy conjecture as usual? I think the latter.

            1. Did you see how much development time, budgets, resources, etc. increased exponentially? Did you not hear of the many delays in video games early on this gen? Did you not hear how many development studios closed down this gen?

              1. Wow, it feels like the 90s doomsday theories all over again with the jump to 3D.

                Beat a new horse, this one is already long dead.

                1. Hardly. You seem to underestimate how complex game development has become. It’s a come a long way from the time of the Odyssey.

                  1. This is why there’s a little something out there called a “game engine”.

                    UE4, CryEngine are there to help those in need of achieving their dreams.

                2. What do you think the average cost of a video game is?

                  The cost of video games back in around 2001 was $1-3 million, on average. By 2010, how much do you think that increased? I’ll tell you, $20 million. By 2010. Current gen tech.

                  How the FUCK do you expect video games to be sustainable with your clearly perfect vision of the next generation. Enlighten me. Especially when the average sales of video games is much MUCH less than 20 million

                  1. What you have just said is 100% solid proff that about 90% of ps4 and 720 games will look comparable to wiiu . Development costs is the key factor and Economically viable situations .

                    1. The video game market needs a slow down, its just a financial train wreck waiting to happen. That why with 90% of 720 rumours, its not that powerful, because it economical suicide.
                      Theres NO NEED for a uber console, graphics are good enough, any more steps we take past current tech, is just detail. Thats it. You can have awesomelooking games, by just improving the tech slightly. But another thing, once the 720 console is out, every console with use 25GB bluray disks. We can actually make bigger games, or more detailed games. Uncharted is short as hell, but very pretty, and has alot of technical stuff going on behind closed doors, so it a very large game, memory wise.
                      In fact, if games like Uncharted and God of War 3 didnt appear this gen, and were like games for the 720, people wouldve gone, yeah, id say that early next gen tech.

                      Ps3 can last a while under the WiiU and 720, unfortunatly, both those consoles will have a story install by then, and that could hurt, alot,
                      But if the ps3 can produce very good graphics already, and the WiiU is whatever 19x more powerful means, then why people even worry, is beyond me. Clearly nobody on the planet has ever looked a 360 and ps3 launch titles. Just look at them. Yeah, WiiU will be fine.

                      1. Exactly . People are happy with the COD experience they are recieving at the moment . Most of them don’t give a shit about paying more for a version with an unnoticeably higher resoloution and textures etc . They’re just bragging rights.

                        People are happy with what we have now , so why risk losing money to try and blow everyone away ??? why not just make cheap consoles (like the wiiu) which can just improve on what we have now with things that are subtle and things that will be quite blatent .

                        Sony tried to force gaming tech forward with ps3 and shot themselves in the foot , let it evolve naturaly . This was Gunpei Yokoi’s philosophy about the gameboy compared to Gamegear and Neo geo , he was right.

                        I will be over the moon with just 1080p native gaming on my wiiu , I could not give a shiny shit about sony trying to shove 4K resoloutions down my throat.

                      1. You didn’t own anything. You pulled costs out of your ass without backing it up sufficiently and how that applies for every major developer.

                        And you won’t so, it’s a cool story bro.

          1. Because graphics are so simply measure ld by “times”. I thought you “knew about graphics”?

            Do you own a WiiU? Have you opened one up, looked inside, and tested all the hardware? No, nobody has outside of Nintendo, so shut up.

                1. He is right though.Just because he is a troll doesn’t mean that he is wrong.Power also includes ram,cpu,and resolution.

              1. Hahaha! Seriously ha! I remember you bullshitting about the Ouya because it’s graphics weren’t as nice. “I just wish we could plug in an external Video card”. I didn’t hear any complaints about processing power, granted that’s probably because you didn’t know, but neither do you here.

                I respect your knowledge, I really do, but your way of forcefully getting your point across using iniuria and Ad hominem really makes you look unprofessional as all hell.

        3. Well launch games never show what the console is all about, that and some of the 3rd party launch games are ports of games already available like Arkham City and Mass Effect 3 so they wont look any better than the ones on the other consoles. Keep in mind that it takes a while for devs to tap into a consoles power, aka what it can do. I’m sure Ninty and a few others will wow us with what the Wii U can do, maybe not now but a bit later on.

          As for the 19x more powerful than the PS3, that seems a little farfetched to me but if it’s true then good for the Wii U. I really don’t care for it’s power, I never buy a Nintendo console for whatever it has running under the hood, I buy them for the games I love from Nintendo and I know that the Wii U will deliver on that aspect.

