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The Amazing Spider Man Coming To Wii U In The Spring

Marvel has confirmed that The Amazing Spider Man will be coming to Wii U sometime during Spring 2013. The news was announced during Marvel’s NYCC 2012 panel. The Amazing Spider Man on Wii U will contain all the additional downloadable content that can be found in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game. You’ll be able to use optional motion controls, and you can also use the Wii U GamePad’s touchscreen to navigate the interface of the Osphone.

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84 thoughts on “The Amazing Spider Man Coming To Wii U In The Spring”

    1. I do, it’s got pretty damn good physics, and it’s just a ton of fun (no sarcasm or trolling here).
      I’ve got Spiderman 2 for the Gamecube, have never regretted it. Don’t knock it just because it’s a game based on a movie – most of ’em aren’t good, I know – but they’re not ALL bad. :P

      1. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots

        I doubt you have Spiderman 2, otherwise you wouldn’t care for this game. The web swinging is pretty boring, the instant moveing thingy just makes the whole game a joke, and the combat is just a lesser version of the Batman Arkham City combat. The only thing I can think of that would interest a Spiderman fan, is the story. It’s a REALLY REALLY mediocre game, and not worth spending full retail price for it.

        1. “I doubt you have Spiderman 2”
          Games aren’t THAT important, lol :P

          And no, it’s not the best game, but it had me entertained for quite a while – I don’t really care if it didn’t do so for you.

          (NOTE: of course I’m not comparing this game with the triple-A games, nor do I think you should buy it at full retail price, I just think the game in itself can be quite entertaining. :P)

          1. While we’re on the subject of bad games released on the Gamecube that people love, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2 is also underrated. Seriously, with the likes of Super Mario Sunshine, games were so much better 10 years ago.

            1. I guess some developers are just scared of doing something new when they could just do the same thing *cough* CoD *cough* and it’s virtually guaranteed to sell. That and the fact that so called “gamers” only want to play games with guns and a lot of blood out of fear of not being “mature” and won’t try the new games.

            2. Agreed, it’s a shame I can’t really blame the developers though; I too would make rehashes if that’s what makes the most money :(

      2. agreed. this game is actually pretty fun. sure the web swinging isnt as good as previous games, but who cares. it’s not called “spidermans webswinging only adventures” the combat is really good, the web rush thing is way cool, and the boss fights are fantastic. people need to stfu tbh

    1. Yeah, it seems kind of obsolete. Both the movie and the game have been out for a while now and by the time the Wii U version comes out, nobody will even give a shit.

  1. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots

    Really, who the hell would care about this? Spiderman fans probably already have it on the other consoles, and it’s just too mediocre to interest anyone.

    1. As opposed to Vita ports: exactly the same entry as last year(FIFA). And in anticipation of your “Wii’s FIFA” comeback, I’m looking at the Vita’s version. If this “powerhouse” of a handheld can’t handle the latest FIFA, what makes it “oh so much better”? Plus, DLC is a purchase incentive for most every game, so you’re just an angry fanboy trying to stir up as much hate as you can. QED, bitch.

      1. By the way, nobody but you was talking about the Vita. Jealous much?

        Stick to your Nintendon’t consoles, fake gamer. =P

        1. You were talking about ports on the Wii U, so I brought up Vita’s ports of it’s own ports. And no one was talking about the 3DS. Jealous much? And Nintendon’t. Nice. Real original. I dont see what you’re tryin to say. Most third party PS3 games are ports. Yes, ports. Many developers choose the 360 as the primary console to develop on, then port it over to other platforms. So actually, the PS3’s library is basically all ports with only some games made just for it. Stick to your GayStation consoles, fake gamer =P

          1. Cool story. You’re just bitter because Shittendo has no real third party support. In fact, they haven’t since the SNES. So it really doesn’t matter what you bring up because Nintendo will -always- suck on the third party front and the only people who bought Nintendo consoles keep it as a second console almost 90% of the time. 10% being their crop of inbred fake gamers like you.

            In fact, you don’t even know what a PORT is:

            “(Console) port” is a term specifically used to describe a game that was originally made for a console (such as Wii or Xbox 360) before an identical version is created which can be played on a personal computer or any other console.”

            So until you can credibly argue that the 360 is the console where these games were ORIGINALLY intended to be on (hint: you can’t), your point is completely moot. You’re a fucktarded fake gamer\ and your stupidity makes my eyes hurt having to actually read it.

            1. Bitter? I’m not bitter about anything. I go to Nintendo for their exclusives. If I want third party, I’ll get it on my Xbox or PC. That doesn’t make my Nintendo consoles “secondary”, as I play all my consoles equally. PC a little less. That just goes to show the strength of Nintendo’s exclusives. But it seems as though Nintendo is getting more third party support, so that may change.

