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Pokémon Dream Radar On European eShop

Nintendo Europe has announced that Pokémon Dream Radar is officially on the eShop. Chase down Pokémon as if they’re in the real world in this motion-controlled action game. Taking on the role of an assistant who works for Professor Burnet – a scientist studying the Interdream Zone – move your Nintendo 3DS console around to shoot your light beam at Dream Clouds and collect rewards. The Pokémon you catch or items you pick up in Pokémon Dream Radar can be transferred to Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2, giving you more ways to fill up your Pokédex. You may even find Pokémon with hidden abilities as well as items you can’t get in those games. It will retail for £2.70.



  1. I feel like its priced a bit high for the meager amount of mons you can actually get, but ah well. I suppose it provides a fun alternative to catching Pokemon the normal way.


    1. Once you play it, you’ll find it’s worth the 2 – 3 £ ($2.99 USD) hell, I think it’s worth two or three bucks for the 20-30 min per day distraction that it is. :)

      Since I don’t have PKMB2, it’s kinda like an iPod app. Kills time, good for quick gaming fix, not much substance.

      Now, if you own the new pokemon sequels? It’s a whole different story, and becomes a must-have game/app.


      1. 2 PM? Afternoon? honestly? -_- First Amazon telling me my White2 will arrive on monday(!) and now delays here too… do they hate me? i need my poke-fix damnit! :D


  2. I have owned this for a week (US).
    It’s relatively fun. Not something you can play for a long time, but fun in 30min a day incriments. If you have pokemon B/W 2, then you can transfer things to your game pretty easily. (I don’t have PKMB2 though)

    If you have the new pokemon games, I highly recommend this. If not, it’s still fun, but pointless since the whole goal is to collect items and pokemon, then transfer them to your game cart. If you don’t have the game, your pretty much piling up shit you’ll never use. ;)


  3. Will definitely get when I get the chance to connect my 3DS to the Internet and get my copy of White 2, which unfortunately won’t be for another week after the release date :(


  4. I’ll get this on my 3DS when I turn it on later (since I’m doing work right now :( ) I have Black 2 and White 2 already they came 1 day early :D


  5. Release date will be tomorrow – not today ^^ At least that’s the case for the German Nintendo eShop. I’ll buy this game anyway… I’m pretty curious. I’m not all that excited for Black and White 2, but the Dream Radar looked pretty cool ^^


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