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NPD: Nintendo 3DS Software Sales Increase By 89 Percent

Nintendo 3DS XL continued to impact the video game market in September as overall sales of Nintendo 3DS software increased by 89 percent from the same period a year ago. Standout titles include New Super Mario Bros. 2, which sold more than 295,000 units in its second month, as well as Mario Kart 7, Star Fox 64 3D, Kid Icarus: Uprising and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, which all saw sales increases compared to last month.

“Nintendo 3DS XL continues to galvanize our Nintendo 3DS business. Hardware sales are up, software sales are increasing exponentially and the attach rate is growing stronger every month. With a great slate of upcoming games, including Paper Mario: Sticker Star, which arrives exactly one month from today, we like our position heading into the crucial holiday selling season.”

– Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing.

In another milestone, Super Mario 64 DS for the Nintendo DS family of systems has now sold more than 5 million units in the United States alone. This is the third Nintendo DS game to reach the 5 million mark, joining New Super Mario Bros. (10.6 million) and Mario Kart DS (8.5 million).



  1. ok i understand the 3ds is doing very very good so when will we get a triple a action game like call of duty battlefield raibow 6 or assasins creed i mean vita sucks very bad rite now and they get black ops declassifide and assasins creed spin off


    1. a iphone is not a handheld console its a phone that plays cheap crapped out 99 cent games with the worst controls ever and ipad mini yeah who want to pay $300-$400 for a overgrown ipod touch with a selection of bullshit games from apple store


  2. I enjoy all my Nintendo 3DS games, surprised not to hear more about Resident Evil Revelations, that game is awesome as is Super Mario 3D Land. They should have packed circle pad pro with RE Revelations and more people would get it, I want to get Metal Gear 3D Snake eater next.


  3. Suck it, people who thought the 3DS XL was unnecessary and would flop. Nintendo knows exactly what they were doing with that. Leave luck to heaven.


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