              And you defined something everyone knew. Good job. You really showed me.

              Also, I CAN argue that the 360 is the console they develop for, using simple thinking. Uncharted. God of War. The Last of Us. Those games are beautiful. Now, tell me, if developers developed each game version independently of each other (hint: they don’t), shouldn’t the PS3’s versions look way better? One would think so, what with its “superior” hardware (LOL @ its RAM). Sure, they look marginally better sometimes, but the difference is tiny. Which shows they only tinkered with the PS3 version a bit after they ported it. And are you forgetting about fucking SKYRIM?! How it’s a total clusterfuck on the PS3? Also, I hope you weren’t looking forward to its DLC, because the PS3 is never getting it! All I really need is Skyrim to prove my point. Sure, it’s partly Bethesda’s fault, but it’s Sony’s as well, for their silly memory management.

              The PS3 is harder to develop for than the 360, and that’s a FACT ( ). I know you don’t have an argument when you start slinging profanities and your pseudo-intellectual remarks. “… and your stupidity makes my eyes hurt having to actually read it.” Are you fucking kidding me? What a stupid fucking insult. You’re an idiot. I come to this site every now and then, but from what I can tell, you’re always on here. You’re pathetic. I don’t even know what you’re trying to do, honestly. You’re just a pretentious, no-life loser. I guess internet fighting makes everyone think they’re genius tough guys who are up to their dicks in women. I hope this fantasy is worthwhile for you.

              1. 1: Nintendo exclusives are IPs that have existed for nearly two decades and are almost completely irrelevant in the modern market, virtually nobody but the fanboys care at this point and the “war” between Skyrim and Zelda SS resulted in the winner being (to nobodies surprise) Skyrim, an almost all around better title and a real adventure for people who want atmospheric, immersive experiences. Nintendo titles have lost all that major hype they’ve had in the past with core gamers, because that market is now fed up with them.

                2: Stopped reading at “simple thinking”. Back up your claim by proving the hundreds of the developers for multiplatform titles and prove that the majority keep the 360 in mind first. By the way, that’s still not enough, since once again that doesn’t constitute a “port” you moronic fuckwit.

                Skyrim’s PS3’s issues are Bethesda’s own fault, which they THEMSELVES have admitted:

                Nice try buddy, they shipped a broken product. The PS3 had nothing to do with it in any way that’s significant. Nor, would you be able to prove that it did without a heap of mindless conjecture.

                3: Hello, Captain Obvious? What is your point here? Complex hardware requires complex development in its early cycle. At this point, nobody should be complaining about difficulty when it comes to developing games for the PS3, it’s been several fucking years. Point is moot, suck Nintendo off harder.

                Wii U will be nothing but this generation’s leftovers, that’s going to be the scenario whether you like it or not.

                1. 1. That’s your opinion, and though it’s a shitty one, what does it have to do with anything we’re talking about? I said I liked their exclusives as a passive statement, not that EVERYONE will get it for them. Read, dumbass. And since you’re so into backing up your shit, BACK THAT CLAIM UP! Back it up! Give me a poll where you asked EVERY core gamer, every single one of them, whether Nintendo has lost their hype. Give me a poll that says EVERYONE in the market is fed up with them.

                  2. So you didn’t even read the rest of my argument? Okay, retard, then you can’t say shit. AND I SAID YES, IT WAS PARTLY BETHESDA’S FAULT. We can’t administer the whole blame on them, when the hardware they were working on has limitations. I didn’t say it was entirely Sony’s fault, did I? God damn, get some fucking glasses, you wanker.

                  3. My point?! The whole point of this is to fucking prove that the 360 is the system developers base the game off of, then port it to the PS3! You have convinced me that you are a fucking idiot who can’t read for shit! The point is not moot, because since the PS3 takes more effort to develop for, even this far into its life, developers will prefer the 360, then port it to whichever other console! The point still stands, because even this far into the PS3’s life, multiplat games on the Xbox still look the same as the ones on the PS3. And what? Suck Nintendo off harder? I didn’t even mention Nintendo in my last point. You are infuriatingly stupid! But I’m not actually mad, so you wont get any satisfaction.

                  And by God, I would love to see your face when the Wii U succeeds. Do you have a Skype?


                    Even then, you FUCKING CAN’T. How many games on the 360/PS3 that aren’t available on the PC? It’s not the fucking 360 where these “ports” (cough, in your own bullshit definition) come from, it’s the FUCKING PC.

                    Why are you so incredibly fucking stupid? Holy shit, you’re a whole new TYPE of stupid.

                    Oh and Spiderman defender, LOL.

                  2. PS: Good luck backing up this “360” porting, because your argument just royally fucked over with the existence of the PC when it comes to game development.

                    Good luck, have fun with whatever noise you want to pull next.