          1. Yeh , its funny how they’re saying like ”well batman just looked like the 360 maybe a little better” .

            Excuse me ??? thats becuase its a fucking xbox 360 game given a coat of paint

            1. According to some prick who has absoloutly no clue what so ever about whether or not what he just said was true or not ….

        4. I admire the rep’s EXTREME enthusiasm but even I have to say that it’s utter bullsh*t to say that. Yes it’s stronger from 2x-4x more powerful than current gen, but that’s no reason to say it’s up to 4-7x more powerful than it’s been revealed AND rumored.

            1. as I said before -_-
              its at least 2.5x more powerful Because The average amount of pixels that can be processed is more than double that. Also note the frame rate is probably increased adding around 1.5 to more power. That;s 4 times as powerful already. Not including all the other technical things i know nothing about (insert technical things here). keep in mind that the Gamecube was only 1.3 times as powerful as the ps2 and there was hardly any difference.
              I would say maybe 5 or 6 times more powerful.

        5. The Wii was falling behind in graphical power compared to the PS3. And now the succesor of that system all of a sudden pwns the current generation? I do in fact know the Wii U is more powerful then a 7year old system it’s just common sense, but I don’t thing it’s that powerful.

          1. A console by it’s very definition need not apply to the world of power in the way that many misinformed individuals suppose.
            A console is the love child of customization and optimization personified. When the individual misinterprets this fact, it is simply that, a misinterpretation. However when a programmer misinterprets this fact, it is catastrophic.
            The Nintendo “WII U”, is a console. Therefore it must be fostered to grow within the realm of customization and optimization personified, otherwise the result is a catastrophic negative.
            Such are the design parameters as a console ” to fulfil the actuation of customized code and according to correct interpretation run it through optimized executables. All else is mind space only, like marketing, coco-latte’s and love.
            Whether or not the Wii U is more powerful than previous consoles is totally irrelevant. What matters is simple, the Wii U is the truest form of console on Earth, to date. Because Nintendo’s Wii U addresses the question of how to fulfil the minimum parameters of a console with more efficiency and conservation than any previous console ever has, “at a minimum”.
            How much more? IS irrelevant. That it is, IS…

        6. Well, we all know it’s more powerful, but I think 19x is too much to be true.

          The writer is trying to compare demos and ports to current generation consoles. But he forgets that this is just the start of next gen, and every game will look like it’s current gen for a while! Games don’t magically appear at 2160p once a console launches!

          1. Games NEVER look like current gen on a new consoles. Only Nintendo does this.

            Launch titles for XBOX 360 looks FAR better than the original XBOX’s last titles. Look at Halo 3 compared to Halo 2… WORLDS apart.

        7. wiiu is 19x weaker than xbox360 and that developers tells lies like the other guys who say that the wiiu is a next gen console or its more powerfull.Broken promises

          1. Every comment you have ever wasted your time on , on this website has just been stabbed , shot , shat on and throw out of the windown .

            Go to bed before mumy drags you .

          2. Your logic is clouded in time paradoxes. It is not possible to create a system with which you can profit which does not address all functions of previous consoles with greater flare and competence. The cost to create a broken system with less ability today, totally forgets the past to present fact of “historical exponential returns”.

            What you have proposed must only exist in some theoretical space due to that fact that linear growth in past seven years did not exist. The law of diminishing returns did exist from that time to now, but from exponential returns to diminishing returns, linear growth doth not make…

            And hence the “clouded in time paradoxes”, I’m afraid

        8. OK, I seriously doubt that its That Powerful (19x might be pushing it in my opinion). But it Is Very Powerful nonetheless. PLUS, If your judging how Powerful a New console is Based on their Launch Titles, YOU’RE An IDIOT! > Just wait until next E3 my Peoples & watch how Nintendo’s new games (which they’ve had more time to work on) are significantly better. :3 <
          [Still hoping for StarFox lol]

        9. I dont get how people can measure it in times anything?
          What does it have, more processing power? More shaders? More RAM? (well we know that)
          Can simplify and say, “this much more”. Apparently the Wii was barely more powerful than the Gamecube, yet still produced better graphics, and games like Mario Galaxy, and the obvious inprovement from Metroid Prime 1 & 2 to Prime 3.

