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Animal Crossing 3DS StreetPass Mode Detailed

Nintendo Japan has revealed how StreetPass will work on the forthcoming Animal Crossing for the Nintendo 3DS. The StreetPass functionality allows fellow players to see the badges that you’ve rightfully collected from Palotini who rewards you for catching fish, pulling weeds and more. The badges that you have earned will be displayed on your personal profile.

9 thoughts on “Animal Crossing 3DS StreetPass Mode Detailed”

  1. Just badges? I thought we’d be able to trade/receive furniture or other items through StreetPass. I feel like the StreetPass function is wasted if all it does is let you SEE someone else’s stats. That’s not very interactive. I love sending people content through StreetPass.

    In other news, I am amused that my autocorrect wants to change StreetPass to striptease. Ha!

  2. You could also see the other players home and if I’m not mistaken, from what I saw from a trailer, it looks like you could buy some of their furniture as well.

  3. I’m sure theres other StressPass features. Badges sound like Trophies/Achievements. It’s like they want me to play this game forever.

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  5. The reason they don’t charge less is that they don’t want to create an environment where they’re competing with retailers. It’s a bit of a slap in the face to ask Best Buy to carry your game, but then through your own service offer it cheaper. I hate it just as much as the next guy, and I would probably buy every game digitally if they were even just five bucks cheaper, but that’s the reason.

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