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Nintendo Details Nintendo Network Premium For Deluxe Owners

Nintendo has explained the benefits that you’ll get if you’re a Nintendo Network Premium customer.  Nintendo Network Premium is free to those that purchase the Wii U Premium 32GB package. Nintendo Network Premium customers will earn you 10% back in points towards future purchases on the Wii U eShop. If you buy a Wii U game on the eShop you will receive 10% back in points. An example they use is that you earn 599 points for purchasing a Wii U game for $59.99. For every 500 points that you earn, you will receive $5 worth of eShop credit.

76 thoughts on “Nintendo Details Nintendo Network Premium For Deluxe Owners”

  1. Considering how many eShop titles I bought on my 3DS, Nintendo will be forking over tons of money to me in eShop credit.

        1. I love the smell of factory fresh retail in the morning…. just saying this is some serious incentive. I will stick to building up my hard collection , but this will help for none Full games a la virtual console.

          1. I have bookshelves upon bookshelves of retail games for every console this gen, but after my Wii disc reader broke, this became my ultimate incentive to buy downloadable games.

            1. That is annoying when stuff happens like that …. once you have so many games you really are commited……..

              Physical collection is a lot cooler than digital .

              1. I think it would be cooler to collect digital games if they could be stored and kept in a similar way to physical collections. :)

                I do think the Nintendo 3DS has one of the best methods of showing off a digital game collection. It’s simply Home Menu > User-Created Folder > Game/Application/Demo/Video,

                It gives me some incentive to purchase games via the Nintendo eShop more so than before. Such a nice and helpful update that was. :3

                Recently, I’ve noticed that my tastes are leaning more towards the digital side of things. I don’t know why, but having a physical collection and relying on the Nintendo 3DS or Wii U reading games correctly is starting to wear down on me. I had enough problems with my original Nintendo DS (even though it IS over 8-years-old now) and my (still) broken Wii (optical laser cannot read ANY discs). Not to mention, it seems like it’s gonna take me forever to catch up with all the Nintendo 3DS games I want to play, yet can’t seem to find at retail. x.x

                I think retail is beginning to die out for me, and it sucks because I still do like that “factory-fresh” smell as you stated. If only the Nintendo 3DS or Wii U had a scratch-and-sniff feature that could allow us to smell our new purchases! lol XD

                1. Oh yeah, I haven’t forgotten about you either! I have decided to stick with my Cosmo Black Nintendo 3DS rather than get a Nintendo 3DS XL because I like being able to see the 3D feature 10″-14″ away. :)

                  Will get you my FC as soon as I get my hands on it again since I haven’t gotten around to setting it up yet. I’ll be getting Mario Kart 7 for it later this year after my college classes finish. I’d get addicted to it and forget about all the homework and exams I have coming up if I get a game for it from now. XD

                2. ahaha :). I agree with all of this. Yet I find my self admiring my games all the time. Picking up reading the book , lineing them up in order of franchise and awesomeness just never gets boring. And recently i picked up No more heroes 1 for £3!!!!!! how is that sort of thing going to work on digital ???

                  There will be no bargain bin. Unless they litteraly had a bargain bin in the e-shop which would be AWESOME!!!!

                  1. Haha! Yup. I’m still buying games from retail at the moment. Haven’t quite caved in to downloadable retail games as of yet (Nintendo eShop games, on the other hand, I can download anytime without feeling a pain in my stomach). It just…doesn’t feel right purchasing downloadable games yet.

                    I think we’ll all be able to make the change when the time comes, but I don’t think Nintendo is ready to make that change yet and they may not make the leap for a few more console generations. Hard copies of music CDs, books, and movies are still selling well, but their markets have increasingly become stagnant in the physical realm. PC gaming is almost entirely digital now (something I’m all for now, but wouldn’t have ever imagined back as a kid). Soon, we’ll be able to do the same for console/portable games as well. It’ll just be a matter of time, and if and when it happens, by that time the Nintendo eShop would have already taken off and be featuring a full suite of deals and bundles for us to take advantage of to the likes of Steam.

                    ‘Till then, I’m sticking with physical media over digital when it comes to retail games. :)

                    1. Yeh :) I suppose you can keep hard drives for as long as you want and are probably less destuctable than physical media. But like what will happen to selling rare stuff on ebay ? :(. I love buying and selling rare stuff to quirky game shops and ebay !!

