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Epic Mickey 2 Wii U Won’t Include Off-TV Play & Wii Remote Support For Single Player

A Disney Interactive employee has confirmed that Epic Mickey: The Power of Two won’t include off-TV play. This means that you won’t be able to play the game solely on the Wii U GamePad. If you’re playing the game in single player mode then you’re forced to use the GamePad, as Wii Remote’s can only be used in co-op. Junction Point say that they wanted to include off-TV play, but due to time constraints, it simply wasn’t possible.

43 thoughts on “Epic Mickey 2 Wii U Won’t Include Off-TV Play & Wii Remote Support For Single Player”

    1. That’s right. Epic Mickey is 100% dependent on Wii remote + Nunchuck. It seems that we’ll have to use the analogs to play on Wii U. This way, I’ll take the Wii version instead.

      1. Wouldn’t that have made the Wii U version pretty much just an HD version of the Wii version? But yeah, it would’ve been cool to have the option of GamePad or Wii remote.

        1. Facing the facts, it is plausible that the Wii U version as well as the PS3 and Xbox have been made as a unique version, with later port, of course; I mean, all HD versions are the same. The Wii version – that will give support for Wiiremote and Nuchuck – has been done separately. In fact, we know that Power of Two was primarily designed for Wii.

          Regard to off TV mode, for me is not a concern. Categorically, Wii U is intended to be a console, and not a handheld.

  1. Seems like a missed opportunity, seeing as this game is going to target a more younger audience, so the gameoad play would be positive for parents, so they can actually look after their kids.
    Then again, which kid doesnt have a TV these days, and which parents would say no to a kid about using a tv.

    1. I completely agree with you. I won’t be getting a wii U, and I was a big nintendo supporter. The drawcard of the wiiU was the ability to play on the control. Say what you will, I know it’s not a handheld, but that was still the main drawcard for me.

      Oh well, this saves me some money I guess ;p

      1. Also, I have a ps3, so there is no benefit to getting a wiiU for games that won’t support off tv play. To me. Happy with the ps then..

        1. The controller wasn’t made specifically for off TV play. Believe it or not, most games will be made to use both screens at the same time for a deeper gameplay experience.

          1. Exactly, think of ZombiU for example. a game designed to use the gamepad screen at its fullest, so there is no way it can be used as off TV play. If they want to use epic mickey with only the gamepad and no off TV play, then I think they have something special for us, don’t you think?

            Games that don’t make much use of the gamepad screen are good for off TV play, like single-player NSMBU and etc.

      2. so this is the wiiu fault strange person,wiiu didnt do this a 3rd party dumb ass company did boycotte the game not the wiiu FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  2. It’s understandable, the game is supposed to be cooperative so It wouldn’t make sense to add too many features for single players.

  3. How stupid is that no wiimote support or gamepad cheap x360 port and just seems so dumb with a wii version supporting wii remote camers isnt wii mote based just like the first game its crap with crap cam and poor conttols

  4. That’s why publishers or whoever lets known of the release date should never do so until the game is fully developed, finished with all accepted ideas, and control schemes completed because of the fickle future causing possible time constraints

    1. Oh…wait. I guess you can use the Wii remote & Nunchuk if you’re playing co-op? Well, I’ll definitely be playing this game co-op so I guess it’s not a problem.

      1. …but… wii remote support is just for player two. Then what is the Wii U branded paintbrush for? I think maybe wii-remote & nunchuk actually WILL be supported for this game and it’s just been misreported. Or at least I hope so.

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