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Puddle Runs At Full 1080p & 60 FPS On Wii U

Neko Entertainment’s physics puzzle game, Puddle, is a Wii U launch title. The developer has confirmed that the Wii U version of the game will run at full 1080p and 60 frames per second; you can also play the game entirely on the Wii U GamePad and still retain a 60 FPS. Puddle is scheduled to release November 18th on the Nintendo eShop.

140 thoughts on “Puddle Runs At Full 1080p & 60 FPS On Wii U”

          1. Well then I say enjoy, maybe I’m just not as hardcore as I use to be but I gave up on it. Its not that it sucks, its actually good, it was just to hard for me lol

      1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s what he want’s. Luckily the attempt was obvious. Troll harder next time.

        1. Well when I come onto this site I don’t want to see fanboys and trolls acting like childish losers. It should be for news and discussing about the news.

          1. Well thats not my problem if they start acting like babies because of a comment I made. My post is not meant to be a troll bait. I’m just stating the facts: The Vita is a controller-wannabe that tries to mimic what the Wii U is uniquely capable of. Truth hurts.

            1. Sure the truth hurts, but it should be common sense that if you make a silly comment like that, trolls will reply. People complain about why they’re on this site, then you make comments like this keeping them on the site. Don’t ruin it for others.

              1. So you let trolls ruin your experience in this blog? So when trolls troll in this blog, you let it affect you? Do you really care that much about what trolls say? If thats the case then that’s not my problem…it’s your problem.

                1. It’s unpleasant to see idiots spamming the comment section with crap. I come on here to discuss the news being spoken and not argue which console is better. That’s just childish. Grow up and don’t stoop to there Sony’s level.

                  1. Yeah tell that to the trolls if you really care about ’em. Be annoyed and stay annoyed. Let them affect you. Take the trolls seriously! Good luck.

                    1. You are the reason Nintendo fans get such a bad reputation. Stop the silly console wars, it’s immature and childish. Of course it’s unpleasant seeing people like you continuing to annoy the trolls resulting in childish insults being thrown around by both sides. Grow up, seriously. Discuss the news that is being reported, not which console is better. You’re as bad as Sony representatives at the moment, if not worse.

            2. You have every right to compare the wiiu gamepad peformance to the vita’s controll play performance , becuase SONY were the ones who LIED and brought up the topic . :) , assholes….

            3. I gotta agree with you sir. Its annoying when you cant post YOU’RE OPINION without others calling you a troll or stating you are trying to get a flamewar going on. We say what we want cause we have the balls to say it. Our intend isnt to give a damn how people react everyone can say what they want. It isnt our job to censor ourselfs so trolls dont run amuck, They dont need us to do that.

              1. Console wars is childish. I respect people’s opinions. What I don’t respect is childish attempts to start flamewars with trolls and giving Fans of a particularly company a bad name. But hey, if you want to argue and look as bad as Sony reps, BE MY GUEST. If you want to ruin the comment section on this site for everyone, go ahead. If you want to make sickrs site look like shit, GO A FUCKING HEAD. You both a childish losers who need to grow up.

                1. You have agreed with Aeolus before. I have nothing to say to the likes of you. And if you read my message it wasnt for you. But my point was I along with others DONT try to start wars yet we get insulted and blamed for wars braking out when we never had intended that to happen.

            1. I’m not trying to act like god, I’m being the mature one. You whinge and whinge about trolls infesting the site and why they are still here, and you defend stupid comments like this? Fanboys are everything that is wrong with the gaming community. Why can’t people just respect all companies?

              1. Why cant every country in the world accept every other country? 1 word sir. EGO. As long as there is more then 1 person on this planet their will be conflict and arguments you cannot think for a second that, that will ever change. Same applys with Nintendo,Sony, Microsoft fanboys. Ego is the reason their is wars. And trolls but they never count.

              2. because that’s life, you will allays find someone who will have a different opinion than you, and there people out there that hate people like you for not agreed with them.
                never in the video game history you see fan say this and that, like the xbox and ps3 20 years from now, you will still see these fanboys fight over a console that’s its over 20 yrs.