          And then theres the last point….who cares?
          Seriously, we know what Nintendo can do with the hardware, we will see what the system can truely do, nobody knows hardware that well, than the people who make it. As soon as we see a Metroid, or Zelda, or Star Fox, or even Mario, our jaws will drop, because they always do.

          1. And yet everyone is still like,
            “ermergerd, 19x more, so awesome”
            “yeah, not likely, more like 1.9x, troll, *2 paragraphs of pretencious bullshit*”

            You cant simply say, “derp 19x”. So what, take ever number of shaders, ram, ect and times it by 19. No, thats not how it works.

            We already know the WiiU is faster just based on disk read speed, and we know they saved ALOT of memory, by having a dedicated sound chip.
            Its not about what GPU, or GPGPU and CPU you have in it, its how they work together, and how you customise it for thr best possible performance.
            And before that stupid cunt comment saying “ermergerd 2008 GPU”, which it already isnt because its GPGPU, that cant of heen made it 2008, because there wasnt one fucking manufactured, many PC’s owners ive talked to use a 2008 GPU. Guess what, runs games fine. You dont need a pointless Nvidea GTX card to have “next gen” graphics. You just need to know the hardware, and have good developers. Thats it.

            1. Graphics are very important , today they are one of the most important factors in the industry . Although the wii was my favorite console this GEN purely cus of a handfull of perfect games I was also dissapointed witht eh wii in many ways , as were a huge amount of hardcore gamers.

              As Nintendo FANS , we were almost forced to either use a PC , 360 or PS3 to play High quality multi plat games . Sure the wii had loads of amazing exclusives , but virtualy NO great multiplats . And thats immensely frustrating .

              Not that people are being ”graphics whores” , its that people want to be able to play the same quality multiplats without having to buy other sytems to do so .

              I my self want the wii to have the very very very best graphics it can possibly have along with its amazing Gamepad controller , price range and everything that makes Nintendo games so great.

              1. *I my self want the wiiu* . I will End up buying a ps4 and a durango , but Maybe I wont have to if the wiiu is putting out graphics that come close to them .

              2. I get what you’re saying, and if the Wii was on par with the ps3/360, and had just as good online and all the multiplats, i wouldnt i bothered with a ps3 in the first, just to save money. Not going to buy anything unless the content is worth it, which, meh, not so much if the Wii was on par.
                But if the ps4 is just another overpriced console for its first 3-4 years, then i’ll have my WiiU for a solid 5 years, with it being supported, so no biggy.

                1. Exactly , I love Nintendo cus they made a chunk of my childhood . I have no attachment to sony or MS what so ever .

                  The wii was excellent for what it was .But if the wiiu can display games that even hve the difference between say skyrim on 360 (wiiu) to skyrim on the full spec PC (720,ps4) then I will ignore the ps4 and 720 , fuck them.

                  The gap between Wii and 360 and ps3 is mainly becuase of HD and a number of other things . Some wii games make my jaw drop becuase I apreciate what theyre doing with the wii .

              3. I must agree, in a vague form of the word…
                Just run Twilight Princess through a Dolphin emulator to experience something new from something old. Lets have it all then, all the classics by Nintendo themselves on Wii U in full 1080p, available from the online store. Yes, give the store a real reason to exist. US $1.00 a pop.

        10. I think its more likely that the talking point sheet says 1.9 and the rep misread it as 19. In either case, even at 19x more powerful, we’d never EVER see anything that looks 19 times better.

          Game devs and budget are stretched enough as it is because of the freckle obsessed grit loving graffickz crowd. If youve wondered why game companies take fewer and fewer risks today, and try to turn everything into something shooter based, the reason is because the time it takes to simply LOOK competetive where graphics are concerned is both rediculous and expensive.

          Not that im the end all be all, or suck any more or less than you do, but i see no problem with every game looking like 007 legends and that game’s been graded to look like “cash in garbage crap”

          I dont get it. I really dont.

          Gears, halo, uncharted, bf and cod dont look real, either.

          1. I’m guessing you mean the GPGPU up against the GPU in the ps3 and not the entire ps3.. if you are doing the GPGPU agains the entire ps3 then the Wii U in its entirety would be more powerful than 19 times… I’m just guessing of course

        11. 19x more powerful? That’s quite a lot. Possible? Yep! Likely? Who knows… sounds a bit too good to be true but we probably wont truly know until after the release.
          At the end of the day there’s nothing really to worry about. Come November we’re gonna get a powerful system and as time goes on, great 1st and 3rd party games.

