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Nintendo Says Anytime Spent On Rival Devices Is A Missed Opportunity For The Company

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has confessed that any time consumers spend on rival devices is ultimately a missed opportunity for the Kyoto based company. Reggie also reiterated that Nintendo is – and always will be – an entertainment company, and that they hope to expand on this with the introduction of Wii U.

“I think what the Wii U does is further show that our vision is this broader entertainment landscape. Because in the end the time that consumer spends in any form of entertainment that’s not on our device is a missed opportunity for us.”

“I think that we already see ourselves as an entertainment company. I think that certainly as we launch the Wii U, as consumers experience Nintendo TV, I think consumers will also see us as a broader entertainment company.”

57 thoughts on “Nintendo Says Anytime Spent On Rival Devices Is A Missed Opportunity For The Company”

  1. FIRST!!!

    And this is what I call a truism. It’s not a lie, but since it’s true for the competition as well, it’s a useless fact. A total non-starter. Besides, time invested in the other systems is time supporting the INDUSTRY, and that can only be good for the gamers.

        1. I AM the dad! LOL, my kids are both under six. I’m thirty-three years old, and a gamer since the old Apple IIe-Atari combo system days.


    1. Nintendo didn’t claim it was a missed opportunity for you, rather a missed opportunity for THEM.

      That is, they feel if you are using a different device for entertainment, then they feel they need to do better to meet your entertainment needs.

      Just clarifying. :-)

  2. Makes sense, he’s just saying the more Nintendo satisfies their costumers in all aspects so that they don’t “need” other devices, the better. Nintendo TV was an step in the right direction

  3. So they’re saying game on a Nintendo system and not a competitors system because otherwise they don’t get money? Isn’t that pretty much the logic behind any company? Come on Reggie

  4. Aslong as you don’t put anything up your ass Nintendo I’ll be happy.
    That’s what made Sorny arrogant and Microshit stupid.

  5. I would call those the words of a company that has renewed their focus.
    I mean, take a look at the third-party support lining up that they didn’t have last gen.
    The indie support, as well.
    And they are most definitely supporting more core offerings. The fact that they’d allow a gorier Ninja Gaiden and willingly, actively, publish the sequel to a game as sexually-brash as Bayonetta, shows that they are once again spreading their arms wide to try and embrace new things for the betterment of the company and for the enjoyment of their adopters and fans, both old and new.

    It’s like seeing the SNES/N64 days all over again, only better.
    At least that’s how I hope it will go, because those were some golden years…..

    1. ^THIS^…n64? the n64 was the start of nintendo getting low 3rd party support, remember that ps1 took all 3rd party due to cd where new back in the day. i don’t blame them.
      but yeah snes did get good 3rd party and it feels like wii u is the modern snes.

  6. While I agree with this, Nintendo is a company that has learned from its mistakes in the past. And keep in mind, they’re not in danger as much as what naysayers would say. The eShop on the 3DS delivered (and still delivers) awesome content and in the case of online gaming, the Wii and DS were horrible at it, but the 3DS (and most likely WiiU) has and most likely will remedy the situation.

    However, if we look at the bright side, competition is what we like to see in the video game industry. If a console drops out, that would be bad news for the industry. A video game console shouldn’t be about “Console War this” and “Console War that”. It’s all about picking a console and playing it, let along, checking out what games each console has to offer.

    1. Fair want Dishonoured >.< but ive got MGS collection, a Mass Effect 3 multipkayer DLC, Sonic Adventure 2, and some 3DS games to play firsf .___.

        1. We i enjoy the first Sly Cooper and Sly 2, but 3 was just boring imo, so im on the fence at the moment.
          As for Last of Us, not really bothered, same with God of War Ascension. If nothings out when its released and i have enough money, i’ll probably pick them up, but im not preordering it or anything

    2. They might be available for PC though! The way I see it, Xbox 360 and PS3 (but especially Xbox) have too much overlap with PC. Wii U + PC will be you next-gen solution for all types of games.

      1. PC’s dont have any exclusives that interest me and I can get most third party games on PS3 and hopefuly now Wii U

    3. Fair statement.
      But I want to play an HD Metroid, Zelda, Mario Kart, Pikmin, And Bayonetta, and those are only available on WiiU.

      Guess everyone that isn’t rich will have to pick the system that has the games they want to play.

  7. He has a point. I think he’s trying to say that Nintendo is planning to become an entertainment company on a larger scale. As seen with Nintendo TVii, they are branching out into new territories. I think they have what it takes to do it. If they keep getting third party support and maintain the quality of the first party offerings, in addition to these entertainment options, the Wii U will be a sure fire success. Leave luck to heaven.

  8. While I’m a Nintendo fan I don’t know where he gets that from. Actually I had to buy a PS3 precisely because of the missed opportunities of playing all sorts of games the Wii wasn’t getting. I love both systems, but I’d rather not deal with two consoles. If they can turn this around in their favor with the Wii U then I wont even consider a PS4, but as it stands right now they are not being aggressive enough with their offerings.

    1. Not aggressive enough? I bet that’s the reason why the PS3 fanboys are sitting in their rooms crying because Bayonetta 2 will be a Wii U exclusive. (sorry if I sound fanboy-ish, but you get it. Fanboy rage was flooding when that was revealed)

      I think they are going in really aggressive into this gen and that they will offer a really broad smorgasbord offering everything from nice party titles to epiq RPGs.

      Lauch game list
      Fanboy rage over certain games going from their favorite platforms too the Wii U

  9. As a fan of Nintendo, I’m just glad they’re still around to make and produce games. Don’t give much of a hoot about the competition’s console (At least not yet).

  10. Let’s hope their online services end up delivering in entertainment. But really I just want awesome games to play in the future.

    1. Most likely. Im damn impressed with the 3DS online, never had lag, always runs at a good speed, download is fast too, also sleep download is genius, not like on my ps3 where i have to leave it on for hours :|

  11. If this is the case, so you speak, then why havent you installed a DVD player in the system? I know netflix and hulu cover that, but in today’s age, dvd player is sort of a standard imo :/

    1. Welcome.
      If you state something in favor of Nintendo, the trolls here will beat on you.
      If you say something in favor of the competition, we Nintendo fans will ask why you are here.
      So if you’re looking for a good bar-fight and great news, WELCOME! :p

    2. Well for me, doing good just waitin on the WiiU.
      As for you, what Jaded said is right, there’s some people here that are mature and will have a mature convo with ya; then there’s more than some that are biased in every sense of the word. Don’t respond to those that are biased is all I’ve got to say to you. The ones that are biased are those that verbally bash and disrespect Ninten and its systems which will most likely make you wonder “why are they on this site?”. Trust me the majority of us already asked em why they’re here and they’ve never answered.

  12. I have complete faith in Nintendo. No matter what, I’m sure the company will become a booming success since the NES, Super NES (especially the Super Nintendo system!!!), and Nintendo 64 days of the past.

  13. Sorry for the english, its not my native language

    OFF-TOPIC: am I the only one who saw that ” :) ” at the end of the page?

  14. As long as they keep what made them famous at their core which was quality gaming entertainment, they should always do good and last. My prayers to Ninten

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