                  1. how, im not bashing nintendo in any way, how am i acting like a troll when you only pick fights with me, try harder kid.
                    also trolls will be in the video game industry for years to come, fact.

      2. Amen. I hate it when Nintendo fans complain when a person dislikes a Nintendo product and then they go on commenting how another product is terrible and just blindlessly says Nintendo products are above them.

        1. It’s the same with all fanboys. It really annoys me, why can’t they just accept that other companies make decent products.

        2. its no different with the other ones, you know these fanboys are dedicated to one console, you can’t change there opinion.

            1. Yeah haha Well, other than PC i believe, and a couple of were on Sega systems, that next to no-one bought, but i think they went multiplat after Legends

            1. I don’t know about that. Exclusives in my opinion is why consoles are so huge. Sony for example have some great exclusives. Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Killzone, LittleBig Planet, and the list goes on. Nintendo have exclusives that are memorable to their target audience as well like star fox, mario, zelda etc.

              1. You’ll see what I mean soon. Notice how titles previously bound to single platforms have now went multiplatform? Expect quite a bit more of that, especially with the current economy nowadays.

                1. Yeah good point. Probably the only exclusives we’ll see are the first party ones and that’s it. I dont think Nintendo would give up there franchises, neither would Sony. Or Microsoft.

            2. Except for Nintendo systems, which basically makes having 3 other consoles obsolete, as they all do the same thing. Thats why Nintendo always live on.

              1. The only exclusives Nintendo has that people care about are a bunch of old IPs that can barely evolve, as you can tell, the majority of the core market has long moved on from those titles.

  1. Its not native 1080p thought is it trolls ??? its just 480p upscaled , blah blah blah .

    When making a game , if the developer says ”its 1080p 60fps” you know what they’re talking about .
    Just like when activision caused that recent shit storm by saying ”Full HD 60fps” . Activision OBVIOUSLY were not refering to upscaled supported video outputs . They are refering to the games NATIVE resoloution.

    I don’t care if its just a puddle , its good news . The wiiu has a large amount of Native 1080p games in its launch window now .

    Rayman Legends, Batman Arkum city , AC3 , Zombiu , Toki Tori 2 , Puddle , Monster Hunter Ultimate , COD black ops 2 , Scribble naughts unlimited and maybe a couple of others we don’t know .

      1. Me too :) .

        Oh and the developer of Rayman legends , mr Micheal Ancell already stated months ago

        ‘The wiiu can do 1080 60fps on the tv and 60fps on the gamepad at the same time in SYNC . So that other bit isn’t suprising . 120FPS

        1. This is probably a tad bit off topic. But have you tried Liberation Maiden yet off the eshop?

          ITS AMAZING! They need a console version of it on the Wii U!

          1. I was swapnoteing before or ”Nintendoletterboxing” As we English are supposed to call it :/ , And I noticed your favorite title atm was Liberation maiden :D . I am going to Download it tomorow , when I get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!! Been paying bills and scroungeing for Milk and bread :S.

            Feel free to leave a mini review below :D.

            1. Mini Review:

              Graphics for 3DS: 9/10
              Story: 8/10 (Was a tad short, but the potential as a console version is quite huge)
              Game play: 10/10 (Nice and easy to shoot, can get quite hard when you put the difficulty up)
              Re playability: 10000000/10 (I’ve played it that many times, I’ve lost count lol)

              The characters are god damn awesome too. It has a nice anime feel to it. Overall the game as a 3DS download is amazing and certainly worth the money. It does feel a tad short, but god they’ve done well with this game.

              1. I look forward to downloading it even more tomorow !!! I will message you on 3DS to let you know if our opinions match up :)

                  1. Yeh bro , lets just hope the internet doesn’t let us down all the way from UK to AUS , lol .

                    Should I make a MK7 community called ”Wiiu mad bro??” and send it to everyone on swapnote ???

                1. Excuse me :P ?? have we raced ??? Hey Nintendlord , I’m gunna set up a MK7 community called ”wiiu mad bro ??” I will send you the final name on swapnote , send it to other people !!!

            1. That’s why I reckon they could do a lot with a console version. Open world, more story, more things to do, it would be awesome!