          1. Then 19x (however you calcute that random number), is very plausable, if thats the case. Honestly, PC’s? Not that much of a big deal.
            Ive played on a PC, because my housemate was a PC nut. Yeah, looked nice.
            Thats literally all i have to say. Know why? Because the gameplay was exactly the same ive always been used to. That’ll become painfully clear to COD player with next gen, because the gameplay will be exactly the same if companies are just added better graphics. Like the PC version of Dead Space 2, the mist moves when you walk through it. Woooow -___- glad i paid that extra 100-200 for a PC!

            1. Its “random” because i cant remember correctly, sorry (ill try my best to find it again)… nVidia said that only for GPU performance (not CPU etc)…

              Im not bashing consoles, nor PC (im a Nintendo, Sony and PC fan/gamer)….

              BTW they said 2-4 years or so ago that PS3 and Xbox 360 are 10-15 times stronger than Wii hmm…. so if thats true….

            2. I remember now….. Its 19 times stronger.. but wait all! this doesnt means graphics for example will be 19 times better, its not 1:1 ratio. Its easy to be more powerful on paper but its way more complicated to make it “happen” in real time scenario… i would say its something like 10 : 3 ratio (raw power vs real time situation, just an example)….


              And remember, Xbox 360 has a better GPU than PS3… so, 19 times stronger could be “true” (RAW POWER difference, again, not the same ratio like real time situation).

        12. It is a very powerful system the Wii U is, for it to be able stream seamlessly to a tv( 1080P ) and Game Pad 60 frames per second, while supporting 4 Wiimotes all at once, 19 times more powerful might not really be that far fetched. Don’t forget Nintendo might be using 2012 final Chips in their console, parts in electronics have become cheap. If we have 3 terabyte hard drives this cheap what would stop other custom parts bought in bulk not be cheap ?

        13. Now if you break it down… and think of what the Wii U is capable of doing… It can (According to developers) run at 1080p at 60 fps while two screens are running at the same time… IT would have to have some what of a high power capacity.. which is what i’m thinking.. after all its supposed to have little to no (noticeable) lag in streaming from the tv to the gamepad and the gamepad is said not to have a CPU… not even the PS3 and Vita can remote play without lag.. I don’t know much about chips and ram and what not but it would have a good bit of power behind it for that

        14. Even if its anywhere close to 5x’s more powerful, that would be awesome! I hope it’s 10x’s more powerful. I think if its anywhere from 5x’s to 10x’s more powerful than PS3 or Xbox 360, then Microsoft and Sony would have to make their console too expensive to be affordable. That is the question, you want to be powerful enough to attract all developers to put their best games on your console but you don’t want it to cost so much nobody can afford it.

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        16. I have a lot of faith in Nintendo and I LOVE their products.. but I don’t even believe this. The PS3 is a powerful console and 3-4 times more powerful is believeable. But 19? I’ll hold my breath on that. Unless there is something Nintendo isn’t telling us..

        17. Can be true. We can not judge from what we’ve seen yet when it comes to games. Remember the 360? Yeah, those launch titles looked pretty similar to the original x-box…

        18. What does that mean? 19x more powerful in all aspects? That’s kind of hard to believe… well, it’s kind of impossible to believe. It’s sum is 19x more powerful? How did they calculate that? These statements are probably my least favorite. It’s obviously done by someone who has no idea how technology works, or just doesn’t have the ability to use simple logic and reasoning. I mean seriously, can’t you just say that to yourself before making a statement like that? If you don’t see how stupid it is, then there’s a bit of a problem.

          Now maybe if he were to present that statement, and then elaborate on it, it would have been a different matter.

        19. I’m a HUGE Nintendo fan, but this seems completely inaccurate (it would be awesome though). Maybe max 5x more powerful, but maybe 2x or 3x realistically.

        20. I guess in performance it might be 19x more efficient. Its hard to measure exact performance.

          This is how I look at it..I could be wrong though, it has happened before.

          Consider you need to ship a large boat that measures 800 ft.

          You have 2 trailers one is 200 ft(Truck A), and the other trailer is 800 ft(Truck B)

          The 200ft trailer(Truck A) is powered by a 200hp engine and the 800ft trailer(Truck B) is powered by a 600hp engine

          In order to ship the boat on the 200ft trailer you would first have to cut it up in 4 sections, spending necessary resources and then make 4 trips, and since the truck moves at a slower pace it takes longer per trip then the other truck.