                    1. I’ve had enough of this, to be honest. Keep living your sad life, my friend. The fact of the matter is, and what I’ve been saying, is that the PS3’s third party games get ported; from where, it doesn’t matter. A port is a port is a port. So enjoy your PortStation!

                    2. The fact of the matter is, you got fucking told with that very fact alone. Nice killing your own argument, because it was bullshit from the start as soon as you implied “360” was the lead platform when it came to “PS3 ports”, It’s the PC in virtually every fucking scenario when it comes to multiplatform titles.

                      That “portstation” has shat all over your little Nintendon’t in support as well, and has contributed more new IPs that people care about this gen. Fact, fact, fact. Suck it, bitch.

                    3. This is the last time I reply to your stupid ass. I did not “get told”, because I originally said most PS3 games are ports, and yes, from the 360. Plus, if most ports are from the PC, then why do so many multiplat games take so much longer to release on it? If they’re originally on the PC, it should release same day, or at least close to other launches. But it doesn’t matter, because ports are ports, no matter where they come from.

                      And of course every other console “shat all over” Nintendo’s third party support. It was the Wii. It’s not incredibly powerful, so saying that isn’t saying much. But selling more than the PS3 and 360, respectively, is. More IPs? I’d say they’ve contributed the same. Nintendo’s newest IPs, while not showcased as much as their other IPs, are plentiful. And while I can’t deny the amount, I can deny the quality of Sony’s IPs. UC3 was a letdown. KZ? Cool, another FPS. Just what the industry needs. God of War? And you call Mario a rehash. I can say stupid shit and call it a fact, too! Uncharted sucked donkey dick, and 95% of gamers agree 87% of the time! Fact fact fact! See how idiotic you sound? That’s it, man. You lost. Get over it. I am so smug right now, you don’t even know. I won an internet fight, how cool is that? Time to go blog about it.

                    4. This guy is seriously implying Nintendo’s “new IPs” (whatever the fuck those are.) were even relevant in comparison to what Sony has done.

                      My sides are killing me from this. You’re doing a good job being a hipster faggot, I applaud you.

  2. I got to play the wiiu today !!!! It is awesome!!! The gamepad is unbelievably clear , not even funny . It looks like iPad retina scan or something , don’t ask me how .

    But it was awesome. , a few bugs in the Demos , but other than that it was incredible . Rayman legends is sublime , NSMBU is really a ton of fun and so is Nintendo Land .

    Wiiu is awesomeness. Got HUNDREDS of street pass hits at play expo as well , there was hundreds of people with 3ds there .

      1. Nah aliens wasn’t there . I played about ten games . And they were all awesome of not a couple were buggy but you can tell they will be ironed out.

        The gamepad was amazing . The screen looks awesome it looked better than the HD tv s. hyped about it even more now.

          1. On every game I found the gamepad screen looks amazing . micro pixels with progressive scan and perfect backlighting . Sweeeeeet.

            Darksiders looked nice on tv , then bam on the gamepad looked s lot better on gamepad absolutely no jagged lines at all . Same with by mad when you look around with the gamepad the world or game looks better through it . It’s unbelievable . Calnt wait for it !

            I don’t know the science behind it , but that gamepad looks like HD if not better no exaggeration.

  3. I actually thought I would pick this one up on 3DS eventually, but I think I’ll get it on Wii U instead for the open-world.

    1. The 3DS version is good. To make up for a lack of an open world, there’s more enemies to defeat. The boss battles make good use of the 3D. But if you’re an open world preference gamer like me I’d opt for the PS3/360/WiiU version

      1. i’m not figthing havn’t read any of the other posts, i just wondering why actevistion would port a game that A) next to no one wants B) no criticsl alclaim such as batman arkum asylum or mass affect C) about half a year after the new console has launched i mean i would have partially understood if it was for the wiiu launch but it’s next year sping
        it all just seems wierd thats all
        srry for the bad spelling lol

      1. It’s the same game anyway so I don’t know why the haters go on about it. Most of the third party games on the PS3 are ports from the 360 as well but because it’s on the PS3 that doesn’t count. (sarcasm)

        1. Sorry, I meant to say old ports. We’re seeing games that have already been released. Give us something new like Ubisoft did for christ sake!

          1. Yer that’s fair but people go on about how Assassins Creed 3 and Black Ops 2 are ports as well. What do you think the PS3 version is? A PORT! from the 360. But haters are gonna bitch no matter what.

  4. Strange move, I’m sure there will be some people who will get this if they haven’t played it yet. I played it and thought it was pretty good, not the best game out there but pretty fun. I want Beenox to work on a Spider-man Noir game, those were my most favorite levels from Shattered Dimensions, that game was awesome. I actually thought the Captain America game was good too but doubt that’ll come to the Wii U.

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