  2. the thing about the vita isn’t that it’s a bad platform. it’s that the platform is $250 and is sold separately from the PS3. if you add the $270+$250 for the PS3 and Vita respectively, it comes out to $520. that’s nowhere near the Wii U pricing. And so, while the technology may be comparable to the gamepad, it’s not a system standard package, and so developers won’t develop with the Vita in mind like they will with the Wii U gamepad.

    it comes down to economics and install base.

    1. Exactly. Sure it can do what the gamepad can do to a certain extent. But Ubisoft hit the nail on the head. They don’t want to force people to spend the extra money to enjoy the game to its fullest. That’s why they like the gamepad so much.

  3. Notice how only the simple games or the ones known for not being “good looking” (CoD) are the only ones in 1080p?

    1. I’ve noticed that on a few of them. But I’m sure as time goes by we’ll start to see more head that way :)

      I’m not upset though, alot of these simple games I enjoy.

    2. While current gen consoles can barely run the games at 720p, just display/upscale it.
      And this is at launch might i add. And tye games we know running a 720p, are all in 60fps, like Pikmin 3. At launch. With new unexplored tech.

      I dont get what your point was?

      1. Pikmin isn’t going to be a launch tittle. Its schedule for a 2013 release, but you’re statement is pretty much true. Let devs get a hang of the tech and we will see gorgeous games in 3-4 years tops.

      1. Exactly. It’s like with the VITA. Developers are a tad bit skeptical at first with a new system. Plus they wouldn’t know a great deal about it. As time goes by, the system will get more and better games, with more and more of their potential being harnessed. :D

              1. Based on fact… right?

                The fact is that the wii U isn’t out yet so its not even opionated, its just a fanboyish statement.

      2. The Wii U is the first true HD console. So the devs are not used to making true HD games yet. Since Sony lied about their system pumping out true HD games. They made very few 1080p games, so really the Wii U is the first real console that will support it. I do think the PS3 is fine I just feel they lied about bringing in the era of HD. No one can deny the lack of native 1080p games and even 720p ones. Though even so games still look nice.

  4. Well 1080p doesnt really matter for this, but 60fps does, so thats great, means i can play it properly and accurately, and have no lag.

    1. Juicey puddles all up your grill XD . Seriously though 60fps does make a difference , it makes the game more fluid (pun intended) . There is nothing more frustrating than framerate stutters .

      1. Yeah. Just helps with a game like this, especially when you’re controlling fluid, kind need it to be running at a fast pace

        1. I nearly put Heroes of Ruin in the bin for 3ds . Great game , fun etc etc.

          Horrible framerate becuase of lackluster development. People are teleporting around you online , and there is just a certain crustyness about the games FR . Not acceptable , not had this problem on ANY other of my tons of 3ds games . I have sold it now anyway…

          Framerate is crucial , in an ideal world EVERY game would have 60fps minimum.

          1. Yeah i heard it wasnt up to scratch. Thing is, the developer, N-Space i think, are used to just doing ports for the DS. They dont really get to explore the inner workings of a system, so i dont blame the for making it below par in terms of technicals, ect. But the most important thing is the gameplay, and the online premise, which they executed almost perfectly, so ive been told.

            Give them another shot at it, and in sure they could turn out as good as a developer as Intellegent Systems (minus the experience)

            1. Indeed . I like the game andthe framerate runs a bit better if you turn 3d off , but that makes the graphics look even more ”psp” than they already are. 5.5/10 , should of been an 8.5/10 with just a pinch more development.

  5. First, Shin’en introduces Nano Assault Neo for the Wii U’s eShop. And now, Neko introduces Puddle… and it runs at 1080p @ 60 fps? I’m completely sold on both downloadable titles!

    1. One of few things I’ll be agreeing with you, at least on the Nano Assault Neo bit.

      That game looks legitimately interesting for a digital title.

    2. Nano Assult fr 3DS was short, but it’s so pretty, I couldn’t force myself to trade it. Beautiful game, Can’t wait to see a Nano in HD.

  6. I can’t wait for Wii U, it sounds like Nintendo is going to support this system really well. I hope Nintendo and Platinum Games become strong partners and make the most awesome action games ever.

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