                    2. Even if you lose harddrives, the good part of digital media is that they’re tied to your account. The bad part is that downloading all of those games back onto your console can quickly become a MAJOR pain. XD

                      I don’t sell my games or consoles, so I wouldn’t really be affected in that regard. Maybe attach a dummy account to a collection of downloaded games and (if those games are no longer available such as the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Games), the system could technically be worth more than a regular one…to a certain extent, at least. XD

                      At the end, though, I think that is what Nintendo is starting to slowly set their sights on–decreasing second-hand sales of hardware and software. At least they’re not going to the extent that Microsoft and Sony have been rumored to be heading towards for their next-gen consoles (in which it just isn’t allowed to play used games or buy games at retail any longer, period).

                      I like how Nintendo is going about things now by giving us a chance. It makes it easier to decide how to purchase games. :3

      1. Yep. Ideally, it’s five to six dollars off a digital copy of the average retail game but at the same time reserves your money to be used exclusively with Nintendo eShop products. Clever, I must admit.

          1. Eh, depends on the state, I guess. In US, when buying online, companies don’t have to charge for tax but rather the buyer has to send a letter to the town hall saying how much he spent and how much he owes, but nobody ever does this.

            On the otherhand, Nintendo does indeed charge tax. In this eShop, it’s charged as you buy the game, and on the DSi and Wii, it’s charged when you’re buying the Nintendo Points.

  2. Not worth it here in Belgium. Never seen eShop prices go lower than Shop prices. 49,99 euro per game in eshop against 32.98 in shop is a very easy decision for me.

  3. Nice little bonus there Nintendo. Still won’t make me buy the digital versions of WiiU games (unless they’re the downloadable exclusive stuff like Pushmo on 3DS or something like that) but can’t say that the people who DO use this method don’t deserve something like this.

  4. This was the deciding factor for me purchasing the deluxe edition. I hope they work some sort of easy registration or some sort of club Nintendo benefits into this. That would put this ideal over the top

    1. me too … but all the games only available on the eshop like Trine 2.. and all GameCube games on virtual consoles later … = points.

  5. People seem to ignore the fact there will be download only eshop exclusive titles available.

    Obviously, you won’t buy full Wii U games from the eshop when you can get it from your local shop or amazon for much much much less. But for the download only games, earning a little back is nothing to complain about. Especially when the conversion rate seems semi reasonable. Seems like a much better deal than the club nintendo stars for wii point cards thing they did.

  6. why not go the other way too….purchase a retail game and get a percentage off of a digital download….I will never buy a game online that I could buy for retail…that is just me.

    1. Hey Mateo, I’m from Paraguay too and I download games from the eshop. Do you know how to do it without the pre paid cards?

    2. Hey there Matheo… I’m from Paraguay too…. and I have already downloaded some games from the eShop without prepaid cards… Do you know how to do it?

  7. So basically if you get the basic you get fucked…. Comeon now if you do stuff like this should give more than 1 color

  8. This is a great deal, glad I got my deluxe bundle the first day for pre-orders. Between GameCube games, eShop titles and DLC it should be easy to get enough money for free games :)

  9. Holy crap, I just read the poster in the picture and you also get points when you buy download codes at retailers!!!! Does this include eShop cards?

  10. Well I am definitely buying retail copies. You can sell back a retail copy once you are done with it and get more than $5 worth easily. Plus our deluxe models on have 32GBS so that would only allow for like 2-3 max full Wii U games… I’ll just use my 10% special on stuff like Little Inferno and downloadable non-retail games :)

  11. And why don’t they just offer that to all? And 3DS users? Would be so much better if they offered to more than just premium users.

  12. Thats awesome, gona be difficult resisting digital for all my games now.

    Also, do people realise why digital costs the same price? Say a company releases 200,000 copies of the game, and presicts they’ll all be sold, but also puts it up for digital. Every digital copy sold instead of a physical is a loss to them, because of wasted materials, so thatswhy the peice is increased more.

    Basically, we will only see digital prices fall when theres a accurate % on how many retails and digutal gamers there are.

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