          The 800 ft trailer on the other hand can take it just the way it is and only requires 1 trip, also gets it to the destination much quicker, because it is a faster truck.

          Assuming that the “crew” of truck A delievering the 800ft boat in 4 sections can assemble the boat EXACTLY the way it was before they chopped it up, they still need to spend the necessary time and resources to re-assemble.

          Would you consider Truck B being 4x more powerfull since it can carry 4x the load or would you consider it 12x more powerfull since it not only carries 4x the amount it also does it at 3x the speed. Should we also consider the other variables like the resources spent on re-assembling the boat once it gets to its destionation etc.

          1. If a developer is forced to “chop” up the boat each time they need to deliever it im sure they would find a way to optimize the process, even designing the boat in sections to begin with. Now they are givin a larger trailer to work with. So of course the games are going to look almost the same if they are ports but will instantly gain frame rate increases. which is why you keep hearing 1080p @60fps (No assembly required).

            Oh and just to clarify I was only camparing the RAM of the wii U to the other consoles. Im sure the overal performance will be even more efficient due to optimization of all hardware components.

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        22. Its 19 times stronger.. but wait all! this doesnt means graphics for example will be 19 times better, its not 1:1 ratio. Its easy to be more powerful on paper but its way more complicated to make it “happen” in real time scenario… i would say its something like 10 : 3 ratio (raw power vs real time situation, just an example)….

          And remember, Xbox 360 has a better GPU than PS3… so, 19 times stronger could be “true” (RAW POWER difference, again, not the same ratio like real time situation).

        23. We call that number a “buzznumber.” You know, as opposed to a buzzword. The kind that’s meant to excite you rather than legitimately inform you.

          Then again, who are we to judge? I doubt anyone really thought that the 360 was capable of churning out games like Skyrim back in the day when all it had were games like Saints Row. Time often allows a console’s power to be fully realized. It’s been like that for virtually every system out there. When the SNES came out, no one who played Super Mario World thought the system would be capable of games like Donkey Kong Country or Super Mario RPG. When the PS3 was struggling in early days, everyone though Lair was the most it would ever strive for, and now it’s got better looking games like Heavy Rain and Last of Us. The point is, what we think is the power of the Wii U now will be very quickly negated when better games show up later on.

          But still, 19x? Definitely a buzznumber. It’s not impossible, but definitely not likely.

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        26. It’s also rumored that the next Playstation and Xbox will only be 20x more powerful than the Wii U. The smart people out there will know that this is shit all.

        27. Doubt this is at all true.
          9X, plausible but still unlikely.
          Well, hell, it’s damned near impossible, at the price range of the system.
          But I’m that if this system’s total potential really does equate to 19X[which is a really oddly specific number], then it’s going to be a huge crotch-shot to doubters and haters everywhere.

          The system as it has been shown so far is satisfactory enough, though. I mean, even if it were only a teensy bit lower in power, the stuff we’ve seen so far looks fun enough that it won’t even really matter.
          It’s not like anyone with half a brain here is expecting a PC-Rig-Level kind of system…

        28. This is sure a misunderstanding. Its an absurd figure. Maybe the rep said that WiiU is 19% faster than PS3 and not 19 times more powerful


          Nintendo has already confirmed themselves that the system is 20 times more powerful than Wii. Someone missed a time there.

          1.9 times more powerful than PS3 I would most certainly buy; even with a slightly slower clockspeed. 19 times? Not believable at all. Someone needs to tell that rep to rephrase his numbers.

        30. and any one who thinks that 1080p at 60 frames and 480 at 60 frames control pad is only 1.9 x ps3 is ps3 fanboying like a mother fuuuker lol at that horse apples 1.9 x a ps3 could never ever do what wiiu can and will BLATANT PS3 FAGFEST THERE

          19/20 x wii is acceptable its not 19 x ps3 thats silly and obviously a net wide over reaction to something totally meaningless

          wiiu ram and bandwidth footprint is clearly more than 3x ps3 to a level headed person with the math skills of a 3 year old child

          256mb x 2 – 50 mb plus for os and io and no edram and a slow bluray drive system

          1gb ram no os or io and 32mb edram and a high speed version of bluray CUSTOM its clearly at very least 3 x ps3 then ad in the OS ram and how that would help etc its not rocket science is it guys

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